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 are you happy with your body?
what is your ideal weight?
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and what is your ideal dress size?

 Im 14 but i dont know whats going on?
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 do i sleep too much?
i usually sleep up to 7 hours a night, but occasionaly ill take a nap and it could end up being for 4 hours.
is that okay?
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by the way im 14. sry forgot to add ...

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 What tips do you have for falling asleep?

 I havn't smoked in 5 days!!?
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How does one distract themselves enough to not want to light up??

I am so ...

 Is there ever a situation when smoking crack can be good for someone's medical health?

 How to get to sleep?
How can I get to sleep?
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 should i be freaking out?
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 Anyone battling to quit smoking?
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 wat hapns wen u dont pee for a week?
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 Is it a health risk to have my pc in my bedroom? will I be exposed to its radiation when i sleep at night?
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 How old is OLDEST cigarette smoker that you know (or have ever met)?
I met a steady half-a-pack-a-day smoker today. He's 96! Couldn't believe it. He said he's smoked the same brand since he was 15 years old.

But don't read too much ...

 Is there anything you can say or do to help my friend who is quitting smoking?
Monitorhead is going cold turkey. Today is day 7 and he's needing some inspiration and motivation from you fine people. Any advice to help? Any motivation? Any funny anecdotes? Any load of crap ...

Nonsmokers, what are your first thoughts when seeing someone smoking a cigarette?

Honestly, if I'm with my children I think of he dangers. When I'm by myself I think back to the days I smoked and feel nostalgic... weird, huh? Smoking is about social acceptance in the beginning and I find it weird that with my mommy brain it's taboo and unhealthy and with my out-and-about-by-myself brain I'm thinking it's acceptable...

Oh,he too is burning his lungs ?

Hi. whenever I see someone smoking a cigarette, I think " On one end of this Cigarette I see fire & on the other end I see a fool( or rather his mouth).

*Mrs.Shaw* TTC
I think they are lower class!!! I hate cigarettes soooooooo much! I tell the people to get the hell away from me!!! Maybe they want to die young but I know I don't want to!!!!!!

Jennifer M
Yuck! is my first thought.
I also wonder: if they will die of or contract cancer; why they ever started; if they truly understand what it is doing to them; and, if they know how it physically attacks their exterior self - aging them, darkening smiles and wrinkling skin.
If I make eye contact, I smile because I don't want them to think I judge them as bad people for what they are doing. I think they get enough of that from so many other people.
When I was in college I was a smoker. It was not until a friends mom (who had not smoked in 30 years) contracted and died of lung cancer that I quit. It was very easy for me but I truly feel for the people that want to quit and can't - especially those on limited incomes. Purchasing cigarettes can certainly be an "either or" decision (food or cigs).
While it seems to be getting more and more socially unacceptable, I seem to see more and more younger (high school age) kids doing it.

SusanS, Incognito
That they don't value their lives. As a nurse I have seen too many people die because of that awful habit.

Which way is the wind blowing? I want to be upwind of them. I really don't like smoke at all, I dislike being around it and people who are smoking. Smoke gets on your skin, and on your clothes and you just feel gross. Sure a shower will take care of it, but why go through the hassle?

Entrepreneur In The Making
That they are foolish, Life is to short to make even shorter over 4 Inchs of complete crap. Addiction is no excuse if they want they could and should quit.

that they feel its their god given right to pollute our air always standing in door ways stinking the place up they increase medical cost for everyone they are really self centered and should be shot on sight

Superman at 62
They are exercising freedom of choice. Plus at $5.00+ per pack, they have adequate discretionary income at their disposal.

Christopher J
his/her bussiness not mine?

nik c
what a scum how stupid are they killing their selves

That they smell like cigs....I used to be a smoker of 29 yrs and quit 3 yrs ago and I can smell cig smoke literally from a block away. I'm not tempted at all to smoke. Next, I would worry that they'll get lung cancer but that's their choice not ours. But the smell would be #1....and when I'm around a smoker, "I" start smelling it on myself...in my hair, etc....that pisses me off...big time! Good luck on your answers.

David B
I sometimes feel sad for smokers. From my friends who smoke, I know some of them would like to quit smoking, but they are too addicted to stop.

Bob W
I don't care. I am a Libertarian and believe in others freedom as long as I am not asked to pay for it in any way.

I tend to feel annoyed ebcause if I can see them it means they are within close proximity and I cant stand the smell. I think its selfish.

Try to avoid walking through their smoke, now im smiling because of the new law!

Bob Lahblah
I think, "You are wasting your money on those." I used to smoke and my last cigarette was on May 4, 1994. Hooray for me!

I am a former smoker. So i have been on both sides of the coin. When i see a smoker i don't judge them on it because i know first hand how hard it is to stop smoking. Its very addictive. Than i give myself a pat on the back for not smoking anymore.

reminds me of home...both parents smoke, and little sister too...just not me

Well since I have asthma, I'll walk across the street. Triing to stay clear of it, I also think that it is ashame for nonsmoking people to jump thought hoops to stay clear of the smokers!

Nothing really unless its a woman and they are young and I mean young like 19-30 like that is soo dumb they know it isn't good for them and it makes them age faster and makes them smell and when they are cute it makes them ugly. So these thoughts pass through my mind when I see them that and I wish they wouldn't i might talk to them. When i see a guy I am like whatever his funeral. Old people i just think at their age when they started they were naive. I just stay away from smokers for the most part and thank God Jersey went smoke free like everywhere!!!

I simply accept them as they are (but inwardly I am thinking, what a shame that they took up this habit when so much is known of the harmful affects from it).

I fear for their health, actually! Especially my parents.

They have lots of feelings and that they got hurt.

since my mom is a smoker, i'm pretty well used to smokers and i really don't think about it. but i don't like it when she or anyone smokes in my face.

Its their life

I see a lot of people that smoke, and my actual thought is that it's unhealthy. But they know it is. I don't like the smell of stale smoke on people. It gets in the hair, clothes, car, furniture. It's horrible. Besides, it's an expensive habit. I know a guy that quit smoking by saving all his smoke money in a jar on the fridge. After one year, he had saved enough to take his wife on a week vacation in Hawaii, all expenses paid.

smart E
I'm a former smoker. 14years clean. I feel sorry for them, but just think about it to to myself. Don't be quick to judge. And don't verbalize your sentiment to them. It has no positive affect at all. Cigs are very addicting and very hard to kick.

His/her business, not mine?

First thing is, I hope the smoke doesn't come near me.
Second, that's nasty.
Third, why.

bazimme- My wife can smell someone smoking in the car in front of us going 70 down the interstate. Windows up A/C on.

BTW 43yo male

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