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Mom's making my have it, but i don't want it. lol.


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My stupid alarm won't wake me up anymore!! Suggestions?
I've always been a heavy sleeper, but this is getting ridiculous. My dad upstairs can hear it buzzing and he's two floors away! This has happened before, and I'll just switch it from buzzer to radio wake up (thinking I've become immune to the noise) and it usually works, but I've switched and switched back and forth, and nothing!
Nothing else in my life has changed, I go to bed at the same time, and it's not like I have nothing to do. I WANT to get up, I LIKE getting up early, but I just can't.

Emma Watson's cousin
Get a new one girl! It isn't that big of a deal okay, don't freak!
Love, Em's Cous'!
(P.S. Vote me best)

Well you will have toput your clock like 20 minutes ahead and also you have to put the alarm like 20 minutes back from what you normally put it.

get your dad to wake you up

SpAwN oF sAtAn
set ur alarm clock 4 an earlier time and ull wake up when u need to. i set my alarm clock for 6 so ill wake up at 6:30 and it works for me

Michael H
Before you go to bed, drink about 5-6 large glasses of water, not soda/pop. While you are sleeping your body will process the fluids and in the morning you will wake up because you have to urinate. Also, try a different alarm, not the regular alarm or radio. A cell phone alarm is good because you can select from many ring tones and your body will not have time to adapt to the sounds if you change frequently.

i find setting it to a radio station where there is going to be an early morning show life bob and tom, the unsuspected talking seams to scare the crap out of me and wakes me up pretty easily!


Hire someone to whack you with a hammer on the noggin every morning.

Tiffany C
maybe you are used to the noise of the buzzer, try out a different type of alarm that makes a different noise. Maybe your dad can just wake you up?

If you have a cell phone see if it has an alarm on it. If it does, go thru and see what ringtones is preset for alarms. Try and find one that annoys you so much that you want to break your phone if you hear it again. Set the ring/sound and then the time of the alarm (wake up call setting if you have one). Make sure the volume is all the way up. Place the cell close to you so you hear it go off (next to your bed or on the bed on another pillow).

Hope this helps, cause this is what I use since I became immune to normal clock radios and buzzer alarms. ^_^!

buy one of those big ones with a huge volume terner!

child of god
hearing problems? they have alarms that light up and keep getting brighter until it wakes you up. maybe that would help.

An alarm with a volume turner and something you look forward to doing when you get up.

Put it right next to the head of your bed, or even right on your headboard, and turn it up to the loudest setting. Or buy an new one and do the same thing. Or maybe use 2 alarms at the same time!!

starting over
OK, you can get a louder alarm clock, Or you can look at what deaf people do. You can get an alarm clock that makes your bed vibrate or starts the lights in your room flashing on and off.

Maybe, if you are that deep a sleeper all 3 would be a good idea.

When I was young and shared a room with my brother, his radio would come on at around 5 or 5:30 and play at top volume for half an hour, it drove me crazy!!! If I were you I would make sure that you are well relaxed before going to bed, leave the curtains open if you can as the light helps wake you up and picture in your head, the time you want to wake at three times during the few hours before you go to bed.

it seems you are not getting quality sleep. trying adjusting your routine and your body clock and get a new alarm so your body learns a new wake-up system all together.

The secret is to find the radio station with the most annoying and insane radio dj's that you possibly can. I found one, and they laugh in the dumbest and most EXTREMELY annoying way. And... nevermind you, they are always laughing at REALLY stupid stuff. So for me it works like a charm. I hate hearing them so much, that I lunge for my clock the moment they start laughing.
I also have my clock waaaaaay across the room, and on SUPER loud. I hate hearing it. LOL
I am usually so mad that I had to get up and go clear across the room to shut it off, I start to wake up. Or I start thinking what a stupid topic they were discussing. The next thing you know, I am awake.

Turn it up as loud as it can go....and set it across the room so you have to get up to turn it off

Yup, you're sure asking the right person. We have 3 alarm clocks in this house (plus the ones on our cell phones) and nobody (except the neighbors) hears any of them.

Ask one of your friends to call you.
I have the same problem with the alarm, mostly on the exam days. So, I asked my bf to call me.

Get a new alarm with a different form of waking you up and if that doesnt work then if someone gets up around the time you do have them wake you up. You are just probably stressing.

well, i would do what like 10 other people have said and maybe use your cell phone or an alarm that has different tones. i try to use my phone and use a different ringtone each morning that way i don't get used to the same one. if your problem is just hearing it, not the getting up part, then leave it near you so you can hear it. if you have a tv in your room, you can usually program those to turn on at a certain time too, just have the volume up pretty good and the sound and the light would wake you up!!:)

Change it. Or try putting it away from you, so you would have to get out of bed to turn it off, that is if you actually turn it off while asleep.

Get a new one, they have some out there with different noises, like birds chirping, or ocean waves, etc,, the sound gets progressively louder, I had to get rid of mine, it was so annoying !! I bet the new noise will work for you -, I think you just became immune to your current alarm. NO biggie : )

First of all, you probably need to get to bed earlier.. then, do what I do.
I have to set three alarms to wake up anywhere near close to when I need to be awake. I put one on the table close to my head.. it goes off first. then I have another set to go off abuot 3 minutes later.. it's on the bureau.. near to my bed. Finlly, two minutes after that, I put the third alarm on top of my t.v.; I have to get all the way out of bed to shut it off. It takes me about 7 minutes to get all the way awake..., though I have been known to hit snooze on all of them at least once!

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