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John Anonymous
My eyes have been twitching for over a month! What do I do?
It's driving me nuts! I sleep as long as I can every night. I get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. It might be stress from work, but I can't help it-- I own a business and we're just busy! Is there anything I can do to help it go away. It's really annoying.

mine twitch often as well. i bothers the crap outta me.

slap ur check and see it if works..lol jk.
try eye drops

It probably is stress then... my mum used to have one. The only way it stopped was gettibng out of the situation.

If you own the businessm, prehaps hire someone to work with you, take the pressure off yourself.

Also, when was the last time you had a relaxation holiday?

windering lol
it could be u need to relex are you under high stress or even a bad diet ?

i used to have this because i was stressing so much. You may be able to relieve eye twitch by gently massaging the affected eyelid. To do this, move your index finger back and forth from the inner to the outer part of the lid for approximately one minute. Use the same amount of pressure that you use on a computer keyboard. Massage may be more effective if you first use a warm, wet compress on the eyelid for 10 minutes.

Go to a doctor. Maybe you have a syndrome.

do you were glasses? it might just be muscle strain. i am SUPPOSED to wear glasses when i read or am on the computer, but i usually dont (my sight isnt that bad). but i notice that if i dont wear after a while my eyes will twitch, usually the lower lid on the inner corner. its muscle strain according to my eye dr. wearing my glasses more oftin helps a lot.

Can also be a potassium deficiency. Eat a couple bananas a day for a few days and take a multivitamin.

Yea I'd DO HER
Stare at a screen, that way you wont blink.

Ashley P
It is more than likely stress!! When I have been stressed out. One of my eye's will twitch, sometimes my muscles in my arms will do it too. Then it stops.

Try deep breathing, yoga. If you are concerned then make an appointment with your doctor.

Iam Canadian
try wearing Arabian goggles for a few hours every night

This used to happen to me when I didn't sleep enough. You should try resting your eyes for longer periods of time.

Briana H
om gma mom had the same problem her eye keept on twicting and it bothered her but their is nothin to cure it it has to cure by its self ma mom tryed everything but nothin work it will cure in a couple of weeks

Louie Liverlips
Poke 'em with a sharp pencil

Best that you go to the eye doctor and let him tell you what to do.

That one
I have that problem occassionally, I asked my Doctor. He told me that it can come from stress, or too much coffee. It is annoying, try not to worry so much. Learn to relax, more.

you probably under stress or tension...get a facial massage...does wonders to release tension

unfortunatly not.....I had the same problem they told me it was either, stress, no sleep or too much caffeine...so you can either sleep more, relax or dont drink caffeine...also it might be that you have air you can put some vicks around your eyes before bed that may help if its air.....try it and good luck its the most annoying thing ever!! GGRRRR!!

get some sleep 10-11 hrs

Botox baby!

if you see a doctor see an eye doctor, your describing eye strain/fatigue and most likely need glasses. if you already own a pair the prescription needs changed.

I would definitely go to an ophthalmologist. My son's eyes started to twitch and it turned out to be a condition called nystagmus. its not serious but i would still get it checked out

Stop stressing, and it will go away. same happened to me.

An eye twitch is a very good indication that you need to decompress from stress. Here are a few good ideas for stress relief:

Get a massage, it will not only relieve physical but mental stress as well.

Meditate; it doesn't have to be sitting and omming, you can just sit somewhere and listen to music, and try to think about nothing.

Go for a long walk somewhere quiet.

Kickbox!!; get out that stress aggressively! They have classes everywhere now. Punch something!!

Go out for a nice dinner with people ya like, have a glass of something.....eat good food, and HAVE DESSERT!!

Chocolate....need I say more.....

S-E-X!!! The ultimate stress reliever!!

I wish you well, and less twitching!

it might be Toutte Syndrome??

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