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Larf! :)
Is cracking your fingers good for you?
I've heard mixed stories. Help?
Additional Details
People have told me a doctor said it cures artheritis! Odd, but almost everyone in my class is doing it.

no its really bad,
it can give you arthritis

not intentionally no. if your fingers are stiff try excerising the stiffness out. if you keep cracking your fingers it will bring on arthritis.

Barbie Girl
I don't think so

Roxanne G
there is absolutely no proof that it can give you arthritis that is a myth first off. but no it is not "good" for you. you should probably avoid doing it the less you do it the less you will have to do it.

it is not although im sure theres way to crack your fingers without it hurting u in the long run

probably not

Jose H
From what I heard,no.It's not good for you.When you crack you fingers
your popping these air bubbles in between your fingers.This could lead to
a possible case of arthritis in the future.

King Pug
its in the middle. its not good but its not (it snot) bad.

Well I always thought that it makes your knuckles get really big but thats not true. I read that it doesn't do anything to you. I crack my knuckles and nothing has happened.

i have heard both as well

Evil Resident
no it actually causes arthritis

nothing is going to happen to you.the cracking sound is the air pocket between your knuckles popping....you will be fine......

Samer S
i dont think so....it may damage ur fingers as u grow older (i do it though =)

no cracking your knuckles is not good
it's just forcing air in between the joints
it could cause arthritis later on...

Arthritis and Cracking Knuckles

No, there is no evidence that cracking your knuckles leads to arthritis.

Here is some more input from contributors:

* Cracking your knuckles wears away the cartilage between the joints over a long period of time. This is one of the causes of arthritis. Other causes of arthritis are completely unrelated, like for example, you can inherit it from your parents, or get it because of a disease like Lupus. So, I guess if you might get it anyway, and you might not know if it was your's or your parents fault, go ahead and crack away.

No it can give you problems in the future.

no it gives u big knuckles

its really bad,

it wears down the cartlige in your nuckels
making you more at risk of bone related diseses when your old


I once asked a similar question and got really good answers, so this will probably help you out:


As for curing arthritis, that sounds really interesting. However, if it were that easy, then wouldn't it have been established as a well-known treatment a long time ago?

Hollywood Prod.
If course not but it's cool if your a kid so what can you do. They will grow out of it

what have you heard? because i've been cracking my knuckles, everyday since i was a teenager, im an adult now.

It is not bad for you. In fact, it's not dangerous at all, said Dr. Jonathan Kay, clinical director of the rheumatology unit at Massachusetts General Hospital.

"The cracking sound you hear when you pull on your fingers is caused by the release of negative pressure within the joint," he said. Technically, this is called cavitation. Inside every joint in the body, a gooey substance called synovial fluid coats the surfaces of cartilage to protect them. Just as two discs coated with mineral oil stick together and can only be pulled apart with a bit of force, so it is inside the joint. When you pull, you break the vacuum seal created by the synovial fluid and the breaking of that seal causes the popping sound -- from the bursting of bubbles of gases dissolved in the fluid.

Curiously, it takes about 20 minutes for the seal to re-establish itself. So crack your knuckles all you want. You might stretch a few ligaments, but you will not give yourself arthritis. But it'll be no fun unless you wait 20 minutes between cracks.

The morons above who say it gives arthritis are dumb. I've talked to doctors and asked about it and done research, it may weaken your grip a bit if you do it excessively, but, it does NOT give arthritis. The popping noise is nitrogen and other gasses in the fluid surrounding the finger joints that explode when you push down on the knuckles, and no, the exploding isn't bad, it's more of popping.

The gas comes back anyways, and it does relax your hands. Really, unless you do it excessively, it doesn't do anything for you. Just relieves stress for some people.

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