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WHO should be responsible to know your medications?
Provided that you are not a child, blind and/or severely mentally challenged . . . do you think that you should know the names of your medications that you take on a regular basis?

I have so many adult patients without blindness and/or overt/expressed mental deficiencies/challenges that tell me they do not know their routine medications. When I ask what medications they are taking (I'm a nurse, not just a nosey parker), I get responses like:

"My doctor doesn't tell me." Yes, I really get that.

"My wife (or husband) knows all my medications."

"I take a yellow pill and a small white one." or even better, " I take a little white pill. Let me draw it for you." Yes, that really happened. And of course, I had no idea what the little white pill was for.

"I get all my medication through mail order, so I don't know."

"There are way too many for me to know any of the names."

"My doctor knows."

"One for my blood pressure, one or two for diabetes and some pain medications."

Is it REALLY, really, really too much for me to ask that people know their prescripition medications? Some people do have a list. Many times I have to call the person's pharmacy to get the medications. Don't you think it's important to know WHAT and WHY you are taking a medication? Shouldn't people have both curiosity and concern about what chemical/s they put into their body?

So, WHO should ULTIMATELY be responsible to know your medications?

I'm just wondering what YOU think. : )
Additional Details
I write lists for many patients.

Yes, the doctor's office is responsible to educate patient's on their medications.

My question is WHO is ultimately responsible for knowing their medications.

I see/talk to over 100 patients weekly; I cannot memorize, list and write out medications for these patients. I work in a surgery center and am helping them prepare for surgery.

My question is WHO should ultimately be responsible to know their medications, not should nurses teach patients about their medications.

As a nurse myself, I consider it a priority to educate my clients about their medications. What they are taking and why they are taking it. I will often take the time to draw up a list for them and tell them to keep it with them at all times. As nurses, we are the educators for these people, and yes I agree with you, far too many people simply take what the doctor tells them to, and either forget any teaching the doctor may have done, or the doctor simply doesn't take the time to tell them. Personally, I think it is a failure in our system of health care, that nurses are not required to sit down with every patient seen and go over their meds with them...pharmacists try, but they do not have the time to educate everyone, and often they are not listened to anyway. Ultimately, the client is responsible for what they take, they are responsible for knowing what and why... but I also think as a nurse that it is our responsibility to educate them and help them understand why it's important to know this information.

Obviously I agree with you, the person taking the medications should be responsible for that knowledge. But there are plenty of sheep out there who are perfectly comfortable with doing whatever they're told without question.

Yes i agree with you people should know exactly what they are taking, the name, dose and how many times a day they take it. If they go to the hospital they should know these things because it would help doctors and nursing staff to know exactly what kind of meds they are taking so if they are have to give something they have to make sure it does not interact against the meds you are currently taking and cause issues..i do not take meds unless i am sick but if i do, i know what i am taking, the dose and how many times a day i take it..know your meds people health care workers can better treat you and could avoid complications

Nan's cat Tigger
Everyone should definitely know what medication they are taking, the dosage, and what its for and hopefully the side effects.
I have been through that same thing when admitting people to the hospital when I worked there, ask them what they are taking and they would tell me what it looks like. Now they ask people to bring in their bottles or a list of them.
Just my view on the subject.
I know my meds, just don't know right off the dosage of one because they keep changing it.

I should know. And I order some of my own, online, without a prescription. If a doctor ordered them before, and I am familiar with it...+ if some new doctor just has a different agenda, or doesn't like that pill, or is committed to his Pharmaceutical Rep, why shouldn't I be able to do that legally? I've had doctors just give me pills, gratis, as samples that those detail reps leave them. When I get too old, mentally feeble, or if something is brand new and not tried and tested yet, I will back off.

you said the "s word" (should)

the person taking meds has the ultimate responsibility (all the rest is fluff, blame-game and liability-hooks)

I rarely take "medications" unless vitamin-like stuff counts (two handfuls a day ... and I could recite the list, but not necess the dosage)

Of course it's our responsibility to know what we're taking. In some fairness to people though, they could be on a pain medication that they don't know the name of because usually meds are given names that no one but a doctor will remember. So when you take it you don't say I'm taking "tetra metra-cycline-mytocis-neurosis" but simply "my pain pills." So I do think it would be helpful for meds to be given names people can pronounce let alone remember.

What I find interesting is how many intelligent enough people don't come prepared to answer what should be a simple yet important medical questions. I mean you don't want to take the risk that your doctor could prescribe you a med that might cause a heart attack or stroke if your taking your normal meds. I think people feel overwhelmed and even terrified by the medical process. It happens in a language hard to understand and relies upon expertise most of us will never have. We don't feel comfortable asking questions because of our ignorance by comparison to your knowledge and we relinquish control because hospitals scare the **** out of many of us. One day it's the last stop for most of us and we see lots of sick folks, many of whom will not recover. Very sad. Very hard to face as well.

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