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 is this normal? i'm kind of worried?
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 i haven't smoked weed in 5 wks and my urine is still dirty its very important that i pass nxt wk anyone help?

 Tips for staying up for 50+ hours?
Tips for staying up for 50+ hours?
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 is there something wrong with me??
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 How to stay awake?
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 How can I set up a relaxing bath?
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And rite now its almost 2:00 and i cant sleep!!!! Its one of those nights again!!!!
Additional Details
Well the past 3 days or so I havent been able to sleep.. This all started when I ...

 What is the best remedy to stop mosquito bites from itching?

 What time do you go to sleep and how long does it last?
How long does it take you to fall asleep and how many hours/minutes/days do you sleep?

I go to sleep around 11 generally because I have so much stuff to do so I get about 6 hours of sleep ...

I have a serious medical question, can you please answer?
I am still freaked out about what happened to me yesterday. It was really late and I was hungry, I went to the kitchen to find a snack. I picked up an open pack of trail mix; I did not know it had been there since Easter. While I was eating it I felt one kind of powder in my mouth, then I noticed it was on my hands. I continued eating, but shortly after, my face and arms were itching and felt like there was something crawling on them. I got up from my computer and turned on the light, then sat down to and looked to see what it was. It wasn’t powder, it was hundreds of tiny (by tiny I mean you can barely see them) red-orange ants. immediately I took off my shirt and through it (I have always been afraid of ants because of a mistake I made when I was younger, I climbed a large ant hill in Louisiana, I had to be hosed down and taken to the hospital), then the worst part, I notice they were coming from my trail mix, that I was eating. I sprayed lysol and bleach on my floor and clothes.
Additional Details
I imeditly took a shower after that.

oh my , i would take something to flush your system, who knows how many eggs were layed the last few hours. Maybe millions....

no j/k , they are most likely all dead

Betsy B
I did'nt understand what u said. anyway... sorry if I said anything wrong.

Jennifer N
No, people in many different countries eat all sorts of bugs. Most likely nothing will happen to you. They're all digested and most likely out of your system by now.

Viola Dragon
Wow, that's sounds like that was a freaky incident! Jese well I'm sure u'll be fine. People eat bugs all over the world. Plus they were just ants, not poisonous frogs. I think u'll be fine.
And about where they all went.....If they're that small they may have gone through the screen in a window, or gosh who knows.....I would vaccuum ur carpets though, just to be safe.
And LOL, don't keep old food around maybe? :)

If you are serious, that is really digusting! You better call pest control and get your house fumagated. Maybe you should see a doctor too...YUCK!

I would call your doctor and ask. I really have no idea. I don't think they can make you sick or anything, since the stomach acid is worse to them than they are to you, but because they were crawling all over you, you may want to get checked out in case you're allergic or something. Good luck!

thats y i always look at my food and have a light onwhen i eat.

Oh, dear me!! Michael, you're fine. Those ants left through the opposite door that they came in. You've had a good dose of protein. Do you have any swollen areas from bites or anything like that? If you do, get some benedryl; that'll dry them up. You didn't mention that. Get an exterminator to fumigate soon. Talk to you later.:)

No. The acid in your stomach will have killed them by now. Don't worry about it.

Lot of issues there. First, I doubt they were fire ants, because fire ants bite and it REALLY hurts, so you would have noticed it. Any ants that you did eat would have died pretty quickly from your stomach acid. There is probably an ant nest somewhere in your house or just outside that they can access through the floor boards. Their scouts will likely be back so you might want to put out some ant poison. It sounds like these are sweet eating ants (there are different kinds). You can buy a specific poison that they love, take back to their nest, and shares with the rest, thus killing them off.

And oh by the way, EEEWWWWW!


I 've seen that before, little tiny red-orange bugs but Ithey were spiders.

You just got a little extra protein in your diet. Consider it revenge for what the ants did to you as a kid. Little kids eat bugs all the time and no harm comes to them. In some countries, chocolate covered ants are a common snack. Don't worry, you won't get sick.

If you're worried about the ones that got away, call Terminex or your local exterminator to check things out.

No, the ants cannot lay eggs in your stomach as one uneducated answerer said. Only the queen lays eggs, and the ants as well as any eggs will have instantly perished in the acids of your stomach.

The most important thing to do right now is to call your local pest control.

After an inspection, they may put a tent over the house for several days. It actually works very well, with little aftereffects.

I once had a similar termite problem and it was solved efficiently and professionally.

Good luck. =)

You'll be fine....get some ant killer, it's called Terro Liquid Ant Baits. It works really good. Ants are attracted to sweet things, so clean your room often!

*! ÐHÄRINI - † !*:
dont worry if u hav eaten them also u'll be just fine it wont harm u in any way

Chances are likely that they were not fire ants .. fire ants are fairly large. What you probably encountered was weevils .... very common, harmless. You have probably eaten millions of them in your life without ever noticing because they were killed in processing.

Just a bit of added protein.

the stomach in your stomach killed them you should be fine but if you do feel anything funny i would say in a few hours go to the ER but if not you should be okay

Ya, if you are allergic to them that could be dangerous. You could go to the doctor and get an epi pen i believe that's what they are called. Plus they are ants get over it. Spray some raid.

j e
im sure your digestion system would kill them in some countries they eat bugs as we eat meats so you should be ok, If not i would always consult a doctor when having a medical question

Most likely the acid in your stomach killed them......lol......think of it this way you just got a little bit extra protein lol!!!!!!

If you haven became seriously ill by now, your fine.. they're all probably either screaming "help me!" in your stomach acid or long gone.
Besides, remember that in some countries ants are considered a nice snack.

Eric Ewanco
Don't worry, you got some extra protein.

dude you'll be fine :)
thats cute LOL

not that i know of ... try asking your parents of what to do or go see a doctor... but idont think they were fire ants.. ive seen them before i know what you're talking about but i dont know what kind of bugs they were but i know that they werent fire ants.

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