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I took 4 Tylenol PM with 2 Xanax, how dangerous is this?
My heart feels like it's slowed down a lot and I feel like really groggy. I just have been so stressed and had the worst headache and need to sleep. I'm prescribed the Xanax. I took two peach and the 4 Tylenol PMs. I took them an hour ago. I'm 35 in so-so health condition (I'm a heavy smoker).
Additional Details
I'm not trying to kill myself. I just need to sleep and try to relax. I am seeing a psychiatrist. The Xanax is prescribed for severe anxiety and I can take up to 4 peach a day or 2 blue.

Dave W
well the zs that you took arent strong enough to hurt a twelve year old however if you continue to eat them tylinols like that it could be very bad for your guts if you are not sleeping yet take two more of them peach zs and if you have any alcohol have a drink it will make them kick in faster and should put you to sleep , i have mixed much more with the zs than that and they work good for helping me sleep i am 32 years old and use pills quite often i can eat about 6 of those peach collored zs and stay awake on them bue i would be quite relaxed tylinol is bad for your stomach so dont eat to many of those you are in no danger though

Your going to die most likely, i hope you dont die but watch out

> "Xanax is prescribed for severe anxiety"

Xanax is not meant for long term treatment of anxiety.



There are many forms of anxiety!

For anxiety there are much better medications to level you off. Many of these medications also treat depression. Also, keep in mind that anxiety is a form of depression.

I guess I don't need to tell you about smoking. Try at least cutting back as much as possible.

I won't go into all the physiological effects of what you're doing. I would suggest that you do get a complete physical as soon as possible. Make sure you doctor checks your thyroid.

I would suggest you get reevaluated for treating your anxiety, soon!

You sure need to take a different approach than this. Obviously you are seeing a psychiatrist so you are trying to get help. He is hopefully helping you but, you should not be mixing Tylenol pm with this med. You should consult a Dr. or call a pharmacist regarding what meds not to mix. 1 tablet of Tylenol PM is ok for the average Joe and yes you do wake up feeling groggy, I wake up with a headache on these pills. I would like to tell you to quit smoking, start walking, this will help with the sleeping but, I don't think you will listen, you have been told this before I am sure.

have a good time

Get yourself to the ER now! You could be going into shock or something. Cardiac Arrest even.

Not very...

I'm perscribed 1mg of Alprazolam, Xanax, per 24 hours... (One Peach Colored, Round Pill) But I usually only take half of one at a time.

I take between 2 and 4 Non-Tylenol PM pills a night to be able to sleep...

A dose of Tylenol PM that large will make you feel 'High' all on it's own and add the Xanax... 2mg is only a lot if you have not been on it for long, I'm on the LOW dose...

I would worry more about taking between 800mg and 2000mg of Tylenol. (I don't know if your Tylenol PM is normal or extra strength)

Tylenol is WAY worse for you then taking a whole bottle of Xanax...

Get the NON Tylenol PM... Walgreen's "Sleep II" is 1/8th the price of Name Brand Tylenol PM.

Ibuprofen is 1000X better for you, and more effective, then Tylenol.
You will be fine... Just don't do it too often.

funny girl
Yeah, this was pretty stupid. I wonder if your Doctor knows you are abusing the medication? He/She prescribed it for anxiety, not to help put you in a coma. You say you aren't trying to kill yourself, but keep it up and you won't be around to tell about it. However.....this way you would get rid of your anxiety, permanently.

u will be fine but if u wake up in the middle of the nite u mite start 2 hypervinalte 4 a while but other than that u should be ok

You've taken too much Tylenol PM. The overdose diphenhydramine is making you very drowsy, but the acetaminophen can actually cause liver damage. Call your doctor's office or the poison control center to see what they advise or call 911. Your liver can't heal itself from that kind of damage, so you gotta get help ASAP.

1-800-222-1222 Poison Control

http://www.tylenol.com/product_detail.jhtml?id=tylenol/pain/prod_pm.inc&prod=subppm# what to do if you've taken too many Tylenol PM:
"Overdose warning: Taking more than the recommended dose (overdose) may cause liver damage. In case of overdose, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away. (1-800-222-1222). Quick medical attention is critical for adults as well as for children even if you do not notice any signs or symptoms."

So, call Poison Control or 911 NOW.

Common Knowledge
good luck staying awake pimpin

It looks like the only thing missing is a bottle of Jack Daniels and the suicide attempt will be complete................

roy s rawhide

Blue Haired Old Lady
It is stupid and dangerous. It probably won't kill you. Don't combine drugs without asking a doctor first.

Exercise would help you sleep more than any drug out there. It has only good side effects, doesn't cost hardly anything, and will also help you lose weight. It also helps with depression. Please give exercise a try. 30-60 minutes a day.

You will be fine and you shouldn't have any long lasting effects if this is just a once off mistake.

Without a Xanax dose and your weight its difficut to assess how you will respond to this, but generally its safe although not advisable to go over the prescribed dose.

Tylenol causes liver damage in large doses. 4 is double the recomended dose but its too late to do anything now so don't worry too much. This dose won't cause any significant long lasting damage but you may feel aweful in the guts for a while. Stick to the recomended dose in future its on the pack for a very good reason.

You should see you pharmacist for advice on all/any meds prescribed or over the counter particularly if you are going to mix them. Their advice is expert, free and its much better to be safe than sorry!

If concerned go to your ER now.

FYI for the person who said ibfuprofen is 100x better please be aware this is good for the short term use, long term use is a leading cuase of GI bleeding.

Chris- Registered Nurse

the problem is not the xanax, but rather the tylenol. Tylenol negatively affects the liver. That much tylenol at one time will cause damage, and you may want to consult a doctor to check your liver function. Liver failure is a slow tortuous way to die.

Summer Lover
Maybe you should call your doctor. Or tell someone and stay monitored. I am sure that type of thing effects different people differently. Call someone to get help just in case. I know you werent trying to kill yourself but I wouldnt want something bad to happen.

Arrowood A
well dude, see it this way. im 16 I took 4 double G'd xanex. and all that happened to me was that I had a hell of a time.

the tylenol shouldnt do anything, because the xanex overpowers it. like it kinda cancels it.

4 Tylenol is not going to cause liver damage. 4 Tylenol every day for 2 weeks might, but not just this once. One dose of prescription strength Acetaminophen is about the same.

However, you should call your Dr right away and ask for advice. He/she may want you to go to the ER.

this is only dangerous if when you woke you had a strangely sore anus.

if u take 2 sleeping pills and still cant sleep taking another 2 on top of the 2 u have taken will have the opposite efect and u will not be able to sleep at all

quit stressin you'll be o.k.......its the xanax thats making you groggy.....esp. if your not used to that dosage....its the tylenol you have to be more careful with....taking more tylenol then prescribed can mess with your liver....and your system can only metabolize so much tylenol at a time,the rest is discarded......lay down and relax....the xannys will take care of you....hope you feel better later

i took 4 before..and im not dead..in fact i took 4 2night

You could go intocardiac arrest, you really shouldn't mix xanax with anything especially cold medicine.

The Xanax themselves are not a problem, nor is the sleep medication found in the Tylenol PM. What IS a problem is taking too much Tylenol. The active ingredient in Tylenol (acetominophen) can cause liver damage in large doses. Four Tylenol is definitely too large a dose to take regularly, you should not continue doing it.

you need to call your self an ambulance. You may have slowed your heart down too much.

Gypsy Girl
You could kill your liver and ultimately yourself by overdosing. You shouldn't mix medications without a doctors approval.

If you want an accurate answer to your question, call the pharmacy. They can tell you if you need to go to the hospital.

you will sleep 4 a while. remember with xanax your heart is a muscle and it relaxes your muscles.

my cousin's boyfriend died Saturday morning from taking 2 Oxycontin's, pills kill! - his breathing and heart slowed down, went into cardiac/respiratory arrest and is now dead.

Your answer in short: probably not to dangerous (but not very smart)

I am assuming you have been taking the Xanax fairly regularly and have built up some tolerance, even if you do not realize it. The Tylenol PM is 325mg of acetaminophin and 25mg benadryl in each tab, for a grand total of 1300 mg tylenol and 100mg benadryl. These two doses are at the max for a single dose and should cause no harm. (if this is a one time thing)

If you do not have a sleep apnea issue, your just going to be asleep and groggy for many hours even after you wake up. Benadryl drags on forever.

I suggest calling poison control and get an opinion from them. I am sure they will reflect what I have told you. You could call your family physician, but they will just redirect you to the ER.....(Where you will sleep with a monitor attatched until you wake up hours later with a $3000 dollar insurance tab)

Hi There,

I am a dentistry student and have studied tonnes of pharmacology. I have just consulted MIMS. If you haven't heard of it, MIMS is basically a giant encyclopaedia of all the medicines currently on the market. It outlines all the possible complications and interactions of drugs. It is the authority which all medical professionals use. If you went to your doctor, or called the medical information hotline, they would similarly consult MIMS.

The way that medicines become toxic is in their metabolism in to the blood. I shall go through the metabolism for both the Xanax and Tylenol, as per MIMS.

Xanax is listed as a benzodiazepine, or antianxiety agent. The molecule acts within the central nervous system (CNS) as selective depressant, so that muscles become relaxed.

Four peach tablets, or two blue amounts to 2mg/day. MIMS lists the safe dose as up to 10mg/day in some cases. You'd obviously have to work up to that sort of dose, but the point I am making is that the body is able to safely metabolise much larger dosages.

It's half life in the blood (basically the time it stays bio-active) is around 14 hours. It is metabolised by an enzyme in the liver cells called "cytochrome P450" and exctreted in the urine after 72 hours.

The drugs which it interacts with do not include tylenol. Rather, they include drugs which have a similar depressant effect, such as alcohol and other anti-anxiety meds.

Moving on to the Tylenol. You have had about 2g, or 4 tablets of 500mg each. This is under the toxic dose. The theraputic index, or maximum dose is actually very high. Accidental overdose is virtually unheard of. What you have taken is the maximum dose within a 24 hour period, so no more until tomorrow. This is because tylenol is metabolised in the liver, and biproducts can build up over 24hours if you take too much. The result is liver damage, which may be similar to the kind of damaged by alcohol, meaning that the risk is in the long term damage!

It is not metabolised in the same way as Xanax however (the cytochrome p450 enzyme) and does not work on the same part of the nervous system as Xanax.

The only listed interaction which may effect you, is that your Xanax actually slows the nervous system, particularly the parasympathetic actions, which are involuntary. This means that your stomach will not empty as quickly, and the tylenol will not be absorbed as fast.

The likelyhood of your having a bad reaction is slim. And an "overdose" is practically impossible.

So, you are in the clear for now but I must stress that taking four tylenol isnt good practise in the long term - you will end up damaging your liver.

Also, I have an anxiety disorder and have just completed CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). It has taught me better ways of managing stress by using my mind. I would advise you to ask your medical professional about it too, if you haven't already.

Hope I helped. No need to freak out at all - Now get some rest!

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