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Cakes the Heathen
Is this normal?
Whenever I stand up abruptly, or walk suddenly from a darkened room into a lightened room, I get dizzy, I lose my vision for around ten seconds, and I feel like passing out.
Does this ever happen to you?
If not, what could it indicate?

This happens to me every now and then and has been for a couple years.

it is a disesase .. it can cost u to lose ur eye vision ... contact ur eye doctor immediately

pie guy
it hapsens all the time to me i think it is normal

This happens to me too. If I bend over to pick something up, I can pass out.

Yes cause all the blood rushes to ur head and you get up too fast. try getting up slower.

It really depends on how frequently it's happening...

Pay attention to when it happens, try to write down as much as you can about what you're going through and possible causes such as low blood sugar, tiredness etc.. then go to your doctor with it... otherwise, he's probably going to assume it's just a head rush or fluke things.

Nicole S
you should go to the doctor and find out.

It's fine, just don't accidentally faint.

julie b
low blood pressure!

Traci D
You could be anemic, but I am not a doctor. Have you talked to your doctor about this?

Ryan M
Happens to me when i stand up after a while or get out of the shower, i think it has to do with blood pressure and blood in the brain. I don't think its serious either. ust make sure you don't try t keep moving to fast....I fell into a wall once haha.

yes, it happens to me too

This happened to me a lot, that was one of the first sign I had health issues.
Tell your parent and talk to them about seeing a doctor.
Blood tests can indicate you have high/low something in your blood which can easily be the cause of this.
Also, have you had a regular checkup or physical lately?
Those can usually detect health problems if you are honest with your doctor.

It mean low blood pressure, I get it all the time. It is better than having high blood rpessure but if it starts to make you faint you will need medication, You can also go get your blood pressure checked at any chemist. If it is below 90/60 you should see the doctor.

yes this always happens to me only becuz im different from everyone else i know.................

Jonas Brothers 4 Ever!
Yeah this happens to me a lot!Don't worry nothings wrong with you (and me) it is just from the blood rushing to our heads.Don't worry it happens to me every time!Hope I helped you!


Congrats! You suffer from low blood pressure. I've dealt with it for years. Not much you can do about it.


yeah this happens only i black out and shake. it only happens once in a while though
it could mean that you have low blood sugar so try to keep it up
or if you are young and still growing, thats what my parents always told me

head rush - pretty common... if the dizziness becomes more common you may want to consult a physician, it could be a sign that you are lacking certain nutrients...

I would bring it up at your next dr. appointment... or call ask a nurse if you don't have one coming up... I would give you the number, but it would be to my local one. sorry

no. i think u should go to a doctor

You should see a doctor. Good Luck!

no i suggest you see a doctor

Sounds like you're suffering from vertigo...just a fancy name for dizziness...you could have low blood pressure...when was the last time you had it checked? And no the little chairs at the pharmacy don't count...get a checkup and talk to your doctor about it...it could also be a sign of low blood sugar...the only choice you have is to get it checked out...it could be a synptom of too many things to try to figure out online

S .
It happens to me too, sometimes. My sister said it was because I have low (was that high?) blood pressure.

snoopy in action
It never happens to me, I guess it's because of your low blood pressure. You need to see the doctor and take more supplements to increase your blood pressure.

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