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 I smoke like a chimney?
I smoke like 20 or 30 cigarettes per day for the last 20 years. Someone has just mentioned that this is not actually all that healthy, can this be true? Also as i smoke around 30 per day, will it ...

 is this normal? i'm kind of worried?
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How can i stop myself getting a hangover tomorrow? and don't say don't drink.

Its my mates birthday but i don't want a hanger in the morning is there anything i can drink ...

 What do you wear to sleep?

 Wat happens if u think about breathing?
wat happens if you think about breathing. wenever i think about breathing, which i dont kno y i think about it but i just do. And wenever i think about it, it makes me harder to breath cause im ...

 i haven't smoked weed in 5 wks and my urine is still dirty its very important that i pass nxt wk anyone help?

 Tips for staying up for 50+ hours?
Tips for staying up for 50+ hours?
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 If I get blood tested at the doctors and. If I smoked pot will it say?
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 blood from my backside ??
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 Is smoking 3-5 cigarettes a week really bad for you?
I don't really want to here any answers about becoming addicted, etc. because I will not become addicted, I've been smoking about 3 cigarettes a week, 1 thursday night, 1 friday night, and 1...

 is there something wrong with me??
ok i can sleep up to 16 hours a day and wake-up tired and nothing to my knowledge is wrong with me but i dont know and i get headachs and tummy achs alll the time escecially after lunch any answeres??...

 How to stay awake?
I'm tryin to stay up til my guy friend gets on, he's been traveling all day, and there's 5 hours difference, so it's midnight here while it's 7pm there. I miss him rly bad, ...

 what time do you normally go to bed and what time do you wake up?
do you feel as though you get enough sleep?...

 Do value ibuprofens work as good as top brands?
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 have you got a 'side of the bed' ??
Like you can't sleep unless you are facing something or at the right side of the bed?...

 What's the product you use the most of?
I seem to go thru a lot of toilet paper and hair-spray....

 How can I set up a relaxing bath?
I tried to do it, but still it didn't feel right. Please help me if you can....

And rite now its almost 2:00 and i cant sleep!!!! Its one of those nights again!!!!
Additional Details
Well the past 3 days or so I havent been able to sleep.. This all started when I ...

 What is the best remedy to stop mosquito bites from itching?

~☆ Petit ♥ Chou ☆~
Is it a Good Morning where you are...?

alan j UK
Yer its just great,, a bit dull..10am derbyshire... as you can see Ive changed my name to alan j uk so that everyone knows the area I,m replying from, think it would be a good idea for you all to include your area ,so that we have some knowledge of your country,,

No it's hissing down, and there's a gale blowing.

Even the dog won't go out in it.

I'm in Scotland.

Me xx
Beauty morning - bit windy but not that cold - thanks for asking

Well, It is early morning, about 3am. I guess I'm not having a great morning, because of sleeping I'm typing on my computer.

Clear blue skies, sunshine.
It is a bit cold, though, thermo is showing 12°C

I'm in the south of France

No its 12:37 AM

starting your first day of your job.

7.20 in Uk. Dark, raining, wind blowing like mad , watching rubbish tv. Talking rubbish as well. Have a good day:)

The BudMiester
Cloudy and windy, and I`m off to bed!

Actually it is 12:39am and the night has just begun. Is it good? I'm here aren't I?

very good i am in london wearing a pink nighty lol

Outside...yes....well sort of.....it's abit cloudy....As for inside....no cos it's cleaning day! ;-)

Baps .
In the UK, in my room. The weather is currently quite nice the sun is out, but that could change at any minute

I think...
A good "night"

♥ Bekka ♥
It's calm, and the sun is just rising, peeping in through my window. (Milton Keynes.)

it is a great morning here, despite it being cold and grey outside i'm warm and toastie inside.

well lets see the rain has stopped but the groudns still wet, the sun is colouring the sky out of my window a kinda yellow colour, quite pretty really. but on the other hand it's gonna be a $hit day so take your pick.

Hope so! I haven't drawn the blinds yet and my light is still on. It's 7:50 here in Italy.

yeah it's good, although it's the end of december and we have not had any snow (first time since the 1700s) it's going to be a nice day, going away for new years, packing, it's all good

not bad not bad at all

Well the sun is rising and we have a fair share of blue sky. Every morning is a good one especially if you have someone to help you through the day. Im not looking forward to the bustle of shopping. good morning julianjoe. Im sure your little friend will be around somewhere to make your day

were expecting storms so not sure yet lol, but dry so far so fingers crossed how about you ?

No its 7.31pm Saturday, but the day has been a good one, hope you have a lovely day too!

Oh I am in Australia, and its very hot.

Beautiful morning here in Derbyshire. The sun is shining in an ice-blue coloured sky with a few high, whispy clouds. Last night was extremely windy and I was woken up at some point with the rain hammering against the window so this is quite a contrast.

Alexandra W
Actually it is dark here. i am sure the Sun will be brighter 2morrow. Thank u for asking though.

Its always a good morning!

blue sky (as usual)
air quite fresh... (as usual)

yupp, it is :)
but it starts to get boring... want some fog!!!

Mmmm, wet&windy out there, I'm staying in. I don't care, I carry the sun in my heart these days! xxxhugxxx
I fancy a change of clothes, now; would you take these off for me, please? ;-)X

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