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I have not smoked weed in 2 weeks and i have a piss test in 3 days any ideas for a way to pass don't?

cranberry juice it its a way to clean out your system

THC can stay in your system for up to 30 days, because it is fat soluble. Better search the web to see if you can find something there. Good luck.

Ramabadhranandha R
You drink a tumbler full cows urine for about a fortnight at the early morning after brushing your teeth on empty stomach and see that you are cured.

drink a ton of water for like 12 hours before the test. It really depends on how regularly you were smoking.

drink a lot of water

☮selina☮ [vegan] [OBAMA<3]
drink a ton of water
like start right now

The Hat
2 weeks should be ok. 95% sure.

tons of cranberry juice or bring in a bottle of clean urine with you

First off ignore the moronic answers so far. If you;ve been smoking daily before now, it's too late to try to beat the test. The more you smoke, the more it builds up in your system. Pot stays in you for up to 6 weeks but if you only smoked one or twice in that timeframe you still can pass. If you are a daily smoker, avoid the test at all costs and give yourself at least a month to clean out or find a line of work that doesn't test. If you haven't smoked much then it comes down to body fat. Pot sinks into fat cells, the fatter you are the more it stays around. If you are ript and lean, then just flush out with water and cranberry juice for three days. If you're a chubby 420 fan, then forget about it. Remember that the testers know how people try to beat the system so they are looking out for that. Clear urine is a sign to them that you are forcing fluids. Best advice- find a line of work that doenst test my 420 friend!

Rev. Drake
Inject apple cider vinegar into your bladder (through the out hole)... it will probably hurt.

hmm its most likely out of your system by then good luck!

Dr. Pharmacy
Just what we need in America.
Another unemployed doper.

Charcoal pills are supposed to help get it out of your system sooner, you prob don't care how they work but I'll tell you anyways...charcoal works as an absorbent, when u take the charcoal pills obviously they have to pass through your digestive/urinary system which includes important organs like your kidney and liver which both work to filter toxins from your blood and from things you put into your body. So an absorbent would obviously help speed this process, and therefore shave a few days off the toxin remaining in your system. Oh and drinking ALOT of water would also help this process even more...flush it out.

Good Luck!

John M
dont listen to any of these crazy ideas people are giving you, you cannot do anything. marijuana stays in your blood for about 6 weeks

Just saw your question
Don't waste your time taking the test, you are going to fail. So much for that job.

Mike P

lots of water for the next day or two

one joint stays in your system for 7 days......the fact that you are nervous about this test indicates that maybe you should not be smoking weed and come clean with whom ever is requesting it.....

David H
Unless you were a heavy smoker you will probably pass.

it usually takes roughly a month to get out of your system give or take week or so depedning on how much you smoke and how fit you are...it is stored in fat...if yo knew you had the test or had an idea you prob shouldn't have smoked....drink lots of water...maskiing agents come up in test then it looks like you are hiding even more

Drink Vinegar & Water.

And... stop smoking it's lame

you should be fine.
just drink alot of water.
I mean ALOT.
ad piss it all out :]

than youll pass.

Ive heard a bottle of vinegar but they also sell detox over night at a GNC or some supplement store,
BTW BLEECH is NOT the answer... you can kill yourself. some [email protected]$$ person said it works

it stays in your system for months and drinking water will help clean but not enough in time..... its a wrong solution for a short time frame

well it all depends on how much u smoked before the two weeks, if u smoke regularly it will take 30 days if u only smoke once in a while and the last time u smoked was 2 weeks ago u should be fine if u drink a ton of water ,vinegar,and cranberry juice. good luck!!!!!

zed leppelin
a good way to know you will pass is to not smoke weed,,, but you really should be fine. it will most likely be out of your system.

I would have someone else pee for you in a vial and use that. put it in your pocket

Sleep Tech
Don't take those idiots advice.
They're not any quick fixes.
Other than synthetic pee.
And using someone else's.
Pee lasts 8 hours and needs to be warm.
Use those chemical hand warmers from Walmart.
Good luck.


doesn't matter, you'll just forget what we tell you, loser

Wow you're dumb. Good luck!

Go to GNC, they sell products to clean your system.

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