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 i have bed bugs and dont want to sleep in my bed. is sleeping on the floor a bad idea?
i dont really mind about aching backs etc. I would just like to know if the bugs would be able to reach my from the floor.
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thanks for the answers but should i sleep on ...

 what does it feel like to be high?
im just wondering.

also, after you have been sudated*, does it leave you feeling high??...

 is wearing shoes filled?
with jelly good for your ...

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How do I stop my Eye from twitching?
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 Is it normal to have some nights where it takes hours to fall asleep?
I'm 15. On school nights, I'm usually able to sleep at 9:30 and wake up at 5 a.m. easily.
However, Once every few months or so, I have nights where I'm lying in bed, trying to ...

 i bumped my forehead how to get rid of knot on my forehead?
i was in rotc wrestling this kid and when i brought him to the floor i bumped my head on the table in the process. now i have a knot on my forehead, how do you get rid of them ...

 where can i buy a grinder for pot/weed/marijuana?
preferably not online but any suggestions even if it is not meant for weed, possibly a ...

 Which would you choose? Gross obesity or death?
A genie appears before you and says that he can guarentee you a long life (say 110 years of age), but the price of this long life is that you will be grossy overweight. If you tell the genie "...

 Tip of my tongue is numb?
It's really strange. Lately the tip of my tongue has been kind of a fuzzy numb.. it's worrying me. I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary. Is there a specific thing that's ...

 How do I get some sleep?
It is summer now.. Which is good news and bad news for me. Whenever summer comes, I stay up really late or all night even if I am exhausted or bored. I just can't go to sleep. Right bow it is 3:3...

 how to make my mom quit smoking? :(?
Hi, my mom has been smoking sence 16 years old.. she quit when she was preggers with me then for a few year after i was born then she smoked agen!!
ive told her that smoking takes 7 mins off ...

 Why do i keep feeling dizzy, tired and cold?
for the last couple of months i have been feeling really quite tired even though i get a decent amount of sleep each night.
i also keep having dizzy spells, about once of twice a day, which last ...

 How to get rid of knee pain?
Hi I'm 15 years old and play hockey and I'm a goalie. I have knee pain that feels like it's under the knee mostly when I crouch or run, but MAINLY when I put weight on both knees. So I ...

Is my cutting an actual problem?
I cut myself maybe once a month or so, only when i'm very upset. It calms me drastically.

The cuts are never really deep, but enough to draw blood.

I'm not doing it for attention, but is this a problem? or no big deal?

Stanley M
You need to stop listening to Marilyn Manson, stop hanging out at Vampriefreaks.com and start to dress appropriately. Get a life, get a real job. You are doing this for attention because you want the world to see your problems and say "Aw, poor baby." Stop whining.

id say it was a big deal and that u should see some one about it =]

it is a problem, but its really good u don't do it often or very deep. i do it allot, and u r right it does calm u down allot. but i would find a different way to help yourself calm down. u will regret the scars and all that. and u might end up becoming more dependant on it.

tracey s
That is very unsafe and I wish you would find another way to vent. You never know when you might hurt your self more than what you intended to. god bless and please stop cutting yourself.

Yes it is because you will begin to associate feeling better, or just relief with cutting and from there it will get worse because you'll begin to do it regularly and it will start to scare you because you won't know how to stop. You need a healthier way to deal with your problems so that you have a better way to solve them and a more effective association with relief and happiness.

whoa!!!! if you want attention try hanging out with some friends. or maybe find whatever makes you upset enough to cut yourself, and eliminate it from your lifestyle. if you can't totally take your stress inducer out of your lifestyle, try finding a hobby that you enjoy and helps calm you down. i used to know a girl who cut herself, until one day she took it too far and almost killed herself! you should not really resort to cutting yourself

Mama Luigi
One once I'll be serious.
Thank you, and good luck.

Sydney S
Personally I think it is a problem.....cuting is not good, it means you feel like inflicting pain is better than the pain of life.....I think you need to find a different way to vent your stress.

Ladie NY
self mutilation is a problem! inflicting pain shouldnt be used to help you feel better! i suggest you talk to a loved one about this & help you find some help. feel better & good luck!

Edie D
im not saying this to be rude or anything but out of curiosity how does cutting yourself make u feel better? if this is true then i think u do have a problem:( u need to find a way to deal with your problems rather than damage your body for every cut u make u damage ur skin and it leaves embarrassing scars. after u get older ppl r going to ask u how u got them then u r gonna be embarrassed and wish u didn't. i recommend u speak to a friend or someone that u trust to let everything out.

Sweetheart, it is a problem. You need help. Talk with someone about it.
I presume you are in your teens? Talk with your mom or dad if that is the case. If you are not comfortable with that, go to the school nurse, a trusted teacher or someone.

Yes, it's not normal. Plus you run the risk of infection.

arron p
Yes, all cutting be it "big" or "small" IS a problem. You need to look at why you cut and to do this you should call your doctor. If you only cut "lightly" at the moment believe me, this will increase in severity and frequency. You need to get in Control of this before it spirals out of hand. Im not sure where you are from so below I left a link to a Psychology and Counseling website, on there you can talk to professionals and people who are going through the same thing. You can also find confidential Help Lines. You need to remember that you are not alone with thees emotions. A problem shared is a problem halved.


YES!!!! Do something else like run or lift weights or maybe start learning an istrument. Those are ways to relieve being upset or stressed, and they are not harmful.

i say theres better ways to vent, or feel better.

mckenzie (:
it is a big deal, if you are causing any harm to yourself.

you should talk to someone

i would say it's a problem if you aren't careful. i went through a phase like this when i was a teenager (i'm not sure how old you are), and i can't say it's ALWAYS a problem because in my case i stopped doing it eventually.

there are obviously better ways to deal with stress/anger/anxiety like exercising, punching bags, writing, talking to friends ect.....

but just be careful that it doesn't become to often and you aren't cutting too deep. by all means, i'm not saying doing this is a good thing, i'm just saying that i went through the same thing and it's possible that it doesn't turn into a major problem. i also wouldn't call it "no big deal".

just be careful and take care of yourself. if it gets worse or keeps continuing and not getting LESS frequent, than you should seek help

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