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Too skinny and waisting away..food nver helps because of "fast metabolism".?
You know how when some people are stressed out they turn to food and gain weight? well, im like the opposite. when i get stressed out and i AM, i start losing weight, and right now i am not even moved at the sight of food, it makes me feel nauseous. I dont like being skinny enough as it is, but im feeling sick from not eating. Earlier today i thought i was gonna die. I was so tired that i could not stay awake anywhere, and when i got home i got to sleep from very early in the afternoon(dont remember) and woke up @ 9:00. my mom tried to take me to the hospital but i refused cuz i was so
Any advice?
Please, someone help me..I dont feel like i have long.

If you sincerely are not just doing this for attention then consider the following:
every life has stress
everyone has to learn to deal successfully with stress
if you don't deal with your stress you make yourself sick
if you keep doing the same things, you'll get the same results

Classic self-reinforcing (and negative) cycle start eating a balanced diet (even if you don't feel like it), get enough sleep, and behold as MUCH of your stress will go away... this is a positive cycle.

if you're doing for the attention, you got issues you need to deal with - honestly and openly within yourself and for the sake of others.

hav vitamin tablets

Define skinny...

Let your mom take you to the DR.I know being preg. will make you very tired and food makes you want to vomit.If your sure your not preg.I would deff.let your mom take you.Tell her how you are feeling.There could be many things wrong with you.Like I said just get enough energy to get up and go and they may be able to help you out and make you feel better.

Listen to your Mom.

Lol ..Girl Your Normal. It's Called A Thyroid Gland && I Know Because I Have One. Nothing Serious But You Should Go Have A Test Done To Confirm That's What It Really Is. They Have An Active Thyroid && Non Reactive Thyroid Gland. I Have The Non Reactive One Which Means That I Always Be Tired && I Eat Alot But Dont Gain Any Weight && When I Do Gain Weight I Lose It Back Within Days.The Active Does the Opposite.(Makes You Gain Weight).

I felt like that this morning.
I almost passed out.

I ate some soup broth and I felt better.

Eat little snacks multiple times throughout the day.

Ooh, I'm sorry to hear about that!

There are meds you can take for that....Tyra Banks takes them, too, I remember hearing. You should talk to your doctor, though, just to make sure that is really what is going on. He will probably want to run some tests on you and may also refer you to a nutritionist, who can help you figure out how to stay healthy.

I hope that you start to feel better soon!

yes, your mom is right. first of all get medical check up done. if eveything alright and i am sure it will be alright. than go for a lesiure walk in open. eat easily digestable food, and take lot of fluids.do not worry. and read good books. sometimes unnecessary worry causes this type of problems. good luck.

hey - i would suggest drinking Ensure - it looks like a slimfast shake to lose weight but it is actually a supplement that has a lot of vitamins and good stuff in it. When I got my teeth pulled I couldn't eat for a few days and my doctor said to drink that to keep my strength up. I know when I have times where I cant eat without feeling nauseous, drinking doesnt have the same negative response.

and try some yoga or something to ease your stress!

Try to reduce your stress. If you take deep breaths and slowly exhale and do this a few times, it will help you to relax. This is very important b/c when you are stressed, you might produce excess acids that can cause other problems which is worse if you have nothing in your stomach. When you feel better, try to do a little excercise, go outdoors, have some fun with friends, it improves your appetite.
Then, You just have to try to eat, small meals, small bites. Try to drink juice, shake, whatever you like. You need the calories. You could also not be eating as much as the calories spent b/c stress uses alot of energy and b/c eating may be a chore you think your metabolism is fast but ur body is just not getting enough.
Finally, You really should get a blood work up to find out what is going on and why you are nauseous and without appetite.
Take care

[email protected]
Get yourself some ensure, at least that way you get to drink some of the nutrition your body needs. Also find some activities that help relieve some of that stress your experiementing. Good luck!

try munching on something that doesn't have a lot of flavor, like some saltines or graham crackers.

if you don't feel like eating, try drinking some calories! why not mix up a fruit smoothie and sip on it? if there's a Jamba Juice nearby, see if any of their flavors tempt you.

Mrs. Goddess
You need to go to a Dr. and explain all of this to them.

Lyn B
Your body is not responding because it lacks nutrition. A good supplement is Juice Plus+. You can take capsules but they also have a fabulous power to make up vitamin smoothies. check it out. http://www.juiceplus.com/nsa/pages/Home.soa?site=Lb53116

My advice would be to listen to your mom and get to a doctor immediately! She should have an ambulance take you and not listen to your refusals. It sounds like your health is seriously compromised, and even you realize that you could die if you don't do something about it. It sounds like this has gone beyond not wanting to eat when you are stressed, and if you should get a cold or the flu, it could kill you.

go to the hospital. sleep. eat. and take time off

Grant G
Try and get some professional advice...your problems may be easily fixed with medications or bio-feedback techniques.

As for being skinny, there are weight gain supplements that could be of use to you. Just see a doctor, and they can help diagnose what's wrong so that you can get over it quicker.

Been there and done that!
My X would tell my daughters that i was anorexic!!

He was an abuser and had NOTHING to put on me, so he would use that, when in reality, it was all the stress from his abuse that made me so thin....In fact i had to be put in the hospital ...so FORCE yourself to eat SOMETHING!!!
My daughters at the time were 8 and 10 and i weighed about the same as my 10 year old who is TINY herself....

My English friend kept me supplied in WEIGHT GAIN product that you make milkshakes out of . It comes in Banana Split , French Vanila and all kinds of great flavors nowadays....

Even though i couldnt drink a whole shake every BIT helped! good luck!

go to the doctor. everyone likes skinny girls but it looks like you've gone over the edge.

vitamins are crucial in your case because if you're not eating enough than you are likely malnutritioned

To be blunt, I think that you need to smoke a little pot. You'll regain your appetite and calm down quite a bit. Sure, marijuana is controversial, but it's a whole hell of a lot milder than alcohol. You probably won't take this seriously, but I honestly suggest that you try it. There is a high chance that if moderately consumed, pot could positively counter your issues.

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