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I go into my bad about 10:00 im only 13 years old. And i turn of all the lights i close at the wall then close my eyes. And i never fall asleep im just thinking about things and stuff. Maybe its because ive been drinking alot of tea latley but how can i go to sleep whats been happening is i just close my eyes but i never get into tthat sleep state i just think about things for about 12 hours straight
Additional Details

u can't let ur mind wonder about about things....you have to like train ur mind to let it relax and then eventually fall asleep...if ur really having sleep problems, it probably wound'nt hurt to go see a sleep specialist

♥Happy Bunny Girl♥
You are going through a bad time right now. I am a year younger than you, but if you take some Benodryl to help you go 2 sleep, it will help. It is for allergies, but who cares, it makes you feel really tired and you go to sleep in fifteen minuites.

If you cant fall asleep ask your Mom about sleeping pills and make sure you check how much stimulant/caffeine. :D

i have no clue but i have a solution, you can take sleeping pills

ruben avalos
the same thing happens to me..no you do not drink to much tea..its either the mattress or the way you sleep like the side or face up....i say go to sleep at 9 and you will wake up around 10 in the morning or stay up till 10 and wake up at 9 or lower..just think of sword fighting that's Wat i do

sunny 4
Meditate urself , do yoga, go to gym, play, outside, etc...
Naturally u'll get tired and fall asleep.
And don't take tea in excess, a tea is usually to keep u awake.

"Sleeping pills" sounds so bad, just a simple "nightime sleep aid" is a better word for them. My box of walmart brand sleep aid caplets says ages 12 and up.

cover yourself completely and think about anything (takes me like 3hrs to fall aleep

Hipolito M
try warm milk stop drinking soda and cut sugar intake that was keeping me up before now i try to drink at least 8 glasses of water but it makes you feel better

You should read or watch something calming on TV with the TV very low.

maek some sport

Well close your eyes and listen to some slow music or sounds of waves. Dont think of anything and dont eat sugar before u sleep. I hope this helps you ~Lala

Try listening to your favourite music on headphones while you go to sleep. It may sound silly but you will be focusing on the music and not the stuff going on in your head so you may find it easier to shut off and sleep.

Also, the tea won't help, try not to drink any for 4 hours before you go to sleep.

Good luck! :-)

u r stressed you need to do calming excersise to clean ur mind b4 bedtime

madisyn loves ya!
drink tea without caffine,

but otherwise i wld actually suggest keep a diary. write in it around like 9:45 before bed, write all the things you think about in it. i thought it was really stupid at first, but it actually does help alot. i hope this helps you! good luck!

ahh same thing happens to me!! try listening to music while laying in your bed. it seems to help me. if that doesn't work, you should try reading until you get really really tired, then just lay down and you'll be bale to sleep. good luck!

Jesus Reigns
I know exactly what you are going through! I've been the same way since I was 10 and I am 21 now! I think it's insomnia. I should go on some meds but I'm not too fond of non-natural remedies.

just me!
The caffeine in your tea might be doing it! Try not to eat or drink anything about 4 hours before you go to sleep.

Tea has caffeine. Caffeine keeps you awake. Stop the tea. Then you will sleep.

put some soft music on and turn off all the light and just lay there,

frank r
Tea has a lot of caffine in it. Try drinking decaf tea.
You can also try closing your eyes and concentrating on deep slow breathing.
Some quiet music may help also.
If this does not help mention it when you go for your yearly visit with the doctor.

Isabel E <3

Well there are several reasons as to why you may not be able to get to sleep.

-Sugary food or drink
-The time you last ate, because that will contribute to your level of energy. If it was recent then it is more likely you would be more energetic"
-If you are thinking about the last couple of days, or events that are happening throughout your life then that is natural!
Everyone would do it some time or another. I do that, I mean if I have alot of things on my mind I tend to think about them just as I'm falling asleep because I'm reflecting on stuff- and planning things.

You could try-
A book?
Sleeping at 9.30 to secure a time to sleep instead of 10.
Excersise throughout the day increases your tiredness levels-but also can affect you by providing a healthy body (if you do it correctley)
When you are alseep your cells are repaired.

Hope this helps

Isabel <3

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