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Nearly thirty, never been athletic, what's the best sport to pick up and why?

Additional Details
I said nearly thirty, not nearly sixty!!! Gimme a break!

Son of Brunhilde
Bowling. Cause it takes little skill and requires no physical exertion. Something that suits your lazy *** just fine.

Evil spoon
Hurling because it's the fastest ball game on earth!

Try swimming. This is a great cardiovascular exercise and it imcreases lung capacity. It exercises most major muscle groups and there is no joint impact as there would be with any sport in which you have to run. I have kidney problems and I can not play any type of contact sport because if some one were to hit me at just the right spot in my back, they could kill me. So, I swim and it keeps me in shape. Not to mention I despise going to gyms.

Nothing extremely energy consuming as mentioned above.

yoga, it an be done at any age/skill level

Golf. Many reasons. It's more physical than you think. It can be a great stress release. It's a great way to meet other people, but not if you don't want to. Many more! But do yourself a favor. Call your nearest "Daily Fee" golf course or municiple golf course and sign up for lessons from the pro. ( It's much more fun when you can actually hit the ball) Do not go invest in Ping clubs and a membership at a country club just yet. Find out first if you love it. Many people do! Good luck!

darts or snooker ya lazy bandit

I'm over 40 and just picked up disc golf. It gets you outside, it's very inexpensive to get started (discs run around $10 each). Most courses are free to play. It's great exercise (walking, aerobic, core workout, upper body). Plus you meet people who play that you'd never suspect.

.....but not too many women play (which, for me, is a good thing!). ;-)

I will suggest you look at one of the martial arts, possibly Te Kwando but there are many options. It really hones your balance and deportment, makes you more alert and you can choose how lighty or seriously you take it. It also has a powerful metal side which is not often recognised. It is excellent for selp-confidenmce also although I am not suggeating for a moment you need that! LOL

GOLF is good exercise (lots of walking) & good for balance, co-ordination & general fitness

SWIMMING is good for strengthening your muscles & your lungs plus it doesn't wipe all your energy away (plus theres all the women in swimsuits)

You want to start with something easy & not too tiring so you can build up your muscle strength, fitness & stamina, something difficult from the start is more likely to put you off than interest you, yoga is meant to be ideal but this is stereotypically seen as a womans exercise so you may not feel comfortable doing that

Elliot H
Tennis and Golf are considered gentleman's sports. Your unlikely to get hurt, its good exercise but not too intensive unless you are trying to compete and so is more focused on techniques and skills.

They are good because you will also improve your reactions and hand eye coordination but don't have to be especially strong or athletic etc in order to play.

Also unlike yoga and swimming etc there are a lot more interactions and you can build up some friends to keep you motivated and if you decide you enjoy it you have various targets to keep you motivated. Reducing the handicap in Golf or joining a league or evening social for tennis which will also help you to improve.

Just think that swimming could get a bit lonely for you and your unlikely to keep going regularly if you have not been that way inclined before. If your goal is to get the best overall fitness it is the best form of exercise though.

The Man
golf, it isn't too "sporty," plus depending on your job you can usually use it as an excuse to "close a deal," with a potential customer (aka- taking off work to have fun)

I'd say football. I love computers and have taught myself to create websites and other stuff, and I NEVER liked the idea of doing any kind physical activity. But eventually I found myself playing football, and then I started to gradually find interest in other sports. You don't have to be very athletic at all. And you can play with a bunch of people, friends or family. And no one has to get hit, you can play two-hand-touch. Trust me it's really fun, we play football at every get together.

I hope this works for you.

Vegas Dude
Swimming. It's a lot of fun and it feels awesome when it's hot out like it is now. It's also good exercise.

You are too old keep enjoying the pies

Swimming uses every muscle in the body, uses calories and if you have never been into sports the easiest way to start with less strain on the body. Swimming is also good aerobic exercise for the heart. Next best , stength training, but start slow. Then walking on a schedule, start with twice a week and go up in time and days from there as you feel comfortable , some of our best sportsmen and women do it to stay fit.

Martin G
Table-Tennis - It doesn't need you to build-up strength or staminer in order to play, but playing regularly will improve staminer, reactions and coordination. Also the game can be played all year round - come rain or shine, and you don't have to be worried about being too old for the game (there are quite a number of players in their 70s in the local leagues).


if u'v never been athletic, then its gonna take a while to build urself up. If u have the patience to do it, u can try any physical sport of ur interest. Otherwise u can try some indoor sport.

Swimming's really good exercise. Otherwise, why not knock a football around a field with some friends?

swimming is great for both fitness and stress relief

uncle billy
Golf can get you out into the fresh air and walking a lot.

Swimming , its a full body workout and the water will support your body weight so it shouldn't be too much effort.

Buckeye Chris
I have always heard that swimming is the best / most complete exercise you can get b/c it increases flexibility and is a great cardiovascular workout. However, not all of us (me included) can swing a pool/swim club membership. So, the best way to get started is to, simply, get moving. Do you have a bike? That's great exercise! If you don't have a bike, sites like craigslist can be a great place to find one for cheap. Good luck!

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