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 I need a fast way to fall asleep.?
I am a night owl. I try not to but if i go to bed anytime before two in the morning i toss and turn and cannot sleep. I need advice on how to fall asleep without the hassle of staring at the ceiling ...

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 Im 14 but i dont know whats going on?
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 how many hours sleep do you have on an average night?
i live on about 7, how does this compare to everyone else?...

 How can i fall asleep people? without taking the night pill?
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 do i sleep too much?
i usually sleep up to 7 hours a night, but occasionaly ill take a nap and it could end up being for 4 hours.
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by the way im 14. sry forgot to add ...

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 What tips do you have for falling asleep?

 I havn't smoked in 5 days!!?
somebody please help. I have 200 marlboro reds sitting right beside me that a friend gave to me!!

How does one distract themselves enough to not want to light up??

I am so ...

I need to fall asleep?
So i need to go to bed early tonight, yea its usually not a problem for most people but i woke up at 3pm. I need to get up early tomorrow. Does anyone have any tips to make me sleepy? Thanks :)
Additional Details
i would use sleeping pills but im all out lol

Killer Kenny x
Sleeping pills are horrible and bad for you.

Do something athletic and then go to sleep. If you can't then just clear your mind and close your eyes, if you do that enough you will just fall asleep.

Melatonin helps with sleep as can magnesium. Another option is to do some deep relaxation techniques (lay flat on your back in a comfortable position). Start with your feet and tighten all the muscles as tight as you can as you breathe in. Then release the muscles as you give a strong exhale. Work your way up your body with the tightening and loosening. Once you finish (if you're still awake) just lie there and focus on deep breathing.

It's so hard for me to sleep earlier then usual too, just try not to think about anything and just try to relax, milk kind of makes you drowsy feeling

Health problem, important! Need help!

Tom S
pet your snake

I'm alive .. still

have a really big meal at a buffet then when you come home take a long long nap.

Gogo Girl
you probally wont be able to i was up at 1 and its now 2.25am and i cant sleep im not even tired...
try drinking hot milk ive heard that helps

count sheep!

Run 15 miles.

Usually when I watch TV in bed it gets me too sleep.

make sure you are fully relaxed before you try to sleep. Make sure it is really dark or even use an eye cover. I wouldn't recommend sleeping pills since they can leave you really drowsy in the morning.

sleeping pills

Go to cvs and buy some pills called melatonine they are natural and they work fast

Butter P
tylenol pm

listen tio music , while in bed

I count in my head to 100 then back again. I breathe in between counting. for example 1 (breathe) 2 (breathe) 3 (breathe).. got it ? i do it till i fall asleep it relaxes me! HOPE IT HELPS!

Warm milk.
Dont do sleeping pills! (Like someone suggested)
Go run around or something, make yourself tired.

Make sure to be in bed early and watch some tv until you fall asleep.

run really fast into a wall...always worked for my stepsister well...did

Tyreke Evans
Drink water so that you don't gut dehydrated when you sleep. Drinking a lot of water also helps you get up early because your body will wake you up and tell you to go use the toilet.

To get to sleep, turn off as many electrical devices around you as you can, or keep them far away. Drinking warm milk and taking a sleep pill also helps. Make sure you have taken a shower and that your bed sheets are clean and soft (fabric softener works). Make sure the whole room is completely dark before you sleep.

nyc baby
take some niquil. it will knock u out or jus turn off everything and close ur eyes.

Nyquil, Warm Milk, cookies, candles.

Sadie - MJ is Loved and Missed x
I know you always hear this but go out for a walk or somethin .. use up your energy. Then keep doing stuff even when you get home so you tire yourself out.
Theres stuff in bananas that makes u sleepy .. have a banana. Or warm milk before you go to bed.
And dont be active right before you go to bed.

Good Luck. I hate havin to get up early. :P

run a few laps at a local track or jog down the street and/or if all else fells Advil PM

if you have any turkey(( sounds weird )) but it helps you sleep

Get exercise during the day. Have lights out if you can't sleep and wind down by listening to soothing music before bedtime. (If you believe in it, it helps to say prayer at bedtime.)

If you can't sleep, at least rest and take a warm bath to relax and drink luke-warm milk.

You need sleep to be well. Use sleeping pills only if necessary and only occasionally as needed.

turn off your television.
your lights.
close your door.
play ocean sounds and close your eyes.
anything relaxing.

Heather G
advil pm works great...make it a bit colder in the house..avoid caffeine..read a lil bit even..dont try to fall asleep cuz thatll get ur adrenaline up and ud be even more awake

Antihistamines such as Benadryl tend to make ya sleepy.

Go for a jog, or something physically demanding.

Juan Sanchez
Run a mile or two, Work out.

Get off this computer 3 hours before you go to sleep and try not to watch tv.

if that's impossible (which it is for me) try benedryl 2 tablets it knockes me out.

Watch Al Gore give a speech.

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