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Wacky Jacqui
My eyes have started to get sore when I'm on the computer.?
I've been computing for years, and it's never bothered me before, plus I wear glasses when I'm on it. I have a CRT monitor, could this be the cause?

maybee...go to the opticians instead of asking us unreliable ones on here =)

A CRT monitor will not make any visual difference. When was the last time you had your eyes examined? Vision changes every 2 or 3 years. You are getting old. It happens

It could either be that you're looking at the monitor too long or you need to see if you should change your glasses. They may be too strong, or not strong enough. If you're using the 3.0 and less, Wal-Mart has some good priced ones just for this issue.

thats wierd bc that only happens when you start using the computer. i guess its the lack of sleep?

if i were you i would try not sitting as close to the monitor.
or maybe you are just tired. that could be the cause.

i have read before that computer RIGHT before bed is not very good for your eyes. so if you do this maybe you could test a few days of not doing it to see if its the problem.
if you have glasses then chances are you have a Optometrist... talk to them about these problems, i wouldn't necissarily start off with "i think its because of my computer" i would start by saying that my eyes hurt. and then explain a number of things that you think could be the cause. for all you know it could be that you need different glasses!!


its been proving when goign a computer or watching tv you don't blink becasue you been starring at it to long just try to blink more

there could be many causes, but staring too hard at the screen for too long is probably the most common.

some solutions include:
. turning the brightness on the screen down
. taking short breaks every hour to give your eyes a rest
. investing in an eyewash... they're really refreshing!
. wearing sunglasses at the computer (lol just kidding)
. when your eyes start to feel sore close your eyes real tight for a few seconds for an instant recovery; when you blink it moistens your eye

Ryan P
that might cause it....becoz the CRT montors send out alot of radiation....so try getting a plasma screen....and if ur spending a little too much time on the computer take 15 mins off.....OR the lighting in the room might be the cause

Mermaid 美しい人魚の女の子
When you get on a computer a lot your eyes will get sore.Because the rays,strobes,and bright flashing lights get into your eyes.Don't stay on the computer to long.And don't get on it everyday.When your on the computer and your eyes start to hurt take a break or get off,go to the mailbox,get something to eat,go to the bathroom.Anything that gives you a break from the computer.Good Luck!

Hamster at Dawn
I've recently started having a similar problem. Not sure why, it's on and off.

too much strain on your eyes, if you're on the computer too long, is probably the problem....be sure to look away from the moniter every once in a while for a few minutes.

Take regular breaks to rest your eyes.

its because of ur eyes being bad already staring at computers for a long time will cause soreness in the eyes my advise is when that starts look away from the computer for a while to let ur eyes get better and continue.

Yup, been there done that. You could try and improve things by making sure that your screen has the highest refresh rate possible applied and reducing the contrast and brightness a lil. Hope that helps :)

Emily O
The same thing happens to me all of the time. It's probably just from staring at the computer screen for long periods of time. It's normal don't worry about it. If you start to get very worried, you should try seeing an eye doctor.

check with you're doctor, maybe since you've been on it for years that could cause the eye soreness

luke C
Just take a break from the computer

you may be using the computer too much and its putting strain on ur eyes you need to see the optician or doctor

you may have just strained your eyes, or you may be more tired than usual, give them a rest for a bit if this does not help consult your optician

Maybe your too close to the screen or on it too long. You have to give your eyes a rest and take a break from the computer.

You stay in the computer too long

Ms. Opinionative
It's probably because you use it too much and you keep visiting websites with a bright background.

Ashley A
Your eyes are just older I think...I have the same problem with TV and computers now that I am 19...I went to the doc because I was even getting busted vessels in my eyes...but I have 20/20 vision...it's just straining your eyes...or you could have strained them while having a BM or lifting something or anything...that's what my eye doc. said to me.

what's awesome? PANCAKES
Maybe you're looking too hard at the computer screen, and this is making your eyes hurt. This happens to me when I'm taking the MAP tests at school.

Studies have shown when you're on the computer you do not blink as often as you should, so your eyes are not being lubricated with it's natural tears. Make sure you're conciously blinking and the soreness should lessen if not go away all together.

♥Twilight Luvr♥
My mom always warns me of that. Make sure that you have lots of lights on because its not good for your eyes with a WHITE computer with a dark surrounding. I wouldn't be worried.

2live Crew
change your resolution, or you may have an old computer!
or you are spending too much time on the computer, take a break!

you eyes need to blink, and if you keep staring all day, well it will be dry!

A few suggestions:
Get your latest glasses prescription filled. If you are over 40, you may need an adjustment in them for the computer working distance.
When working, take a 3 minute break each hour where you use your eyes to look at things farther than 10 feet away.
Some people don't blink enough, so they find over the counter tear drops helpful.
Consider using larger font sizes or a bigger resolution on your CRT monitor. Adjust the brightness and contrast to comfortable levels.

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