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My eye twitches now and again for hours on end. Is this normal or is it something wrong with me?

You need to see a doctor. Funny you ask that, I was on the bus today at work and I saw something who kept twitching every couple minutes. I don't think he realizes that it is noticable.

sounds like you're tired. get some sleep

Ahh blephera spasms. There is actually a few causes for this. Common ones are allergies, lack of sleep, stress, and nerve gas (WMD). Usually normal and nothing to worry about, unless its nerve gas hahahaha.

It depends on many factor, mostly the twitching happens becasue of the over activity of acetylcholine(Ach), it is a neuro transmitter.

If this continues you may want to visit the physician, if it happens seldom, it would be considered as normal

Sometimes people use nose drops and/or mouthwashes, etc, that go further up their naso-pharynx touching the lining of the ceiling of this chamber, thereby irritating it. Spasms of this thin soft tissues are picked up by some of the criss-crossing Brain nerves just above this particular tissue. The eye twitching is a natural 'warning' by your body mechanism to stop interfering too high up your naso-pharynx area.

Maid Angela
Well there is somthing wrong with you or you would not be wasting your time on yahoo answers like I am as for you eye I dont know

It could be that you are just tired but maybe you should see your G.P just to be sure.

Mine does that sometimes too! I find that if you cover your eye with your hand for a little while and block out the light (but keep your eye open) that it calms down.
It can drive you mad!

mine does that too, ive never really woried about it, it always goes away on its own

Mine does it at times - I think its tiredness ! Especially if u spend a lot of time on your computer ! I usually just massage my lids very lightly when it happens and it just relaxes them .

This happens to me when I am really stressed out.

joe 69
I presume it is not your eye that is twitching but the fold of skin immediately below your eye. This is called blepharospasm and is very common.
It often occurs with tiredness or stress and some people are quite prone to it. Botox injections can help but you need to speak to your doctor if it is bothering you a lot.

It is totally normal and has nothing to do with stress or being tired. It is simply a contraction of the eye muscles. There is no need to see a doctor.

It happens to me sometimes. It is just an inconvenience.

there something wrong with you!! your a robot like that little boy from the film AI

That happens to em after I come back from a holiday. It usually goes away in a few days but until then try and look at it in a mirror. It can be quit amusing. If is usually triggered by tiredness

I get that too sometimes - but I heard recently it is linked to stress. you chould try to chill more!!

I have heard they are sometimes caused by stress, or anxiety.

I've been told it's due to a potassium deficiency. I've also heard it's a superstition among some cultures, left twitching meaning bad luck, and upper right eye twitching meaning good luck.

Hmm. I've no answer for you but I can sympathise as I get this - always in my left eye for some reason, very rare in my right eye.

A quick check on Google produces this website:

Mrs G
Your spending too much time staring at your Screen...go for a snooze..

Its normal, I find that rubbing the area gently stops the twitching when it happens to me. My eye is not the only twitchy muscle I have either;

Al Inshearah
I was once told that it was a deit diffenency and was advised to eat a banana. worked for me

julie t
normal its just a nerve ending thats be irritated

This is quite normal and usually can last up to several weeks and go away without you even noticing. It is a muscle spasm in your eye lid which causes this and can be irratating but harmless. Sometimes around the holidays or any other stressful event can bring on the symptoms. Don't worry it is our normal part of the body functioning.

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