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Doctor: I'm afraid its just the tip of the iceberg young man!...

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 are you happy with your body?
what is your ideal weight?
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and what is your ideal dress size?

 Im 14 but i dont know whats going on?
My foot will go to sleep at random times. Even when im running. Also my head in diffrent spots does too. Like in the back of my head and on the sides what could it be?...

 how many hours sleep do you have on an average night?
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 How can i fall asleep people? without taking the night pill?
how can i sleep without taking the nightquile? i usually take the night quil to fall asleep.cause it's getting hard for me to fall alseep lately, i been on it for 2 months now!1 what would ...

shay m
I'm really bored. Nothing to do and I am not the least bit sleepy. Are you awake? Any suggestions on what I can do?

PS. I have been watching MTV videos so far and have seen each one at least twice and I tried counting sheep but no luck D=

Eggman expert
yes i am awake do you have video games if you do play them or if you like sonic look up sonic x episodes on you tube trust me i do it each day

Angel G
Unfortunately I am awake, I was asleep but, (here's something that might take your boredom away) was awakened because I'M BEING VOODOOED! My horror began in 2003 I was trying to reapply for welfare. I followed the social worker who called my name, to her desk, she never told me her name, often the name on your appointment letter isn't the person who see's you. I sat down. As I was waiting for the sw to ask for my vital documents birth certificate, rent statement, social security cards I noticed the sw in the cubicle after ours. This sw was talking to her daughter who was saying please mommy, begging for something. The mother was harsh, I couldn't hear what she said but you know the tone, it was the tone I don't have it or I can't get it so stop asking. While I'm waiting in my cubicle a lady in a red dress passes by and stops to talk to the lady in the cubicle behind the one that I'm in. The daughter leaves. The lady with the red dress fiddles with some printing machine next to the sw's cub and then goes into a door that is in between the sw's cub and the printer.

My assigned sw pulls my info up on the comp screen and then says " It says here your Indian. I say that's right. we're Native. The lady in the cub behind mine with the daughter comes in my cub and stands behind my assigned sw and reads all my info off the comp. I am now angry. My assgnd sw takes my doc and photo copies them. My sw comes back. Then goes out again. Then she returns, The sw in the last cub comes in and stands behind my sw while she types whatever in the comp and has a plastic bag in her hand with some pennies and two batteries in it. I say what's that ? She tells me its just pennies. She leaves. My sw leaves the cub again. The last cub sw comes in the cubicle again and leans on the computer desk on her elbows. And she leaning and leaning. Now I saw my docs in front of the comp I didnt see any on the side of the comp where she was leaning. Finally the sw gets up and starts to walk out. Something drops from her body. Being mannerly I get up from my seat and pick it up to hand it to her. As I bring it to my face I read my name. I say this is my SOCIAL SECURITY CARD. The sw freezes in the middle of the cub and then runs out. My sw returns, I mouthed that the other sw tried to steal my s.s. card. my sw says nothing. My sw leaves again and is gone for awhile. I stick my head out of the cub and look dwn the corridr, I see both of them comng dwn the corrdr with the heads 2 gether. Finish recert go up to directr and report. 3 days later plastic knives, pennies and leaves start appearing in my hall pointing at my door. Now I am being physically attacked, like a wave of pain at night when I turn my light out in my bed room. I shoot my mouth off in 2004 while in a store and say Yeah I'm on my way to work and a man snaps his head around as if I said something wrong. Then the man jumps on the bus after me. "They" have been following me since 2004 every where I go for a chance to vood doo me 24 hrs a day. Hope my cross to bear stopped your boredom.

It's only 11 here!

If you want to sleep just stare at a wall until your eyes just get to tired or if you wanna stay awake dance around and lip-sink or something... lol

ya but its 11:16 were im at

tylenol Pm tablet

hello i am up and not the bit sleepy to i am watching the X-files

It's only 12 silly! lol jk

That one person
It's 11 o'clock here in California. :) Staying up for a while.
Omg.. I am so bored too! I've done nothing at all my whole summer =P
I've been playing platform racing 2 to kill my boredom lol. You can always watch youtube videos.

I don't know about the sleeping part though. Takes me hours to fall asleep

Winter Wonder
of course im awake :D
i cant fall asleep grr.

you can watch youtube videos.
or read. that always makes me really tired after i read like two pages haha.

If you want to fall asleep easier, take a tylenol pm. They are good because they are not too strong so it won't make you sleep through the next day.

But another thing I like to do if I'm up late by myself is to go on www.newgrounds.com or www.addictinggames.com. I know, kinda lame, but very entertaining :)

oh! and www.textsfromlastnight.com is the BEST! wayyy better then fmylife

danmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm we should get a ******* party going


everyones awake at 2 am..lets have a nerdyyy *** computer party...


thanks for the points.

is their a website where i can go and talk to ppl and have conversations at 2 am?

Answer some questions. Thanks for the points. :)

no my soul is awake

Micky C
I always awake at 2, it's so boring but I never wanna go to sleep

medicine cup full of benadryl. no really. a full dose makes you sleeeeeeeeeeeepy.

Yes I am awake!!

MY clock says 2:30 Am opps now 2:31 am
umm try going on facebook
wacth shane dawon on youtube he is hi-la-rious]
hahahaha i don't sleep at night im noc-turnel!

try watching the cnn or golf those will cause you to k.o

drink tea, it works for me

yes...im watching "Bart Got A Room" which is lame....

â–?â–‘â• â•Łâ•‘â–‘â–Ś
Yes, because I am a late night party animal!!!

its only 11:30 here lol.

try watching something else, like a movie or something.

Adan T
my clok says 11:14 pm

yes im awake im basically noc-ternal i hate sleeping at night. but im also addictted to video games so i plays them all night.

yeah , im up this late all the time =D

I'm a ghost.

where i am it's only 11 at night and i still don't sleep until 2 am. i suggest you do something that doesn't require much brain power. when you do something that requires your brain to work to much, it becomes restless. restlessness = no sleep. i say just listening to quiet music. that, or hit the medicine cabinet for some nyquil. that knocks you out in ten minutes flat.

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