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 I got kicked out and need help.. :(?
My dad kicked me out of the house last week and I've been living with close friends of mine. I need help with insurance, school, etc.. IM 17!! i dont know whwat to do.. i can't do this by ...

 How Can i stop my nail biting habbit?
ok so i have a nail biting Habit for as long as i can remember i have tried EVERYTHING gross tasting nail polish,hot sauce,Tape, Dirt, nothing works do u have any ideas???...

 if you hold in a fart,will it come out as a snelly burp?

 how can i quit smoking weed?
for my girlfriend.... i need ta quit n its jus hard after smoking everyday since i ...

 What's wrong with me???
I am so tired today (and usually everyday). But I got almost 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night; I exercise 5-6 days/week, I drink lots of caffienated beverages EVERY day, I take my vitamins.....

 If you quit smoking will your lungs ever return to how they where before you smoked?
Im 21 years old and have been smoking since i was 14. I have just recently quit and am wondering if my lungs will ever get back to the same health as someone who has never smoked or will they just ...

 my daughter thats 12yrs old is pulling her hair out, this is leaving her with very thin hair.help!?
My daughter is 12 yrs old with ADD , She had been taking Adderall for about 2 month when she started pulling her hair out. Her dr took her off of the Adderall but she is still pulling her hair out ...

 I'm 26 and have never burped, this is not a joke, can anyone teach me?
I have never been able to make myself burp. The gas builds in my throat and just makes an irritating gurgle/growling noise. People have tried to teach me, "Just go like this," "Swallow ...

 How can i Quit my Smoking habit?Tried many times but could stop onlyfor 3 mnths max. Cant we stop it4ever?
I smoke 32 cigars a day. Now i really feel to quit it but i am helpless. Whenever i see someone smoking i feel to. also after food its a habit for me. Is there anyone out who successfully get rid of ...

 i'm a 21 yr old female - should i be allowed to wear dungarees?

 What is it called when you eat a lot and don't get fat?
this is a health question,all i no is that it starts wit a m or sutin,...

 Do I go to the bathroom too much? ?
I have to pee a lot during the day. How much is too much? Could there be something wrong with me?
Additional Details
I normally pee like 8 times a day. I've always been like that....

 It's past eleven thirty at night.. Who else is tired and going to bed now?

 Is that true lack of sleep will cause to death? Why?
I'm 19. Sometimes I just sleep for 3 hours per day. So, I want to know whether it is a bad for my health and can lead to die....

 I'm very tired.What can i DO? :)?

 I've never smoked..but want to?
Well, I want to try it, I'm taught "don't knock things until you try them." I've never tried a cigarette and I'm 16.
I'll probably not like it anyway, but I ...

 Why can't I sleep?
I have been having problems sleeping for almost a month now. I don't fall sleep untill 4 or 5 in the morning and get up around 9. All day I feel worn out and done. I have tried over the counter ...

 What do you do to avoid smoking?
I think in this life full of trouble not getting used to smoking is a great thing. I think specially in this country Iran smoking is the most natural thing to do; it’s just a matter of time, if you ...

 What 's the fastest way to fall asleep?? When I go to bed, it takes me max 4 hrs to fall sleep, any ideas???
nothing that unvolves taking drugs or pills though....lunesta etc....

 i get a lot of sleep at night and I'm young, however I'm always feeling tired and never want to get out of bed
why do i feel this way?
how can i be more awake?
( preferably without coffee or caffine )...

The Longest You've Been Awake?
How long have you stayed up strait, no sleep inbetween, and what was it like ?

ummm about 26 hours

Shabba Labba Dingdong
just 24 hours - I am a wimp.

Steve C
37-40 hours. What do you mean, what was it like? I felt tired, man. I went a week with like three hours total. people saying 15 days?? Anything more than 3 days nonstop, I find hard to believe, w/o being on some kind of chemical support. But I'm no expert on this.

72 hours and it was hell toward the last hours or so..

Double Bubble
Three and a half days. Then I konked out.

I thinkl it was one week. That whole time was a bit of a blur. I'm told I did some pretty weird stuff that week too.

62 hours

Three or four days. It was awful. My sophomore year of college. I just could not sleep. And I swear I was hallucinating.
I ended up losing it one night and then crashed big time.

When I was in the army--about 3-4 days. I started hallucinating and had a really bad temper. I look back on those times fondly

43 hours flying to Europe. Near the end I was getting very silly.

Tejana T
i stayed up for 48 hours before because i stay up from night till morning sometimes and in the morning i dont wanna go to sleep so i just try to keep myself busy and having fun i can stay up. Although u do be sleepy and then when u do go to sleep u can sleep for about as long as 10 hours without getting up. Its a bad thing to do because i wake at night or close to night most of the time and its hard for me to get up for school, and i did this from when i was a little 3 year to know and im in my teens. the worse part is as long as im having fun i wont go to sleep.

35hrs. driveing acamp bus to new owner,needed it like yesterday,last 2hrs,headache,hard to keep eyes open,sore all over,couldn't walk real straight, took 5 breaks for gas&hit the road

Mike D
60 hours continuous at work, when a very important job went wrong.
It was printing graphics for an exhibition, and despite our efforts, even though the show had been opened for over 5 hours and we had worked the afforementioned duration, our boss couldn't understand why we all walked away from the job to get some sleep.
Unfortunately after, I couldn't unwind or sleep for 5 or 6 hours, then went sparko for 19, got up for about 3 hours, and then had another 12 hours kip.
It was very bizarre to say the least.

Amanda S
48 hrs it was awful i felt like my hands and feet where lead and i couldn't think straight. my friends said someone would ask me a question and i would just sit there for about 5 mins before i answered. i was also very very very cranky!

cory h
I've done a couple days. I really screws with your head.

Raymond R
Five days. Institutional setting with forces day long activities.

24 hours solid. I was a zombie and had a really hard time going to sleep. When I finally did, it was around 11 hours that I slept.

♪♥§♫Arizona Chick♫§♥♪
like 30 hours when i was in 2nd grade

Eye of Sauron
80 hours or so. I used to work 7 days a week and from Friday morning till Monday night I worked three jobs going from one to the other without sleep. I did it for a few months but just killed me.

like midnight to like 2 in the morning after 2 days.. so like 50 hours... i was cranky and tired.. and hungry.. and couldn't really pay attention...

most was 3 days. it was rough. after about 25 hours got second wind and was ok but after 10 more hours it took effort to stay awake.

30 hours....I didn't feel it until the last few hours...which by then I was straight up delirious! Slept for 10 hours

47 hours. Had a 28 hr flight with stopovers and had already been up all day & night. Never slept a wink on the planes

3 days and it was horrible. i was exhausted, moody and very upset. i love sleeping so not being able to get any was so irritating!

brooke f
two days

↓ ?♥м?Øω♥εϊз™ ↑
32 hours.

28 Hours it was horrible I worked a double I felt dizzy and sick

mark corr
30 hours. I can't stay up longer, I literally can't.

80hrs straight it was an insane video gaming sleep over with a friend and when we finally decided to go out side we saw turkeys all around my yard not only three but like 20

Learning Conformity
Over 48 hours. I think i literally went insane.

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