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Im 14 but i dont know whats going on?
My foot will go to sleep at random times. Even when im running. Also my head in diffrent spots does too. Like in the back of my head and on the sides what could it be?

could be cancer. I would go see a doctor and get a cat scan asap.

its a stroke where blood has trouble getting oxygen to area's you are having trouble with go to hospital or your going to the morgue

Could be a tumor, go to the doctor.

Try going to a Chiropractor. Inhibited nerve endings can get pinched by mis-alignments of the spinal cord, and cause numbness all throughout the body.

lack of nutrients i really dont know

I doubt it is a tumor. Don't let people freak you out. Have your mom make a doctor's apt ASAP!!

railroad dave
poor blood circulation , perhaps a form of peripheral vascular disease . go to a doc .

dont get scared looking at all those answers sweetie...it can be something small..speak to your parents and go see your doctor..and everyone else please dont freak a kid out like that...all you needed to tell her was to get a doctor..

I'm no doctor, but I would venture to say that you are having trouble with sensory nerves linked to the central nervuos system ( brain and spinal cord). What you are feeling may be phantom sensations, which are sensations felt when the main spinal and cranial nerves receive improper signals from nerves closer to the skin. The term is mostly associated with amputations, but also applies in this case. On the other hand, you may have some nerve damage in these areas. Have sustained any kind of injury or trauma, recent or past? I would definitely see my primary care physician. The possibility of a tumor is very small, i think, because there are no common nerves that control the scalp and the legs and feet.

west nile virus.....I have seen cases like this oh so many times.

you need to see your doc---maybe an MRI is needed---poor circulation----but your head doing the same thing---go see the doc---soon

Ask ME
see the doctor. something very serious could be going on..souunds almost like circulation problems to me.

There's no sense in us speculating here on YahooAnswers. You definitely need to see a doctor, or several. Don't play around with this, but also, don't drive yourself mad with worry. You'll be okay if you tackle the problem with the help of a few good doctors. You may need multiple medical opinions. ASAP!

don't listen to these idiots. tell your mom.or a doctor.

the crusader
It could be a neurological problem or it could be something even more serious. You shouldn't have numbness in your foot for no reason. You shouldn't have periods of numbness in parts of your head, either. Talk to your parents and see your doctor ASAP!

Snow White
when i was younger a friend of mine had this happen, he used to say half of his face would fall asleep. as i remember it was fairly serious, so i would go to a doctor. asap!
good luck

It could be a pinched nerve in your back. Go see a chiropractor.

I would go to your doctor. Your foot shouldn't be falling asleep while you're running nor should the back of your head feel tingly. Talk to your mom and ask her to take you to the doctor.

Could be some type of nerve damage, seek professional help.

michael angelo from da bronx
go to the doctor thats the best way u can now whats happening to u good luck

Some of you need to remember that this is a 14 year old child who asked this question. There is no need to tell them it could be cancer. All that needs to be said is that it could be serious and it needs to be checked out by a doctor. Shame on you for scaring this child. Is this how you would want someone treating your child or grandchild? Answer age appropriately please. Do not worry yourself too much, I do not think anyone who answered is a doctor. Only a doctor will know best, it could a number of things, some serious some not.

Id get so a doctor nd let them check it out!!

hope i helped!

Rose T
go to a doctor!!!
i hope your ok =]]

bless u!

my foot always falls asslep actually right now it is,
i am also fourteen, i told my mum about that.
and man, i forget what she said.
But the best thing to do, is tell your mom or dad
and let them take you to the doctor .

your foot falls asleep while your running? thats weird. you should see a doctor.

raymond s
sounds like a pinched nerve or the blood is getting cut off
you need to go see a Dr.

I wouldnt be able to tell u ask a doctor....

go see your doctor, this could be really serious...

hope m
ask a doctor, they should know.

Luke A
Dont get scared with people saying cancer, its probably not but just go to the doctor asap :)

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