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Huggles [mozzafan]
i am 14 years old and i have been having thought of the past two weeks of death and yesterday i came across something in my mind thats is saying i will die in 8 weeks i am so scared,becuase i am superspicious and i beleive this will happen and i have been crying for the past 3 hours about it and i cant tell mum becuase she doesnt take me seriosly,anymore and my brothers have all facked their way through everything school,test anything realy ,and if i tell her she is just gonna think "oh no ,not another one"just to clearafi can someone my age get breast cacer and not even know it
Additional Details
i have these thoughts throughout the day

pete h
Your thoughts are actualy not that unusual, but that does not mean that they are rational or correct. It is to do with your time of life and possibly other stress factors. You should see your GP
or even call Samaritans. You need reassurance!

seek God,..don't worry if you have thouse thought most of us do sometimes when satan want's to fool us,..seek God and you'll be allright.
I'll pray for you,GOD Bless!

Jane D
it's possible but higly unlikely. Maybe you're like me, a huge hypoconriac! What makes you think you're going to die? Have you ever had thoughts out of the blue that are actaullly right.
Bottom line is...if you are going to die, then there's nothing you can do about it, but i'm willing to bet that in 8 weeks, you'll be alive and well.
Also, breast cancer needs more then 8 weeks to kills you, if you're really concerned, do a self examination, to see if you feel anything. http://www.breastcancer.org/dia_detec_exam_5step.html
this link tells you how.

van kedileri
relax. these fixations are not real

Maybe you should see a shrink. Or if you are a person of faith, pray.

if It is really worrying you you must go and see a doctor who will be able to tell you if anything is wrong or put your mind at rest and perhaps help with any other problems you may have the worry may be doing more harm than anything else. they are not just there for cuts colds and coughs
If you cannot talk to someone face to face try the samaritans or childline they will take you seriously and will be able to help ,you really do just need someone to talk to and get another view of this problem

Krazy K
To worry your self to death is foolish. Surround your self with positive things and people who care about you. And yes someone your age can get breast cancer, but it would be a rare case. If you are planning to terminate your own life, please don't! You are only 14. Live your life to the fullest. Seek God first, He will never forsake you if you are genuinely seeking answers. I hope you will be okay, I'll keep you in my prayers that you will find the answers that you are searching for. God Bless!

I tell you whut!
you are going through a turbulent time of life, and it's a shame you can't cofide in a parent. You do need to talk to someone however, and ideally NOT a peer, someone of your own age. Try and talk to a trusted older family friend or relative, or failing that a medical proffessional. This may not be much help but your experience is not uncommon and I'm sure you will come through unscathed. All the best.

IYour own head can tell lies you know. Do you want to die in eight weeks time? That's nearly Christmas don't listen to your own tragic thoughts live your life, as happily as you can. Remember we are as happy as we choose to be, choose life.

Dolly Blue
For goodness sake talk to your mum NOW !!. She will not be angry, she may say " ho no , not another one " but that is just mum talk, we don't mean it. She would be so upset if she knew her little girl was worrying about breast cancer and telling us and not her . GO TELL YOU MUM NOW !!!. If you have lumps in your breast it could be your glands or fat or many other natural things that cause lumps at your age. Your mother could let the doctor reassure you.
If you are worrying about lumps and things you will have the crazy thoughts about death and so on, and that is all they are.
At your age your body and mind have a lot to cope with,it is part of growing up, you will make things better straight away if you talk to your mum, tell her you need her to reassure you, do it now !!

I used to think that i could die at any moment, started a little later than it has with you, but im now 40 an still around - your body is going through a lot of hormonal changes at your age and they can do funny things to your head.

I really wouldn't worry yourself about this, in all likelihood theres nothing physically wrong with you.

Try and chill.

hey don't worry teens go through this.it just means you are scared of some things in life so you should do some research or get a blood test because im sure you will have doubt about your health.you are preety much hallucinating because of fear.try to concentrate on other things.one time when i was about your age,i thought i had lukemia(cancer in my blood) just because i wasnt feeling well so i did some research and got a blood test and was alright.this just happens because you are stressed out and scared about what you dont know.don't worry it happens to the best of us! chill out and i it makes you feel better go to the doctor.REMEMBER KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!!!!!!!! ps:dont worry theres nothing wrong with you :-) i know what you feel like but your gonna be ok .best of luck

i know that you have been thinking of death...well you need to concentrate on other things....have you been watching scary movies? if you have stop and get some positive thinking into your mind...if you believe in Jesus the u need to turn to Him if not you need to get to know Him....He can help you with these fears...as for the breast cancer i don't think that 14 yr olds can...but mind u i am not a dr.

I think you may know if you have breast cancer ,if you can`t talk to mum call the helpline for children ,they will put your mind at rest
I`m sure it is to do with your age and it will go away ,
Talk to someone about it otherwise it will make you ill for real

hi firstly you need to try and calm down and not get too worked up. it is highly unlikely that someone of your age would have breast cancer. i think that there is most likely a lot of stresses that you are going through at this stage of your life and they are manifesting themselves into making your subconcious believe something is wrong with you and that you are going to die. this is not goingto happen. the main thing you need to do is speak to someone. find someone you feel you can trust, whether it is a friend, teacher or your family. then you need to make an appointment with your gp, so that they can examine you and reassure you that you are well and not going to die. i think that you need to give your mum the chance to help you, i'm sure she would be upset if she thought that you couldn't turn to her no matter what problems she has had with your siblings. its your mums job to help you and care for you. the stress you are under at the moment if you dont get help could make you have physical symptoms and you dont want this to happen. i know it is difficult to take that first step but once you have you will wonder why you didnt do something earlier. promise me you will go and get some help, take that first step.

You are getting Paranoid, you aint gong to Die in 8 weeks, you are at a very vunerable age at the moment, but you really need to speak to someone as I think you sound very unhappy. Give your Mum a Go as a parent I would like to know my children could come to me with any problems, rmember your Mum was 14 once as well, so you might be suprised how much she understands, Good Luck.

You are over reacting! If you think there might be something wrong with you then go to your mom and tell her you want to see a doctor. The doctor can examine you and tell you if there is anything wrong. It is silly for you to be worrying about dying and you are only 14! You have so much ahead of you! But, if you still feel uneasy - go to the doctor and double check to make sure you are okay! God Bless!

I agree with much that's been said above, especially:

- It is EXTREMELY unlikely that you have breast cancer. And even if you did, if you don't have symptoms now you wouldn't die from it in 8 weeks.

- These thoughts are very common and will pass. You're not crazy but might need some help dealing with anxiety.

- The best idea is to talk to a teacher or other trusted adult as soon as possible. They can help you calm down, get help, and talk to your mum.

Take some deep breaths, play some music that you enjoy listening to, and maybe have some tea or a glass of milk, until you can talk to that trusted adult.

Listen to all your friends here at Yahoo Answers: You are going to be just fine, Kate.

I always thought I was going to die before I was 21, I'm now 37.

It's just like having bad dreams/nightmares, only you are awake.

Seriously babe, Dont worry about anything like that. Live your life. Have fun.

♥ ♥ Miranda ♥ ♥
If you have any health concerns you should talk to your mother or if you cannot talk to her then try talking to a sympathetic adult like a teacher that you get on well with. If you think there is something wrong with your breast you can visit your doctor or a nurse at the practice they can advise you.

Hey listen, I have a 13yr old daughter and sometimes she gets stuff into her head. things that all young woman go through. She sometimes gets so worked up and bottles stuff up that she has anxiety attacks. I talk to her and reassure her that things are OK, and will be fine. You do need to talk to someone, so why don't you start of by chatting with your best mate? The one you can really trust, then move on from there. maybe you and your best friend could go and see your Dr together?

First of all You need to relax and take a few deep breaths inhale through nose and exhale trough mouth about 10 times. Bad thoughts can run through your head and its probably just that. You need to seek help and if you cant talk to your mom how about your school counselor? Would your mother take you to the Dr if you asked her for a routine check up so you can speak privetly with Dr or see school nurse. Are these thoughts in your dreams or through out the day?

Kiara d
i do think u can get it but its best if u try to talk to someone who is close to u. But dont worry u can still tell us your problems. Go see a counselor at your school sometimes they can help u out to. but it is still best that u tell someone y u think that this will happen. sometimes u can get these kinds of things wrong.Because doctors say a person can die at a certain time but that person can die earlier or 15 20 years from that.

Hunny, do not worry as this is just an emotional phase you are going through. I recently found out that my ex fiance passed away and this made me realise how fragile life is. I then started the grieving process and thought that i was going to die at any second. But you know something nature will take its course when your time is right.

Fear nothing but fear itself will only drive you insane, as you grow older and wiser you will learn this.

if you have serious health concerns do consult your doctor and just say that you have not being feeling quite on top off things lately and you would like a full examination just to ease your mind

You could be feeling this due to stress and anxiety if you have had a major change in your life off late, so try not to worry too much as your body will also react as it affects your hormone balance.

So be a happy chappy and get your groove on.

Hope you feel much better after a long night's sleep and try not too worry too much.

Hi Katy
Hormones can be a real pain can't they. They mix up your head when you should be enjoying life to the full.

I know you are 14 and not really a child anymore, there is a number you can call and speak to a counseller now.
The number is 0800 1111 Its the number for childline. You can call them at any time and there will be someone to talk to.

It is not unusual for people around your age to have such thoughts - dont worry. Some people are good at ignoring them and others have more trouble. In your case, it is something which is causing you more of a problem. Hold on to the fact that your thoughts are quite normal as you mature and move from childhood to adulthood.

You are quite able to visit a dr without your mum. If you do this, you can discuss your health worries in depth and find some peace of mind. You can ask to see a lady dr if this helps too.

Do something positive about your worries - dont let them have control of you. You will feel better for it.

go and talk to a teacher you like , but ignore this thought's they will go away

Kate Hon ...you are having a anxiety attack...with your family history there is a genetic component in it .
RELAX breath deep.
You need to talk to a teacher or adult.
It is normal that this sometimes happens at your age.
If it doesn`t pass soon ....YOU MUST TALK TO A TEACHER OR A ADULT>
It normal at this age but it can be overwhelming too!!
God Bless!!

Debbie S
When I was 14, I thought about death a lot too. I think you start to think about a lot of serious things then. Like you, I also became convinced I was going to die soon. I'm 39 now, guess I was wrong. It can be horrible when something like that is preying on your mind and you feel that no one takes it seriously but I think what other people have said is right - speak to a teacher you like or even the mum of one of your friends. You could also speak to your doctor who would be able to put your mind at rest. I hope you are able to talk this through with someone and I am sure that you will find out that you are fit and healthy. Try not to worry.

Kate, I'm sorry to hear you're going through a tough time. I know that it must be horrible to feel that way. Maybe it will help to know that the likely hood of you dying from breast cancer, at the age of 14, in 8 weeks is so small that you there is a greater chance you'll get struck by lightening, while being attacked by a great white shark, on the way home from picking up your winning lottery ticket.

James C
When I was your age many a year ago I had similar thoughts,and a few friends I ve come across have had the same,we then like you had a tendancy to OVER THINK!!!!! and were very supersticious
and this fear carrying around me was just it It was me feeding these fears.
And you will be like me,I fear nomore or anything,I do sometimes over think but its always something else like how to do this and that,What could I do to in the future seriously you are one of many who over thinks ,tell your mum.
she may even tell you she did as well when she was your age.
I have never heard of anyone with Breast cancer at 14
You just got to go to you GP and get your peace of mind.

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