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 my 3 year old son has like 8-10 little blisters on his tongue he's slobing alot and its hurting him what?
could it be they are like the little blister we sometimes get on our tongue but he has like 8 of them
Additional Details
they are ...

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 Really bad sore throat....?
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 i cant sleep can u help?
cant sleep :( tried unisum sleep aid melitonin hypno breathing vicodin aromitherapy and still cant fall asleep sometimes ill go up to a week with no sleep at all other times it just takes me 4 or 5 ...

 Even if I sleep approximately 7-8 hours a night, I'm still tired in the morning? What is wrong with me?
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 i can never fall asleep at night, idk what to do!?

 i can't wake up in the mornings, my alarm doesnt even wake me, any suggestions?

 I got kicked out and need help.. :(?
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 How Can i stop my nail biting habbit?
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 if you hold in a fart,will it come out as a snelly burp?

 how can i quit smoking weed?
for my girlfriend.... i need ta quit n its jus hard after smoking everyday since i ...

 What's wrong with me???
I am so tired today (and usually everyday). But I got almost 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night; I exercise 5-6 days/week, I drink lots of caffienated beverages EVERY day, I take my vitamins.....

 If you quit smoking will your lungs ever return to how they where before you smoked?
Im 21 years old and have been smoking since i was 14. I have just recently quit and am wondering if my lungs will ever get back to the same health as someone who has never smoked or will they just ...

 my daughter thats 12yrs old is pulling her hair out, this is leaving her with very thin hair.help!?
My daughter is 12 yrs old with ADD , She had been taking Adderall for about 2 month when she started pulling her hair out. Her dr took her off of the Adderall but she is still pulling her hair out ...

 I'm 26 and have never burped, this is not a joke, can anyone teach me?
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 How can i Quit my Smoking habit?Tried many times but could stop onlyfor 3 mnths max. Cant we stop it4ever?
I smoke 32 cigars a day. Now i really feel to quit it but i am helpless. Whenever i see someone smoking i feel to. also after food its a habit for me. Is there anyone out who successfully get rid of ...

 i'm a 21 yr old female - should i be allowed to wear dungarees?

 What is it called when you eat a lot and don't get fat?
this is a health question,all i no is that it starts wit a m or sutin,...

 Do I go to the bathroom too much? ?
I have to pee a lot during the day. How much is too much? Could there be something wrong with me?
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I normally pee like 8 times a day. I've always been like that....

 It's past eleven thirty at night.. Who else is tired and going to bed now?

Is there something safer to smoke than tobacco.?
I have been smoking shisha, a type of tobacco, for a few years now on rare occasion. I do not smoke anything else, but enjoy the sensation and the social opportunities that smoking out of a hookah can bring. However, I still know that tobacco causes lung and heart disease, among other disadvantages. So is there something that I could smoke that would in some ways be safer and healthier?
Additional Details
For those about to answer, yes I already know that smoking isn't great for me, so you don't need to tell me to stop smoking. Also, Marijuana has been shown to be MUCH lmore unhealthy than tobacco.

Also, while "no" is technically a valid response, it does not really solve the issue and is therefore not a complete answer.

no sorry. Shisha is about the safest.

Mary M
ew stop smoking its a horrible habit. No one will want to kiss with smokers breath. its really a terrible habit. Secondly your breaking the law ! tabacco !! what is the country doing to us all ?!?!?!?

Definitely weed. Plus it makes you feel way better than smoking cigarettes.
To me cigarettes are pointless, you get a buzz for what? like 3 seconds.. and that's only if you rarely smoke. Weed, you can be high for hours, plus it's healthier.

For all of you that are saying weed is "worse, much worse"
read this;

Not smoking at all is your best bet. Smoking pot is just as dumb

*Edit: To the people posting that pot is healthy and good for you, are you retarded? You guys must have smoked too much pot.

redbull rox my sox
To be honest, shisha is worser then tobacco!. So I say there is nothing worser. The least thing that is least baddest is ciggarettes.

Randy j
If u want to smoke u should smoke weed. even though its illegal u can prob find it pretty easy. and if u dont think its healthier look up the movie super bake me. its like the movie super size me but the guy smokes weed instead of eating mcdonalds

NOTHING is safe to smoke, and you will never find a doctor that endorses smoking, and before everyone starts chiming in, YES marijuana is just as bad for you as cigarettes, read a book...

POT! lol although I have never done that before. lol im just kidding about the marijuana thing although some of my friends do do it and say its not as bad as tobacco. Other alternative, those smokeless cigarettes found in most stores. They look real light and everything come in a real looking pack but when you inhale all you inhale is air.

Ummm, not smoking at all?

Jamo B
u could smoke *&%$ , sorry i mean ******, omg!****** hold on ,u could smoke *****.oh nevermind me

weed...there are actually alot of health benefits to it

you want to go in someones house and light a fire at let the smoke out in the air for others to breath,,,,,,

Certified organic naturally dried and preserved tobacco is about as safe as it gets... but it's not always cheap or easy to find. If you're smoking it through a hookah all the better the water traps a larger portion of the tar than an average cigarette filter... Tar is the only real disadvantage to smoking... Whether you smoke weed or clove or catnip or tobacco you're going to inhale some tar, by picking an organic naturally preserved tobacco you lessen the the amount of chemical damage that you cause to your lungs but you'll never be able to play it completely safe.

The modern world would have you believe that any intoxicant must be bad for you. But the realities of 5,000 years of societal wisdom says everything enjoyed in moderation can be a pleasurable, meaningful, worthwhile experience. Best of luck.

BTW As late as the 1950s doctors prescribed a lot of things we now consider to be horrible drugs worthy of recrimination. Ever heard of heroin cough syrup? Tobacco use to lose weight?

There's not one thing on eath that a human being can't abuse. We'd rather criminalize and vilify the substance than treat the addictive behaviour. Problem is there is epidemic abuse of prescription drugs in this country that no one seems to do anything meaningful about. The synthetic codeine and opiates now available by prescription make anything you can grow hydroponically look safe.

dont smoke period. no there is nothing healthy. chew like gum and stuff it helps.

I think smoking weed is safer,.

pot is much safer than tobacco

Gabriel l
if you know what i mean

<[email protected]@h<3
YA! NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

John R
Nothing you take into your lungs is safe, even the air you breath is filled with things that can cause Cancer, in any home or business place you will find things in the air that is worse than tobacco look at that they treat carpet with, the same thing they inborn you with.
Take a look at what they add to food to make it last longer, then check out what these things can do to you.
To stay healthy in this world I suggest you don't breath drink or eat and you will not get sick from things in the tobacco food or water.

first off, marijuana (weed, grass, etc.) is not better than tobacco. It's worse. a lot worse.
chewing tobacco isn't better either.
There's pretty much nothing you can smoke legally that's healthier

Go straight edge bro.

health food shops sell non nicotine cigs

well . . . this is usually used for people that are trying to give up smoking, but there is this thing you can buy (im not sure where from :S) which just gives you a short burst of the effects smoking gives you. and by doing this you are not taking in much tobacco, therefor wont be as addicted. and you will have less chance of catching things like lung cancer! hope that helped

hello, television.

WEED!!!!!! Much safer then anything else, and it keeps you calm and relaxed

smoke sommee hairr

not smoking is better.

dont smoke at all

Christian Angelo Pineda-Calienta
In the Philippines, they have herbal cigarettes, I don't know where you are but try looking for one.

Smoke a ham.


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