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Grayson S
I get too tired too easily. Advice?
Like Ill be jumping rope or lifting weight for about only 2-3 minutes, then ill get so tired, my legs or arms get sore, i get too huff puff, and i aint seeing results, im 260 pounds, 5'9 and 14 years old, yeah i want to lose weight too but since calorie diets dont work i might as well do some circuit training.

Jenna A
Hey Grayson, I have a friend named Grayson =p

I'm 15 so0Ooo me thinks I can help you.

Y'know, you're probably gunna be pissed off by my answer, but I think you should actually stick with what you're doing. It takes a while to see results. I've never tried to lose weight, but I've observed the way other people have accomplished losing weight.

The more you do, the more you do.
(^^the more you stick with it, the more you'll see results. Don't give up yet! =D)

eat more healthy food!

Make sure you're warming up with some aerobics before you lift. It's much better for your muscles. Start slow then build up.
Calorie diets do work, just pretty slowly. Best of luck with your exercise!

lindsay s
your body is not used to the cardio excercises. Keep adding more excercises to your daily routine, drink lots and lots of water, NO SODA, and get to bed early. if you're into games (ps, xbox) try Dance Dance Revolution (its a wicked fun game AND helps you lose weight!!!!, believe me I have it and it works!!) and also Pump It Up Extreme is a great game too. Your friends will all want to play the games, and it can be up to a 2 player game.

Timothy E
It got a lot to do with motivation you have to just take it easy though its ok to work out but working out to much to try to get results could do damage to you. you can eat lots of healthy foods that can help you feel energized or just keep doing what you are doing even if it is jumpin rope for two minutes you are still putting your body in motion keep doin so and in time you will be very active and if that still dont work just go see a doctor and see what they say.

smart agent
Get on Weight Watchers; it really works. I started last August & have lost 35 lbs & I feel so much better! Good Luck!!!

Monirun B
u need to do cardio
play sports with a lot of running
like basketball and soccer

Sleep very late,get up very early and don't eat verry vell for a week or two then you're going to be a monkey!!
Don't worry,once that happens,begin to eat some vegies,meat and gain more sleep and you're going to be a beauty!!!

It works 4 real!!!

try doing simpler work outs

Mrs. Robert Pattinson
ease into your workout. your body isnt used to working this hard. starting out in a sprint on a workout is the worse thing you can do, becuase it does nothing for your body. Take your time. Start with 5 pounds, then go to 7, then 9, and so on. just ease into a workout becuase your body is definatley not in shape. So you need to keep going but dont push. Take a break every 5 minutes. get some water.

go to the doctors because that might be dangerous, thats a bad sign. How about you go on a walk, a nice refreshing walk. Build yourself up.

Well hun, you're overweight. It's not going to be greatly easy. But don't worry. Just keep doing what you're doing. Eventually it'll get easier. Trust me! :) It will work sometime.

April S
Just cut back on the portions of food you eat..just a little at a time. Walking is actually a really good weight loss exercise and it will not tire you out quickly. Just start walking everyday until you start to get in better shape and can handle other things. Good luck!

Miriam H
People can give advice but it is best to go to the doctor. Maybe the doctor might categorize you as over weight. Just make an appointment and see what they say.

i agree, just start slow and push yourself slowly you might want to think about daily multivitamins, they are great natural energizers and they give you what you need.

ok, you have to get your body used to exercise... dont try to do more than what you have ever done the first time...
try a healthy diet and then one day do lets say (any # you want)
of running, in meters or whatever....
and night by night add one or two to that....even if you can do more....just add a little bit
good luck!

Alicia M
You need Vitamin B12 good luck!

take lots of breaks, drink allot stay hydrated Gatorade, power aid w.e and try a little cardio if ur looking to lose a bit of weight

Try sleeping longer and eating more healthy

keep working out and you wont get tired so quickly. stay on a diet though if youre trying to lose weight.

I'm So Cool
you hae to get use to it

Just push through it. You need to build up your endurance.

Lose weight, that is about the only thing that will assist you in reducing fatigue over the long stretch. You can exercise a lot, but with that much weight, you are adding stress to your heart and that is making you tired. Try the circuit training, treadmills, spinning classes, etc., but be prepared to adjust calorie intake as well.

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