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*~ Mommy!!~*
Sick 5 year old, what do you think it is?
He has a doctors appointment tomorrow, but Im looking for opinions of what you think could be wrong with him
It all started today, he started running a fever around 101.5 and has had it all day. He also complained his head hurt. Just a little while ago, he woke up and threw up everywhere.
What do you think this is?

It may be the flu, or just a common cold. Keep him out of the cold for a while, feed him soup, and he will be fine in no time. If problem persists take him to see a doctor

Go to a doctor!

Laura C
Typically sounds like some kind of bug that's probably going around.But you won't really know till doc takes a look at him.Hope he's feeling better!

Mr And Mrs Diaz
Sounds to me like the flu my son had the same thing a few weeks back. If the fever hasn't broke yet try giving him a lukewarm bath and if it don't go down I would consider taking him to the ER

I know with my doctor he had me check his temp for 4 hours and after the 5th hour if the fever didn't break to take him to the ER. Good luck! And I hope the little guy feels better soon!

Have him sitting up straight and tell him to put his chin onto his chest. If he is in extreme pain while attempting that or is unable to do it. Get him to the emmergency room a.s.a.p it could be meningitis. I had it before at a younger age and the above trick saved my life.

Its probably just a virus, although the vomiting is nasty it is not actually that unusual.

What to do:
- ice pack on head or back of neck to cool him down
- panadol (appropriate to age), this helps drop temperature
- lots of fluids
- lying down
- quiet and dark room where nothing will bother his head

If the symptoms get worse instead of leveling out take him to the emergency room. But I don't expect this will happen.

When he starts to feel better some toast or crackers and some lemonade. - this sounds strange but the toast is plain and easy to digest while fizzy drink has sugar in it to boost the sick persons energy level quickly. This is what my mother gave me when I was sick when I was little.

Might be as simple as a cold ...or as serious as Meningitis

sounds like the flu or something your doctor will know better. Make sure he keeps enough food and water down in the mean time, and gets lots of rest.

jessica v

He could have the flu or a stomach bug also called gastroenteritis. His head probably hurts because of his fever. Don't force him to eat but do push fluids. Give him 1 tablespoon of gatorade or powerade every 5 to 10 minutes or so. If you gulps down a lot of fluid he will just vomit again. Keep him hydrated but I would say go to your local emergency room if the fever goes 103 or higher.

Dr. Jones
Lately what has been going around is an intestinal flu. It causes a lot of throwing up and weakness. Fever also. His head hurting is probably a result from the fever. If you need anymore assistance or information please visit my profile and send me a email and I would be more that happy to assist you with your issues.


go see a doctor.

goood luck(:

Well, it sounds a lot like the flu. And little kids are more vulnerable to sicknesses. But let the Doctor figure it out. He will be fine. Hope he feels better. Good luck hun

Daniil M
maybe stomach flu, my teacher was talking about how we are in the thick of the stomach flu season.

Maybe the flu or a virus but bring he/she to the doctor.

Katie H
Sounds like the flu to me. We've all had it and my husband just got over it. Otherwise all of us have had it. There's nothing really you can do about it. The doctor won't give any meds for it. You can take Tylenol for pain and to bring the fever down, but that's about it.


probably the flu.

It sounds like the flu to me. I hope he gets better.

I think this winter has affected a lot of people. So maybe thats the reason. But its a good thing ur going to the doctor.


Possibly the flu, could be the start, or just a bug from dare care or school!

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