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Is that true lack of sleep will cause to death? Why?
I'm 19. Sometimes I just sleep for 3 hours per day. So, I want to know whether it is a bad for my health and can lead to die.

Gabriel A
yes it is tru if you do not sleep enough you will die.

i will tel you how but rate me for bst answer haha

okay so yea when the body does not get enough sleep the body beginns to halluccinate, your eyes will become reddd
and you will slowly go crazy.

its sleep deprevation

usualy caused by depression or sumtimes if you feel your missing sumthing it haappns lol

you need to try to get more sleep

heres sum stuff tht can help

taking a warm bath / reading a book

dont watch tv in bed bc it will just keep you up

try having the fan on if you cant sleep.

Jesus christ ... NO!

Sleeping patterns are all different for everyone...Some of us require more sleep than others. where the hell did you even get that information? It's unbelievable just how stupid people are on this forum.

Back then a philosopher stated that 8 was the magic number. 8 for work. 8 for play. 8 for sleep. Obviously he's wrong otherwise everybody on this god-forsaken place is doomed to die soon. Which means most of these people should just shush about things they dont know about.

well yes if you dont sleep at ALL in a week or so.

yes its bad for yiur health

yes you could die,
cuz your body has no time to renew itself(make proteins from food and stuff),

If you don't sleep your brain will shut down,

but as long as you sleep like 10 hours a day 1 day of the week you'll be fine,

No sleep for a certain period of time will cause death. In your case, even though it wouldn't be as extreme, it's still something you should be concerned about. That amount of sleep will lead to lack of thinking abilities, and you'll be more prone to Alzheimer's.

yup. i don't know why but i think so. that was a yahoo article, wasn't it?

It is true that it can lead to death and sleeping only 3 hours a day is definately not doing your health any good. For you to die, it would take several years however.

yea like your brain shuts completely off after like a week with no sleep.

Silver Shadow
Nope, you're fine.
Lack of sleep for you could cause inflamination or more risk of illnesses when you are older.

John S
No its not going to cause you to die. However it is very VERY unhealthy for your body. You lose brain cells and fatigue takes over. I myself am an insomiac which is a clinical term for a sleeping disorder which means that I sleep extremly late or not at all. So to make sleepeasier for me I take a pill called meletonin. Thats the reason I can't sleep theres not enough meletonin going to my brain so this tablet increases the meletonin count in my brain which results in me sleeping easier and faster. You should be getting a minimum of 8 hours sleep.

Oh "God", I hope not because I have trouble getting good sleep.

I do know that not getting enough sleep will effect one's health.

The Joker
No!! its not possible. Lack of sleep just makes you moody.... It can't cause death... If you walk in front of a truck, i'm sure that could or will kill you but sleep is just something you need.Lack of sleep won't kill you. If you was to go days without sleeping eventually you'll just fall asleep...

I know that if you don't sleep for about eleven days or so AT ALL then you will die from sleep deprivation but have yet to find out why. Not if you just don't get enough sleep...think it does mess with your health some but the most I've heard is it weakens the immune system. So you are more likely to get sick but not die from not getting enough sleep.

Lack of sleep is not healthy for you. However there have not been any studies on humans that suggest that lack of sleep can kill you.

It can cause psychological and physical illnesses. Accidents caused by lack of sleep such as driving drowsy on the road can potentially cause death.

I remember from a psychology class way back when that there was some family that had a disorder where people lost their ability to sleep and died, but the causal relationship wasn't really clear.

Sleep is important for your health though. Even if you don't feel sleepy, chronic lack of sleep can interfere with memory and cognitive function. Your immune system may not work as well, allowing you to get sick more often. I don't think 3 hours of sleep a night will kill you - I squeaked by on 4 or 5 a lot of the time as a teenager and didn't die - but if you can get more sleep, it would be good.

It won't cause death, it will weaken your immune system, and make you more susceptible to illness.

First try exercise in the morning or early evening not too close to your normal bed time, try some chamomile tea, avoid sleeping aids.

a light snack, nothing spicy or heavy, maybe a piece of fruit, or a slice of bread with peanut butter and a glass of milk also helps, if you like it, try some warm milk with honey or like I mentioned above some chamomile tea.

After about a week, if you still have problems sleeping contact your doctor.

chinky chick
it might be but maybe you should check with a doctor.

Lack of sleep can cause many health problems. I don't believe that it would directly kill you, but it will lead to other problems.

Did you know that not sleeping enough can cause your body to not be able to read when it's full, and that can lead to over-eating and over-eating can lead to obesity and obesity as we all know can lead to death.

Dr who
you are more prone to accidents.

Sleep deprivation is very unhealthy. In the simplest of terms, sleep enables your body cells to rejuvenate. Your immune system needs rejuvenation in order to protect your body and mind.

A recent study has linked increased risk of cancer with lack of sleep.

You will not die from lack of sleep. But it is really bad for your health not getting enough sleep. Try and get at least 7 or 6 hours of sleep :)

no. there are VERY rare cases when someone would die from it and its hereditary from genes passed on. once you start seeing things that aren't there daily then you should see a doctor. if you do have that gene it takes months or years before death with less sleep than 3 hours a night. first you lose concentration that see and hear things then you become unresponsive when people try to communicate with you.

technically, not sleeping will not kill you, though you might get sleep disorders such as insomnia, narcolepsy, and obstructive sleep apnea.
However, not sleeping for more than 5 hours a day in patients in a controlled study have shown that those patients are 5 times more likely to have high blood pressure than people who sleep well. High blood pressure can cause strokes, heart attacks and heart failure.

it wont kill you directly, but it would weaken your body, making it difficult to fight disease

Don S
Yes. Youth will only hide it for so long.

Yes it is bad. Your body will simply get tired of living.

No, 3 hours per day will not kill you. Do you feel tired? They say the smarter you are, the less sleep you need. Jay Leno sleeps 3 hours a night, and he's always happy, healthy, and alert. He eats crap too. I think he lives on pizza.
My Mom had insomnia from ages 9-60. She slept 1 or 2 hours a night. Total nightmare. Finally she found a doctor who put her on a strict sleep schedule and Elavil, and now she's a young, healthy 79 years old, and sleeps 7 hours a night. Closest thing to a miracle I've ever seen! True story. :)

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