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My sister came home smelling like nail polish or something of the sort, it's almost 4am. Crack?
We've all been suspecting a drug problem. Could it be crack?
Additional Details
She's 23, by the way. Also smelled like burning plastic I guess. No, she wasn't painting her nails, she was out partying. She is also a thief but I left that out since I figured every one would say yea to the question based on the fact that she steals a lot.

Excuse me
Crystal meth...


i suggest that if the smell persists longer than 3 hours its not crack since the scent and body odor of crack only persists for a max of 3 hours.

Let's Talk
most likely meth

sorry about the capital letters

Esduds E

google mothers against methamphetamine---for info and to get educated on it...

sounds like it may be crystal meth

try to get her to support and help...

another website is celebrate recovery....

i hope you are wrong but if you are truly suspecting something its best you learn as much as you can

woo hoo meth sister.

it does sound like she has been sniffing something but I do not have enough experience to guess what.

well maybe she's just doing someones nails and being out all night is just her business. is she over eighteen?

i know the smell- ice from pipe , aka- crystal methamphetamine

had a roommate years back, this is a real horrid stuff, check her eyes- should have huge lenses

this stuff is horrid and highly addictive, she needs help asap, she can even die from it

How's her breath? Could be liquor. How do her nails look? Fresh, done? Or chewed off? Smoking crack does have an odor if using a B-tank, but more likely, it would be meth. Lotsa parties also put foil on stove burners and meth on top (cooking), thus creating the entire room filling up with it. Everyone is speeding, and smelling of it, some don't even know. Is she wired awake for hours? Rail thin? Definite signs of meth or crack. Liquor, she'll sleep hard.

Confront and ask her about it.. but bring up drugs slowly work yourway around to it.

Its not meth. It dosent leave a scent. My cuzin use do do that until he got help. Trust me on this its not meth. Talk to your sister. But dont pressure her or yell or anything that may seem negative she''ll most likely close up and not trust you. You just need to have a caring heart to heart. =]

Maggie H
It is possible she was with friends and was having a makeover party.
If its drugs then make her do that test thing. Don't force her into anything, she will only do it more.

Coming home smelling of nail polish is not a sign that she's on crack or crystal meth. How old is your sister? If she doesn't have access to much money (doesn't work, lives with her parents, and they aren't missing lots of money)... the most likely explanation for the smell is inhalants.
Kids do all kinds of crazy things to get high like huffing paint, fumes from lighter fluid, rubber cement and even nail polish. If she's a kid and out until 4 am then she's up to something.

sounds like meth

Crack? why would you assume its crack? Crack doesnt smell like nail polish and either does meth..did she have any symptoms? was she hyper? could she concentate on one thing? was she tired? if she was tired that smell could possibly be chiva(herion)....maybe she was huffing paint thinner or nailpolish remover for that matter...hard to tell...where to you live? Crack is a cheap *** drug so if she or her friends arent ghetto they would most likely not be smoking crack but doing cocaine in its pure form instead..

If the smell is on her breath she could be diabetic.

Could be crack, orrrr it could possibly be nail polish. Last I heard, that's what it smells like.

Did you ever stop to think that it actually IS nail polish?
TRUST people TRUST...
Think about that...

jeeze, cant a girl take her nail polish off at 4:00am?
maybe she was driving home, and got stuck in traffic and desided to do her nails.

crack is wack.

It doesn't matter how she smells, but coming home at 4:00 AM is the VERY FIRST PROBLEM.

I think it is time to talk to someone older about her. Someone close to you, not YA people.

crack doesn't smell like nail polish.

******************** URGENT ***************************

Breath smelling of acetone is a symptom of diabetes.

Get medical attention.

When you say "We've all been suspecting a drug problem", do you mean :

Exceptional thirst
Dry mouth
Frequent urination
Loss of weight
Weakness or fatigue
Blurred vision ?


meth, actually.

crack is similar but does not smell the same.
if she's already smoking it, she's deep in it.

not crack...

don't worry.. get someone to talk to her, help her stop her drug problemo

Crack doesn't smell like nail polish. It very well could be meth. Whats her attitude like and how long have you suspected a drug problem?

Beonka D
Definitely Meth.

class act
Check these websites and compare:


The streetdrugs site is very informative. One tell-tale sign of some drugs, including both meth and cocaine/crack is dilated pupils (where they are really large and take up most of the area that is usually colored, and there is little change in the pupil even in the presence of light.

Talk to her. Whatever you do, DON'T ignore it if she is using drugs, especially something so addictive.

Good luck!

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