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I need a fast way to fall asleep.?
I am a night owl. I try not to but if i go to bed anytime before two in the morning i toss and turn and cannot sleep. I need advice on how to fall asleep without the hassle of staring at the ceiling until the crack of dawn.

sleeping pills, tv, turn all lights off get in ur bed close ur eyes...

close your eyes. and relax every main part of your body from your feet up. by the time you get to your chest you should be dead.and warm milk?

Try thinking of math problems or something that makes you really bored and sluggish. Also, thinking of something that tires you out, like a really long run, can make your brain remember the incident, causing it to remember the exhaustion you experienced which will in turn make you tired.

punch yurselfin da eyes yo u fall asleep they probally wont open till morning tho...lol im kidding i have the same problem
.........i watch tv or i use my ipod and flip over and there ull be gone in no time ...lol i ghet scared sometimes ill be so close to sleeping but a song comes on with a big beat in the beginning n it scares me so yeah but.buy some sleeping cappsuls lol sorry if i spelled that wrong lol but okay yeah hope u have an ipod

id look into it medically, go to a doctor and see if theres not a medical problem with it, im the same way. do something REALLY boring before you go to sleep? i heard of sleep apnea, im like 90% sure this is not what youre expierencing, but just throwing it out there.

dont laugh but sometimes how i fall asleep is imagine your on a boat sailing out into an ocean, idk how it helps, but it does for me lol.

thats all i can say.

What worked for me when I was like that was reading a very boring book. Or count down from 100 and for each number count to 10. I don't think I've ever gotten past 60 by doing that before I fell asleep.

Katherine loves Miyavi
get off the computer lol

Left EyeBrow
Try this....lay there and tell yourself how bored you are over and over and over....


Sharonelle C
if you dislike documentaries turn it on the tv and turn the sound low enough that you can still hear it. that should put you to sleep

wake up early no matter what 6am stay up all day then you should be in bed by at least 10pm

fashion expert!
when you are awake, get acctive and do something that will wear you out, then right when you are tired, take a warm bath and snuggle into bed :)

Its all good(:
read a book

Danie M
get a sleeping pill it makes u fall asleep for 8 hours or more if you take the pill at 9:30 it will make you wake up at like 6:00 in the morrning or something like that

Lie there, but don't think about sleeping, think about other things and it'll surely put you to sleep

1.Kick the Caffeine. It's not rocket science that caffeine keeps your body awake. It's a stimulant, which is why a lot of us use it to keep functioning throughout the day! In reality, it can stay in your body for up to 14 hours, so keep that in mind when you dive into your cup of coffee or can of Coke before hitting the sack. Try to take your last caffeinated drink at least 4 to 6 hours before bedtime.

2.Don't Drink Alcohol. At first, it might seem like an easy way for you to knock yourself out at night, but it actually causes disturbances in your sleep, therefore leading to a restless sleep which will leave you feeling tired the next morning.

3.Try to Relax! Stress is part of everyday life, but it can make you miserable and leave you up at night. Try to develop a "system" to break the connection between the day's stresses and bedtime. It can be as short as 10 minutes, or as long as an hour to disconnect from your day. Read a book, meditate, take a hot bath!

4.Exercise! Regular exercise is not only good for you physcially, but studies have shown that people that exercise on a regular basis sleep better at night. Don't exercise in the evening though if you have trouble sleeping, it can make you more alert so for those of us that can't sleep, it's best to do it in the morning.

5.Keep your bedroom quiet and dark. For a lot of people, even the slightest noises can keep them up at night. Use earplugs, dark windows and curtains, or even a fishtank for "relaxing" noise. Don't use the overhead light if you can help it, and keep the temperature at a comfortable level for you.

6.Eat right. Try not to go to bed when you're hungry. But, don't eat a heavy meal before bed either! Milk contains "tryptophan" which is a sleep-promoting substance. Other foods that you might want to snack on before bed would also be avocados, eggs, peaches, potatoes or bananas.

Matt Thompson
cry your self to sleep is one oppotion. tire your self out works too and so dose punching your self or run into a wall.

try reading something boooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiinnn…

Your internal time clock needs adjustment and to do so you need to create some new disciplines:

1. Go to bed at a respectable time (before midnight)
2. Read a book for about half an hour before sleep time
3. Eat early and do not snack after 8 PM
4. Set about to do whatever you need to do and get it completed by sleep time
5. Change your beddings often (at least once per week)
6. Get prepared to go to bed by changing into night clothes (whatever that might be) but not the same clothes you wore all day.
7. Do not watch TV during the last hour or two before sleep time.

That's all for now.

stay up all day after you wake up and all night stay all the way up to 6 pm fall asleep and youll wake at exactly 5-6 am

Don't consume any caffeine after 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. They say don't watch TV or read or anything in bed, so don't do any of those. Turn out the lights. A sleep sound machine will drown out any annoying that might keep you awake. Drink a cup of hot Chamomile tea, yes, it really works (and it gives me weird dreams). Don't add anything else to it, just pure Chamomile. You can get it in the tea section at the grocery store, Twinings is a good brand. You can also drink a mug of warm milk, I know, not in a million years, but ... it has the amino acid tryptophane in it and it really works, too. Or you could do like I do and just follow your circadian rhythm; stay up all night and catnap during the day.

count backward from 30s, do a meditation, drink a warm milk, read a book, turn the tv volume down(leave it on)

Read a book, eventually you'll get tired into the night.
Or even a boring book. Bore yourself out.

I don't even sleep til 5am haha.

stay up all night and than stay up all day, than you will be tired for the night

me toooo ! D:

LiL Frog
count ship ...1.2.3.

Shaq .
gravol! it works awesome. it helps to take it with caffiene.
also Night time benadryl. i know what you mean though, i'm a night owl as well.

turn off all lights and stuff, count, lay still, & if after fifteen minutes you cannot sleep still write down everything you are thinking about. then try again or try over the counter sleeping pills.

try to sleep with the tv on for some it works as white sound if you can zone out or work out befor sleep also i fine a cold room with a big blanket on helps since your head is cold and body is warm

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