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Is it normal to have some nights where it takes hours to fall asleep?
I'm 15. On school nights, I'm usually able to sleep at 9:30 and wake up at 5 a.m. easily.
However, Once every few months or so, I have nights where I'm lying in bed, trying to sleep and don't fall asleep for about 3-5 hours. The later it gets, the more freaked out I get at the fact that I'm not asleep and that I have school the next day, etc.
Is this normal? Does this happen to you?

I have some sort of weird sleeping patterns..I sleep with my eyes and mouth open, I talk in my sleep, and I sleepwalked at least twice in my lifetime.
I do exercise during the day, which helps me sleep. And I also read an hour before bed, which makes me tired. And I'm a morning person, if any of this info helps at all...

well im not sure if it is normal, but my guess is that it probably is. as long as you arent having that problem every night, which could be something like insomnia, then you are more than likely fine.

does it have to do with anything revolving around anxiety or nervousness for the next day? or is it just random?

personally i usually get 4 or 6 hours of sleep a night and im 15, but ive trained myself to do that since 6th grade, so my immne system is used to that.

i would say, if you are really concerned or if it affects you alot, go ask a professional like a doctor or your pediatrician. this might be helpful.

hope this helps =)

Once every few months is unpleasant but not a real problem. Maybe you were angry that day, maybe you have some discomfort... all you can do is see if anything is disturbing you and if you can correct it.
When it happens to me, I get up and play on the computer for a bit, it gets my mind off the annoyance of being awake and I can get back to sleep more easily. Most of the time though, it's because my nose is stuffy, I'm cold or I'm mad at someone... there's always an obvious cause.

The mild sleepwalking isn't the most usual thing ever, but you're exactly in the age group where it's most common, and it tends to disappear when you grow up.

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