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VERY bad habit...help please!?
I have this really bad habit of taking a LOT of strong muscle relaxers when I'm not in pain: I take them when I can't sleep and I take them when I'm upset about something (b/c I can just sleep for the whole day). I'm 18 now & have been doing this for about 2 years now. I'm not addicted, but I can't seem to resist it when I'm in the mood? Are there any facts that might scare me out of it, or can anyone give me advice on what to do? Thanks. And be nice! *lol*
Additional Details
Oh, and is it illegal if they're not pills prescribed to me?

you can do an over dose on accident. or try taking tylenol pm if you are tired. or just take skittles and act like it is medicine

sometimes those types of medicine can create ulcers and then they can start bleeding and u basically bleed to death.

You need to ask a qualified individual about this, not passing judgement, just worried bout ya.
Speaking as someone who has taken them, it sounds like you are addicted. It sounds like you are avoiding something unpleasant in your life, hopefully if you deal with it, you can sleep better, at night...and then take yourself off of the meds. I wish you all the best.

yes you are addicted...you need to get on the road to recovery. Talk to someone about it and gain support.

And yes it is illegal if they are not prescribed to you.

I hate to tell you this, but if you can't resist the urge to take them, then you *are* addicted. Muscle relaxers are known to be addictive, so this is not a surprise.

your deff addicted how can u sit there and say your not??? and yeah its deff illeagel

Stacy M
i hate to tell you this hon but you ARE addicted and just don't want to admit it---go to narcotics anonymous---if u don't know where a meetin g is,call the hospital or the police dept---the police always know where those meetings are---i am recovering alkie/addict with over 12 yrs clean time---admit u have a problem and do something about it b4 it gets worse---like they say at the meetings----the end results are jails,institutions,and death

ok i'll be nice...
i have no scarey news but why do you even buy them???
and if you can't sleep than just search through the internet and find a result don't take strong muscle relaxer if you keep taking it u'll be addicted to them and u won't even wanna stop taking them any more so i suggest u put every single one u have in the grabage can and try ur best no loking or searching for them in the store..
hope that helps =D

There's no one simple answer to this of course. Why did you start taking these pills? How do you get them now? What do your parents say when you sleep all day ? Don't you have friend's to go play with? To me, sounds like you want to hear that you're depressed but if you were severely depressed, then you wouldn't be asking why? Make sense? Find something else to do, it's a matter of figuring out for yourself what's motivating slow self-destruction and avoiding living life.
What depression does, is not allow you to SEE and FEEL what happy people feel. They're not acting happy, they're just happy. This is what you need to find out about yourself, what makes "me" happy, and go do it. Keep things really simple for yourself and take one day at a time, like say I'm gonna start tomorrow and this is my action plan to start being happy and go DO IT. You have to start or you'll never get where you are going. Not taking action is an action in itself so if you keep taking downers, it's because you enjoy being down.

To begin with, your denial of addiction only furthers my opinion that you are, in fact, addicted. The definition of addiction is the inability to prevent yourself from doing something and you said "I can't seem to resist it when I'm in the mood". If being addicted to something isn't enough of a shocker to help you snap out of this downward spiral that can only end in disaster, then I agree with the aforementioned answer. A small overdose of something as powerful as muscle relaxants can indeed kill you. Your heart is a muscle and the muscles are very fragile when it comes to drugs. Furthermore, if you do keep escaping death, paralysis can occur as well. The relaxants can leave your muscles permanently paralyzed.
Seek some help from a doctor or support group immediately.

God loves you

I think you really are addicted. If you want to make sure, try to stop taking them for a few days. If taking more pills is all you can think about or if you find yourself not being able to cope with certain situatuations without them, then you are addicted. Furthermore, you are damaging your kidneys and your liver. Please get help. You have your whole life ahead of you.
Read this website and check out the links below:

first of all you cant say that you arent addicted to it but you cant seem to stop, that is addiction sweety and you should try to get some help they have groups kind of like AA for addictions like this. try and get some help cause you cant do it on your own and it isnt going to go away on its own. Good Luck =D

You're not addicted but you can't seem to resist it. I'd say you are addicted and aren't ready to admit it. Is a doctor prescribing these? Maybe you should see a doctor about getting off them.

Iain S
You sound addicted.

When you can't sleep try some PM medicine. Stay active during to day so you can sleep easier.

Get rid on them. If you can't break the habit it is an addiction.

Contact Doctor.

Alright, lets read your question again and see if you see the glaring disparity.

I'm not addicted, but I can't seem to resist it when I'm in the mood?

Yeah... thats pretty much the definition of addiction and your pretty much in denial. Perhaps rehab?

Smoke weed.

Seriously, youll kick those muscle relaxers so fast. Also I hope youre taking vicadin or some strong ****, otherwise youre an idiot.

Emily Dew
How can you say you're not addicted when you admit you cannot "resist" it when you're in the mood? How is that different from, say, an alcoholic? I think you need to face up to your problem and seek professional help.

it seems your addicted go find help.

possibly your doctor, parents, best friend. Or even the school nurse or school counselor.

It sounds like you have an addiction. If you are taking Soma ( a very strong muscle relaxer), you have to be very careful. I am not condoning drug use or anything. However, my doc. has prescribed me Soma's for my muscle spasms and pains and you are right, they are very addictive. But, they can be dangerous if you overdose. I suggest you try not to take them but if you continue popping them, I suggest you seek medical attention.

EB m
get rid of all the muscle relaxers in your house, without them around you can't take them :D

First, you are addicted, or you WOULD be able to resist.

Second, yeah it can kill you.

Watch that show called Intervention. That might scare you straight.

Hmmm there is a lot of judgment going on here and I'm sorry that people feel the need to judge you instead of giving you advice.... Anyway. I just wanted to tell you that unfortunately this is an addiction that you suffering from and there are many resources that can help you, such as NA, AA, and possibly even an In-patient rehab. I must tell you though... muscle relaxers relax muscles and the most important muscle in the body (the heart) can become so relaxed (from what seems to be a very large dose) that you are taking, that your heart can beat irregularly or even stop and you could die. (Harsh I know but very true) Although you may not feel physically addicted you are psychologically addicted and that's just as dangerous. Please talk to someone responsible who can help you get the treatment you need. I wish you all the best and hope that you can work through this ...one day at a time as they say....

this sounds like an addiction. talk to you school nurse for help, or go to your doctor.

well heres a fact: It could eventually kill you

yes your addicted,go get help

It sounds like you're addicted to them.

Talk to your doctor about it.

you have to take control. if you do not step up and say i cannot do this anymore you wont stop. this is a vicious cycle to start. will power is needed here. Also no shame in seeking help if you cannot do it alone.
you can beat this.

I've been a nurse on a Chemical Dependency Unit for 33 and if I had a nickel for every time I've heard "But-I'm not addicted" I could retire to Hawaii. First question I'd like to ask is -where do you get these "strong muscle relaxers"?I also wish there was some magic word I could say to beg you not to continue taking them. Scaring people has never worked because most people think it wont happen to them. I['ll just say that if you do continue to take them when you need sleep or when you're stressed, I can promise you you'll find all kinds of reasons to take them. Point is-at your age, you shouldnt have to depend on any pill to solve your problems. By the way-I am being "nice". You should check me out when I'm being mean.

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