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Weed/Drug Test Tomorrow Help?
I was at my friend’s friend’s house and they were doing hookah. They put weed in the hookah but I didn’t know. It was my first time doing hookah so I did like 5-6 puffs and very small too, like barely any smoke came out when I exhaled. This was about 2 weeks ago. Then last week, I did one puff and as soon as they said there was weed in it I coughed it out. It was one puff. I have a drug test tomorrow will it show up? I am very nervous about this because I really want this job. I have never smoked weed in my life except these 2 times by accident and I never will ever again.

The hookah was just started so I don’t know if the weed burned in there the first time. I know the second time the hookah was on for awhile but it was barely one puff because I coughed it out. And i was sitting there with the people that were doing it for about an hour. Will that secondhand smoke affect the test?

Thank You
Additional Details
I am 17, female, and I am 5’0 and weight about 105. I’m not fat, but I’m not skinny, like normal weight. (I don’t know if that affects the storage of the weed in my system)

This has happened to me before and it does affect the outcome. you should drink vinegar it might make you throw up but the weed wont show up on your test

get a detox bottle you can get them at most stores all the kids at my schools hwo need em 5 finger disscount em

Dancin' queen
im not too sure on that one but it is possible it might show up. why were you doing that kind of stuff anyways? do you really want to ruin your life this early? im sure you're better than that. im disappointed. . .

T R [Metallica week]
You kids all trying to be "cool" is stupid.
You shouldn't have smoked. It doesn't make you look cool...

Joseph B
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… thats what you get learn not to smoke period

Yeah, you shouldn't have done that.


Debbie Downer
It will probably show up on the drug test. Why are you taking a drug test anyway? Don't take it if you know it's going to come out bad. Just try to explain the situation. I mean, hookah is legal if you're over 16, isn't it? It's not like you KNEW there was weed in it.

And people, hookah isn't that bad. It's not like cigs or weed or anything. It's a social thing. It has like nearly no tobacco at all. Stop saying she's throwing her life away after doing that. It's not like all of you haven't smoked SOMETHING at one point in your life. Christ.

i doubt that it will show up but this is what you do trust me some people say this might not work but people i know and myself hadnt had a problem when doing this

first drink water a lot of water lol dont over do it though

make your self sweat the THC gets stuck in your body fat so sweating helps it come out (running works best 4 me)

then before the test drink a cup or two of green tea (dont like green tea? a cup of cranberry juice works too)

thats it :] good luck! lol

Steven D
Most likely not, you will be fine.. do not worry.

first off, who just hands you something to smoke that isn't weed? and they'll probably find some trace of it, and using the excuse that you didn't know is useless...so, you're probably screwed.

W. K. P
Drink a lot of water starting now, up to the point of testing. Don't get your panties in a bunch. You'll feel better knowing the outcome.

idk if it does its your fault for smoking the weed!

John S
OK, weed stays in your system for 30 days - regardless of size and staya in your hair indefinitely.

Here's what has worked for me, but I warn u, it's gross - pickle juice - drink it. Yes, it's disgusting, but it works.
Also, drink LOTS of water.

Basically any hit from the hookah while it had weed in it would have got into your system.

Especially the first hits which are normally the strongest because they contain the most weed (THC).

Usually THC takes at the longest a month to fully clear out of your system but can take as little as a week or a few days depending on the amount of fatty tissue in your body, and also the amount of THC that was introduced into the body at a given time.

There are many different remedies to clear your system of THC before your test but they are all specific to the ways of testing for THC in your body. (Hair, Blood, Urine)

There are many different detox kits sold at local drug stores which can cleanse your body of THC. Many are specific for the things they clean. (Hair, Blood, Urine)

Most detox drinks can cleanse your body with-in a few hours but need to be taken with a good quantity of water. Before, during, and after your Detoxifying drink. These drinks are used to get THC out of your blood and urine.

There are also several different hair shampoos that you can purchase to rid your hair of those nasty THC's.

You can also purchase a small drug testing kit to check to see if your remedies are working, and to see if you pass your drug test.

Rickie B
I think you can get a home drug test kit at the drug store over the counter. get one and check yourself first.

l o v e l y
Usually drugs run out of your system within days(3-30days). <But if it was strong stuff then it could remain a little longer> if you drink a lot of water daily it cleans your system a bit quicker. But you really shouldn't have smoked something if you had no idea what was in it :( ...especially since if you knew about a drug test. Well it depends...like when last week...well hope it all goes well...don't do it again especially if you have no idea what you're smoking...

Oh second hand smoke can effect...especially if you're around it for a long period of time.

It shouldbe out of your system

they normaly dont find things.
and if they find nethign say you went to a party people were exhaling it and u inhaled it... n got high from the fumes. done deal . PERIOD.

Most likely it will.
You cant do anything in 1 day.
I suggest you say your sick and stay at home for at least a month or so and drink hell of a lot water and eat dattes.( or dates i dont remember the right name for it on English)
Weed is known for staying in a body for like 1-3 moths depending on your body.

I heard weed stays in ur body for like a month.. I might be wrong though.

You had 5-6 hits two weeks ago and then another one last week? Weed takes about a month to get out of your system. Sorry but I'm sure this will show up. Best of luck!

I feel freaking sorry for you. You should beat the crap out of your friends. But, anyway, I don't think it will

Find some new friends

yes im pretty sure it will most deff show
up, im sorry :[

You should be fine if it were only 5-6 puffs like you stated. If you do it all the time it could take over a month to get it out of your system. Next time don't smoke anything, any kind of smoking is bad.

I don't know if it Will show up but if it does, you will not get a chance to explain. You may not even be told you failed, just that you will not be hired.

Red Ace
IF it comes up claim that you had no idea it was going on and tell 'em the story you said right there. Not sure if that helps.

No. But stay away from the drugs

Dr. Cannata
Usually the drug leaves your body after 3-7 days, but it will always remain in your hair samples

It's hard to say, but if you DID get any marijuana in your system, then I am fairly certain it will still be present in your bloodstream (it takes much longer than 2 weeks to leave your system entirely). There's nothing else you can do at this point except wait and see.

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