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I sleep too much, and when i sleep i can't feel a thing, i wake up and i have 90-100 missed calls ! is this normal ? how can i change that ?...

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I have an ear infection and cannot hear a word my wife is saying. Should I go to the doctors?

Let the people decide.
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As she watched me post this question, I...

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i have chosen this date with the help of the paul mcKenner CD i have been listening to the first part of it for the past 2wks and i feel more positive now about stopping, on the 1st feb i will be a ...

 Bizzare things happening to my belly it's jumping, no seriously!HELP!?
(please read)
ok so my stomach has been feeling weird latley. well my lower and side abdomen area. you know how your nerves twitch sometimes like on your leg, are, finger or eye. It kinda ...

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no pills or drugs.or and thing that will make me ...

 My eye twitches now and again for hours on end. Is this normal or is it something wrong with me?

 what do you like better? baths or showers?

 Embarrasing, but i'll ask anyways?
Ok, i've been getting constipated lately and i was wondering other than taking metamucil, what food can i eat that would help?...

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Like Ill be jumping rope or lifting weight for about only 2-3 minutes, then ill get so tired, my legs or arms get sore, i get too huff puff, and i aint seeing results, im 260 pounds, 5'9 and 14 ...

 ACK!! Why can't I sleep?
It's 5am EDT, and I CANNOT fall asleep. I lie down for half an hour or so, and when I am still fully awake after that I get up and read, or take a bath, burn some chamomile incense, etc. T...

 i've had shooting pains in my head and nausea now got pressure behind my eyes know wot it is?
had it for about 10 days on and off....

 can u catch anything by shaking the hand of a junkie (drugs addict) ?

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 How long does it take you to fall asleep at night?
I have ADHD and autism but I don't really have sleep problems so it takes me about an hour to fall asleep, is that normal

how long does it take you?...

 Is cracking your fingers good for you?
I've heard mixed stories. Help?
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People have told me a doctor said it cures artheritis! Odd, but almost everyone in my class is doing it....

 How do you get to sleep faster?
I get into bed fairly early, but I go to sleep really late, I just stay awake for 1, 2, 3 hours.

I don't want to take any medicine, I want natural things. My mum gave me a lavender ...

 How can i get rid of rats,I've tried trap, rat poison but they keep coming back?
I live in hostel room, in central india, they often disturb my sleep, during night they just play in my bed!...

My Dad quit smoking!!!?
In a couple weeks my Dad will not have smoked a cigarette in one year!! This is a big accomplishment for him because he smoked for 30+ years. I want to get him a gift that says I'm proud of him. What should I get him?

carton of cigarettes

edit: maybe a nice cigar would be more appropriate

Get him a cigarette cas- oh, wait

bff is retired

A pack of cigarettes :P

To ∞ N-Beyond
a 6 pack

if you want to ruin it .. cigarettes.. if not then chocolate cake for the win :D

it could be a good idea to do something with one of his old ash trays, like your own little arts and crafts project :D

s☁o x❥ 0B❀ Vi ☆0US☜
they sell this huge packets of cigarettes but they are huge boxes and inside them theres' fake cigarates.
butn on the box their it states the same thing dont smoke becuase u will get killed but with large letters
that will make him realize how bad he was cuz he smoked :)

Texas Wildman
get him a giant fruit basket.

write him aletter or make a plaque, that says how proud you are of him and how happy you are he will be around longer to enjoy life

umm, im not sure. something that hes always wanted.

Yes that is a big accomplishment it must of been hard to quit after 30 years. :)
What is he into? Music, cars?
Get a CD to his favorite music or whatever!
I'm sure the best present he could have is a big hug from you

Tiffany R
It depends on what he's in to...that's wonderful! Congrats to him!!!

It's a New Day
I would get him like a #1 dad thing. I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but you should give it to him and tell him that he's a great role model.

Ramona-please step back!
figure out how much money he's saved......then tell him to take that money and spend it on himself

good for your DAD...that is awesome!!!

that's so great =D wish my dad would do that =[ for me... he started when he was 15... and has smoked ever since! he's in his 50's now... do something you don't do with him often? and give him a nice gift =D though... i don't know what gift to give him =S sorry. Congratulations to your Dad!

a card

Congrats for your dad!!! I'm sure you have a picture of just the two of you right? So go down to a Hallmark store or to the mall, Get that photo put in a frame and they have these cute teddy bears and it holds the frame in it's paws and you get to choose whatever you want written on the teddy bears shirt. Don't listen to what all these fools are saying about buying him cigarettes or whatever. That's just mean and not nice. Also, why don't you two just go out to eat go out bowling spend some great quality time together that's priceless!!!

Make him something.
it's always more special if it comes from the heart.

§≈♥Princess of Eternal Darkness♥≈§
Congratulations! That is a big way of saying that he can do anything if he can put his mind to it. You should get him a present not only saying that you're proud of him, but that you love him to. Any man who quits smoking must care about his family. You could get him a little no smoking sign or along the edges of that, but if you had something else in mind that's okay to.

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