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My mother died 10 days ago and I'm having a hard time coping. What can I do to get through this awful time?
Additional Details
My mother died of cancer. We didn't know she had it until the end of June and we only found out it was terminal 3 days before her death (two weeks ago today, in fact).

Really sorry to hear of your loss. I think there was a reason that your mother didn't tell anyone that she was ill because she didn't want all the fuss and pity from people. She seemed like a strong person at heart- you need to remember the good times and for different people the sense of loss is different. We all cope in different ways. When my father passed away, i wrote poems for him, took up art again and also prayed for him. If you do have a faith, then it may be a comfort to you because for me, when i was praying for my father, it felt like i could still make a positive impact and help him. Time is a great healer.

Kirks Folley
Your mother has only just passed away so your grief will still be very raw, you are going to be upset for a while, as time goes by you will begin to remember the good times you had together. My mother died last new years eve, I can talk about her now without becoming upset. Your mum will want you to remember her but not let her death bring you down, she will want you to be happy and eventually live your life to the full. Good luck

I am sorry to say u never get over it.. time wont heal..

But u have to understand it only hurts so bad as she was such a great person and u are lucky to have someone like her to loose. Alot of people out there would give anything to have a mom liek urs...

I think if u play "one sweet day -mariah carey, you are not alone - michael jackson" will help u force the emotions ur feeling to the service and help u kinda move on..

sarah d
take a vacation

First of all, I am deeply sorry for what you are going through right now. I don't know you but losing a parent is just so overwhelming that words are not enough to make the person left behind feel a little better. I am hoping that you will not close your doors on anyone trying to make you feel better though. If it happened to me, I wouldn't try to forget my mom... (How could we, anyhow?) I would keep thinking about our times together especially the moments that really matter. Your mother will be with you forever in spirit and will stay in your heart for the rest of your life! Her body is gone but everything else about her is alive. Hold on to that and cry if you need to... Only time will make things a little bit better. But keep in mind though, if you believe your mom can see you right now... wouldn't you want to do what she requests? To move on and do your best in life. Take care and keep in touch.

loubie lou
so very sorry to hear of your loss,
My husband lost his mother to cancer when he was 12 that was 22 years ago and he still isn't over it, and never will be.
Your mother was the most important person in your life and feeling like this is totally normal.
It does get easier but it takes time.
If you are having problems with sleeping eating etc go see the doctor they may be able to give you something to help with it.
Hope you will be ok

awe hon im so sorry to hear that, dont try to move on too quickly, give urself time to grieve and have a good cry when u feel the need too and time will teach u how to cope without her, if u feel u need to talk u can email me xx

My Pitseleh
Really sorry to hear that, i dont know what i would do if my mother passed on. Try little things to ease yourself of grief, i know its really hard. Try celebrating the life she lived.

I dont know what else to say but my heart goes out to you. Just remember that she really wants you to be happy and live your life.

Best Wishes

Jay R
So sorry for your Loss! Lossing one you love is so hard. I do know that if the normal talking with family and friends doesn't help, lots of areas have grief counciling groups for people who have just lost loved ones. Call the funeral Home that handles Moms funeral and ask them if there is any in your area...they would know.
There are certain levels of grief and dealing with grief.
Denial, anger, Bargaining, depression and acceptance. How fast you go through each stage is as indivual as each person.
Again I'm truly sorry for your loss, and if you need someone to talk with, email me: [email protected]

I'm so sorry to hear that. I can only advise you on what I did when my grandma died, who I was very close to. I felt very sad for a week or two; then I remembered all the advice she gave me - to be strong, love Life, etc. I remembered the good memories and wrote down some stories about her in a journal, which started the healing process.

My grandma has never gone away, she is in my soul and am thankful for that. Take care.

Whipass Chick, Alba Gu Brath
I know how you feel, my mum went on holiday and died while she was away, this was 3 yrs ago.
I felt worse because I wasn't with her and I feel I should have been. It's got easier to cope as times went on but sometimes I just find myself bursting in to tears, I l have her picture up and I still talk to her, though the hardest part is getting no reply.
You just have to remember that she is with you, and loves you very much

I am truly sorry to hear about your loss. :( My mother died 3 1/2 years ago and I think of her every day and will probably never get over it. I don't know how your mother died or anything else about your situation.

Try keeping your friends and family close. Talk about how you feel. If you think you need to, see a therapist.

I am sorry for your loss. Don't throw yourself into other activities because when you stop your grief will resurface. Allow yourself time now to grieve and take as long as you need. You will never get over the loss of you mum but as time goes on you will find it easier to live your life without her. I think for many of us an automatic coping mechanism kicks in. It did for me when my dad died 7 years ago. We were not expecting it and one day just got a phone call to say my dad had died a couple of hours earlier. The hardest thing for me was that I never got to tell my dad that I loved him and to say goodbye. Be grateful you had the chance to say goodbye to your mum, it really helps the healing process. I had a 1 year old child and was pregnant with my second child so found I didn't have alot of time for grieving. Now 7 years later I feel I haven't grieved fully and get stressed easily. Remember her the way she was and the good times you had.
I wish you all the best.

oh its so hard, same ere mate well in feb just gone, cant really say wot u can do, otherwise ill do it myself,im stuck to
she's always there wiv u, and im sure she is in a better place, she's happy with no more pain,
im sure she will find away by telling you that her self,
god bless!

loved the poem nancy d :)

OMG i am so sorry for your loss. Maybe a councillor would help

Best of luck to you

when thing like this happen the simplest thing like the sun coming out at a certain time is because your seances are so acute and that's what makes up your memories. a sence of loss is the reflection of the feeling of having .memories are having

im really sorry for your loss, my best idea would be to go be with other family, thats usually the best thing you can do is be with some1 you love. or find somthin else to occupy your time

i had a similar situation with my dad 6 yrs ago, he onlysurvived 6 wks after the diagnosis of cancer and there was nothing they could do, the worst part was apart from this he was healthy in every way took no medication no heart probs, no blood pressure probs, it seemed so unfair. the only thing u can be grateful for is she didnt suffer for long that is the worst part seeing yr loved one suffering. my mum has had dementia for the last 2 years, brought on we think by losing my dad as they were devoted, one day she was ok next she had dementia, now shes in another world, shes gone but her body is still here it is the cruellest illness. remember the good times with yr mum, i cope by taking flowers to my dads grave every time like birthday, fathers day, wedding anniversary makes me feel close to him. it is awful for u as it was a shock losing her so quickly, the pain does ease with time but never goes completely. best wishes to u.

I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. I know first hand of the pain you're going through from the lose of my Mom 4 years ago. It's not an easy thing to get over and you will always miss her, but try not to dwell on it any more than you can help. Try to keep busy doing stuff that occupy your mind. Time is the best healer and in time it will be better, I promise. Take care.

Remember Her. Cherish the memories. She will always be with you... Live your life fully and make her proud.

I hope you'll accept my sincere condolences. I had to bury my mother about 11 years ago, and the first few months were unbearable. I think you just have to take one day at a time. Some days will be worse than others. The best thing is to just let the pain of grief wash over you sometimes. When it hits, don't try to stop it. The tears and anguish are a part of the healing process.
It sounds like you loved your mother very much, and know that wherever her spirit is, she knows it, too.
Take heart. And, don't hesitate to find a friend to pour your heart out to.

i am so sorry for your loss.this is not going to be an easy time for you but you will get through it.i lost my father 9 years ago and i still think about him everyday,but it does get easier.just focus on the good times that you had together and talk about her,i found that that helped me a lot.if you dont talk about her you will keep all your thoughts and feelings inside and it will make you worse.i hope you have loving family and friends around you who can help.i wish you all the best and send you my love.

I only wish there was an easy answer to give you mate, But i just wanted to say that i feel really sorry for you as you were so close to her reading your blog. This is something i know i will have to face one day and i'm dreading it!! All the best...LEX.

I feel for you. My Mom passed away 10 years ago. If you have something that she wore or maybe a pillow that she slept on, keep it with you. Her smell will comfort you. I did that and it helped a lot. I won't lie and tell you that you will be fine in a few weeks from now. It took me years to stop crying over her death or to look at her picture without breaking down. But today I can smile again at her antics and strange quirks, and can remember her without crying. We were very close and I still miss her comfort and opinions on things. I miss talking to her. And I miss being able to share things with here. OK so now I've got tears welling up in my eyes again... It does get easier with time. Lots and lots of time.

I feel for ya bud, i can`t imagine what life would be like without my old Mum, she`s been great to me as i`m sure your`s was. It will take a lot of time, i`m sure, so accept that it`s normal to feel so low. I don`t know if it would help to go visit some of her favourite places but i`m sure it`s more therapeutic than sitting at home. She wouldn`t want you to be sad. Best wishes.

think about the good times you had and talk about her to people that helps.people and friends are sometimes not very helpful but that is because they dont know what to say.talk to your friends about your mum and them that knew her will talk about her to and this really helps.good luck and keep your chin up the pain will get less as time goes on.

Soup Dragon
It is hard, I lost both my Mum and Dad last year within 8 weeks of one another. You must try and occupy yourself and try not to be alone - go visit friends or get them to come to visit you. Go and enrol in a college course or something similar and you must go and tell your doctor, he will be able to arrange councelling for you. It will get easier in time but please look after yourself and make that appointment with your Doctor. Take care and all the best.

tony testa
You'll never be without your Mum. The pain will get less tho. Don't try to let go, keep her close. That way any hurt you feel will be lessened by her presence.

I'm so sorry for your loss. The main thing is you were with her when she passed away and were able tell her how much you loved her. Look at pictures of your mum - and if you feel like crying - cry. Don't hold it back. The following verse was on a card I got from one of my mum's nurses:

The Loss Of Your Mum

There is a pain that's burning
For you have lost your precious Mum
And you will wonder how you'll cope
Through the days and nights to come.

Well, there is just one answer
And it lies within your heart
For that is where SHE is
And you will never be apart

Just think about her smiling
Being happy even sad
The little imperfections
And the faults she may have had

For all these things together
Are what made you love her dearly
And every time you close your eyes
You will see here - oh so clearly!

In time with help from those around
The pain will soon become
A glow of happy memories
Of your very special MUM

And Robbie - time really is a great healer.

I am sorry for your loss you need to grieve for her for aslong as you need to. There is no words i can give to you to make it easier for you i wish they were whenever we loose someone close to us it takes time to get through the hard times they can not be rushed in time it will get easier for you don t try to rush it. Good luck and i am again sorry for your loss
take care

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