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 what is the cure for bad breath and body odor?
funny right? but i wanna help my sister, what could i advice for her... she wanted to have a closer relationship with her bf but she has a very disturbing bad breath and body odor......

 why can't there be a cure for the common cold?
surely if the word "common" is in the title, then there must be something there that would help preventing the cold in the first place?...

 I cant get the 8 hours of sleep?
For some reason, I cannot stay asleep any longer than 7-7.5 hours. The last time I tried to sleep for 8 hours, I woke up before. This was just a few weeks ago. I don't know, I just feel ...

 Should I go to the hospital?
Do I need to go to the hospital?
On Tuesday morning I had a tetanus shot and yesterday I began taking Chantix. I have been feeling incredibly lethargic, decreased appetite, had horrible pains as ...

 Weed/Drug Test Tomorrow Help?
I was at my friend’s friend’s house and they were doing hookah. They put weed in the hookah but I didn’t know. It was my first time doing hookah so I did like 5-6 puffs and very small too, like ...

 should i go to the doctor for my knee?
my left knee sims wered when i walk its sore and theres a big bruise on its getting to the point where i'm limping the knee pops and gives away what can i expect at the medi ctr its getting ...

 Cant Fall Asleep!!!!! Please help.?
I cant fall asleep to save my life even if i only have had teo hours of sleep the night before. I never get sleep and its effecting my whole life please help me....

 need help getting to sleep!? and how many hours should i get?
i cant get to sleep. i try and try but i cant go to sleep until after 11:00 PM and sometimes 11:30. i just cannot go to sleep! help! im 13.5 years old. also, how many hours of sleep should i be ...

 I've been really sleepy lately??
I've been sleepy lately like I usually go to sleep at 4 am and I've been going to sleep at like 2 am or earlier now, just the day I woke up at 10 am ate, and watched TV until 2 pm and went ...

 please somebody help! i'm so dizzy.?
i woke up this morning and every time I move my head its as if I just spun around 5 times. I ate breakfast, i've been drinking water. can anybody explain this? i haven't eaten anything ...

 i know a girl who?
bites chunks out of her fingers, especially thumbs, and they are always really bleedy.
she doesn't bite her nails.
it doesn't seem to hurt her, but she is generally quite stressed,...

 How many times do we have to change our underwear?

 I can't sleep. Anyone got any good natural methods to get to sleep?

 can i use a tack to pierce my ear?

 I swallowed poison, emetic help!?
My room mate cleaned some of our glasses with CLR and I thought they were clean cups and I drank out of one, and I'm sure I swallowed some. We live in a country area and the hospital is hours ...

 I Can't sleep!!!!!!!!!!! Please help!
Last night I had a horrible night!!! I only slept for like 4 hours and i couldn't fall back asleep!! Now, I am afraid I won't get any sleep again. what can i do to make me fall asleep ...

 Any lip balm recommendations for MEN??? Vaseline won't cut it because it makes lips too shiny and girly lol.
UGhh. Men get chapped lips too!!!

I need to buy something that cures/prevents chapped lips, doesn't smell or look to girly. Thanks!!!...

 Please I'm desperate! I lost my voice and i really want it back!?
well me voice was going away since yesterday. I went to the doctor and he said he had no medicne for it. i need some remedy that works. i have to do a presintation tomorrow and if i don't talk ...

 My eyes have been twitching for over a month! What do I do?
It's driving me nuts! I sleep as long as I can every night. I get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. It might be stress from work, but I can't help it-- I own a business and we'...

 Why am i feeling so sensitive lately?
I'm 14 - i've never really been swayed easily by people's story. But now, like 2 weeks ago, every time on tv i see a sad tv advert or hear one line that is sad, it's like a feel a ...

It's past eleven thirty at night.. Who else is tired and going to bed now?

I am in bed right now and am thinking, I'll just answer one more question and that is it!

I will be in a bit. Was waiting for someone to come on msn. Doesnt look like hes gonna show tonight =[

Nope, not yet. It is not even 6p.m. yet in LA

I will be Once I finish filling in my OU application! Been watching the 5th element! (Still, another 2 weeks off work yet, on Holiday, so lucky I work in education! Not..lol

me!!!!(but ill probably still be sitting here in an hour answering questions)

me i,m knackered

Jesus Saves
It's 23.42 as I type this and I've gotta be up for a 12hr shift in the morning to help save the world again. I'm off to bed now!

I love hospitals, don't you?


sian p
me, just one more answer................
what am I talking about I am in bed, I just have to shutdown the laptop

Can i go to bed then!!!!

almost midnight now so I shan't be up for much longer

LOL nope


My sister and brother. >.<
Sometimes mom.

Dr Frank
Its 1.50 a.m. and I am beginning to wonder if it is time I stopped answering questions?

yawnnnnn wil be pretty soon ... good night to you

Wise One
It's almost 9am here in Queensland just got up, but sleep well.

I should be going to bed, but I'm watching a god awful film called the hitcher or something and I want to see how it ends...

Im very tired and i will be going to bed in a few mins

Night xx

It's 20 past one and I'm still up.

Me in about 5 mins.

It is 6:43 and no where close to my bedtime.

this is the best question you could come up with?

Not me :D

voodoo chilled
i dont want to i want to be with louise and she is not well so cant go out anywhere. sniff.

Happy Murcia
Not for at least an hour yet

Suki Boo
I guess I should go on up to bedfordshire but this is far too much fun - will regret late night in morning when kids come in though! lol

sleep tight Dr!

ron h
where u at? its 545pm here

little star
Dear Doc, i have a problem, i hate going to bed, but then i hate having to get up.

Yahoo answers is just too addictive!

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