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Please answer!!! I'm super scared!!!?
I haven't been to my pediatrician since 5 for my kindergarten checkup. I only had to get 2 shots then. Now in 1 week, I have to go for a checkup. I'm a girl and 13. Please tell me everything that will happen in my checkup!!! Do i have to get tons of shots, or a Tb test, or a blood test????????? Im really scared!!!
Additional Details
thanks but which shots hurt the most!!!???

You'll probably get a shot or two, they'll offer you a few extra shots that your mom has a choice to decline.

They'll ask you a few awkward questions about your eating habits and your period.

You'll get your Height/Weight/Eyes/and Blood Pressure Checked.
they'll took at your throat, eyes, ears, and listen to your heart
Then they'll have you lay on a table and feel your abdomen.
They may have you bend over and look at your toes so they can check your spine.

and that's about it!

Well, you probably will have to get a few shots and a blood test, along with just a normal checkup. You're supposed to get a checkup every year, why hasn't your mom taken you??!

You will probably need to have some shots. But don't worry too much the worry is worse than the shot. I hate them too and most of the time they are over very quick.

I would rather get the shot than the disease they protect you against. I know it's scary but you will be okay.

You might get 1 or 2 shots, but they hurt a lot more when you're little. If you have any tolerance for pain at all, you'll be fine. There aren't a ton of shots, but you might get a TDAP, which is the worst shot you should get.
Now, I'm a guy but my sister is 13 and she did fine (1 shot). No blood samples

You will most likely be getting shots. See the chart. You need to complete your Heb B (which is a set of 3, you go back every two months), you will need a Tdap (tetanus shot). If you haven't finished your MMR, you would need to finish that.

And you probably need a physical exam. Let your doctor know if you are having your periods yet. and be honest with the doctor. he she is smart and knows not to judge you or think you are dumb for asking a question.

They will most likely just check your vitals and maybe you will get blood drawn but nothing too serious. TB tests don't hurt at all. They aren't even a shot....

Hey smiley I am 17 when I was your age I was terrified of shots (still am) but your more scared of getting the shot then the actual pain trust me its just like getting pinched don't look when they do it because it makes it seem worst then it is i know what your going through when its all over with you will find out it wasn't worth stressing over

it's nothing. they do like chicken pox and other random vaccines. but you should only get about 4 or 5

If it's just a physical exam and you haven't had one since you were 5, they'll probably take blood and/or urine (pee) samples just to check and see if you're completely healthy. Don't worry about it, it'll be over before you know it. :)

Habbo guy
WOW. Well you will get the shots your missing and all the shots for 12 year olds *im 13* and i am going to guess its a physical so he/she will check your private area...,and uhm check your mouth ,breaathe, and ask for urine, your eye sight ,wieght ,hieght ,ears ,and yeah oh and a small shot in your finger to see if you have a desease,...also the person above me is stupid, how are you going to get surgery in your head and he/she cant even spell doctor. I am your age so yeah i hasnt gone sinse like 4 LOL. So yeah. Oh and and and.....no blood test...unless you have like cholestrol or something...

they will probably give you a few shots but honestly they dont hurt at all, the scariest part is looking at the needle, but they will probably give you your first physical

-possibly like two shots
-they weigh you
-look in your ears
-listen to your heartbeat
-check your throat using a pop-sickle stick
-ask some questions (like if you started your period)
-maybe a urine test (but most likely not)

that's about it and there is really nothing at all to worry about
We have all been there!
:) hope i helped!

Bethany Rose
they will give you shots. i actually got five shots but that was because i got the gardasil. they gave me three in one arm and two in the other. they were going to give me one in my leg but decided against it. tetanus or the gardasil hurt the most. they both bled a little :( but shots dont hurt till the day after really..
for the phsical they will weigh you and listen to your heart and lungs. for me they didnt do anything else but a couple weeks later they gave a a blood test because they thought i was anemic though..

lol they will just check you over. its not that scary. ya u will probly get a few shots tho:/

Dana P
You will probably get all of those things but it won't be painful

Calm down! You will probably be given the HPV shot because you are a girl. It will hurt, but, it is so important to your health. Did you miss your 12 year shot? Or is that old school? I guess I need to know that too.

you will prolly have to get a couple shots but its not that bad

Several shots but they go pretty fast and a routine check up which is simple the shots may require you going back a second time its not that bad don't be scared it goes pretty fast..The shot just sting a little and a little discomfort for a day ..

You've probably received all your shots just before you started kindergarten. However, depending on the state you live - there could be other requirements for public schools. Check with you local state education board. I added a link that may help you prepare.

dont worry. you will have to get a couple of shots, maybe 3 or 4 but they dont hurt that much. thats probably the worst thing that will happen there.

In God We Trust
There is NOTHING to be frightened about. I assume that you are going to a pediatrician that you are familiar with. The doctor won't give you more than you can handle. You don't have a whole lot of shots to look forward to. A tetanus shot is required every 7 years. It loses its potency after that time. A yearly tuberculosis test is done for most people. A blood test may be required but that would be the physician's decision. All in all, you shouldn't have great difficulty.

Put God's veil of protection about you.

I would suggest these scriptures as follows:

What shall we then say to these things? If GOD be for us, WHO can be against us? - Romans 8:31 The Lord daily loadeth us with BENEFITS, even the God of our salvation. Selah. - Psalm 68:19 Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. - Mark 11:24 Also, I would suggest that you read Psalm 35. It is long-winded and very intense. If you are sincere and I believe that you are, then read this and let it 'uplift' you. I wish you continued success and a prosperous, happy and healthy ongoing life. Peace!

If it's just a checkup, he's going to test your reflexes and your general health.

If you need a shot he will tell your parent, and probably give it to you then.

You're not guaranteed to get a shot at all, and just so you know, shots seem a lot worse when you're younger, so now that it's been 8 whole years since your last one, it really won't be as bad as you thought.

Good luck :)

Most shots are given in your arms..you'll probably have to get caught up on your shots for school. There's probably not gonna be any types of tests taken. You'll most likely be asked a few simple questions. It's ok :]

Relax the most you will probably get is 3 shots. Most of the time people get only 1. When I was 13 I got only 2 shots. They weren't bad they barely hurt.

13 or 14 years old, you're probably going to high school soon so you'll probably need to get all your immunization shots up to date. As for TB test, you probably got it already. A blood test is probably unnecessary unless there is a reason for them to do one.

Just chill out. Everyone needs to get shots and go through this stuff.

calm down, it will probably just be a regular check up

it isnt that scard, u wont even feel the needle

You just get simple blood tests and they might take a few shots IF you need them. Check blood pressure, simple stuff like that.

Aw, don't be scared, it's not a big deal.

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