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Taylor J
I can't wake up in the morning and my alarm clock is loud. Is there a louder one out there?
I can't wake up in the moring. I have missed the bus many times, and my alarm clock is very loud but does not work for me. Is there an alarm clock that any one knows about that will wake up even the hevyest sleepers? or is there something that you can put around ur wrist that shocks you. I can never wake up and stay awake i always fall back asleep. PLEASE HELP THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR IS COMING AND I CAN'T BE MISSING THE BUSS AGIAN!!!!!!!!!

Gabriel G
Go to bed earlier and you will not miss your buss.The only clock you need you already have.Your internal clock.

See if you can get an alarm radio and patch it into your stereo.
Make sure your alarm clock is not next to your bed.
Your alarm/radio would need to have an output plug.

Get to bed earlier.

Razor Sharp

Works every time.

i have the same problem..
well i had the same problem
i just got a new alarm.. i had gotten used to the old one and it just didnt wake me up any more.

if you put 2 on at one time that works too

Mr. Anonymous.
you can try using multiple alarms, like the one in your ipod, radio, tv, and cell phone, just make sure that you have it at the loudest volume before you go to sleep, you could also try to have someone to call you everytime you want to wake up, if you are still living with your mom have your mom wake u up be ready and go to the bathroom and splash really cold water in your face

Fly girl
I am just like that. I probably wouldn't hear a horn blowing in my ear when I'm asleep. For some reason, I am dead to the world. I have 2 cell phones (both stay on my bed while I sleep and I set the alarms for them and my alarm clock). I even get wake up calls everyday. With all this, it's still not very successful for me, but maybe something like that will work for you. I hope you find the alarm clock because being late and rushing can give your day a bad start. Can your parents wake you up?

Good luck

Well, there are a few things you can do to help. Depending on what time you get up, leaving the shades way open in your room is a great way for the sun to help naturally wake you up. Or, if a parent goes to work have them wake you up right before you leave. My father did this for me when I was younger, and had no alarm clock. You can also try multiple alarms clocks. My father does this for early morning hunting trips. Set them all at the same time or 1 minute intervals. School stinks!

i used to have this problem, then i got a cell phone, and i downloaded a ringtone, it was a LOUD song, so my alarm is now a song that blast in my ear and its so loud and shocking that it wakes u up fast and u hasten to turn it off...ad after i had a song as a alarm, when i woke up i wasnt dead tired. like when i used a anoying alarm

Just use a cell phone which vibrates i do the same n set an alarm on it.

I know how you feel. I've got 3 alarm clocks. I know what it is in my case it's diabetes. When I don't take my pills regularly I can sleep though anything.

Try the Sonic Bomb:


well, start sleeping early, it will help you

Try putting your alarm clock directly on your bed next to your pillow..I have the same problem. I can never wake up for school..but my mom always wakes me up if the alarm clock didn't work..the 'rents come in handy you know? You may be thinking.."well my parents go to work!" Mabye try thinking about something in school to look forward to for getting up. Maybe you have a boytoy or crush that will get you out of bed and running to the bus?

keep the alarm clock, it works fine. go to sleep earlier. i get up around 530 everyday for school and i never miss the bus because i go to sleep around 930 10. try going to sleep 15-30 mins earlier every nite. so if u go to bed at 11 try 1030-1045 the next night 1030-1015 and repeat untill you can wake up when ur alarm goes off. chances are you will and u will do better in school and feel more energized with more sleep.

candace b
You probably turn in off when it goes off while your half sleep my brother used to do this and he didnt even remember hitting the snooze button so we put the alarm clock on the other side of the room so he had to get out of bed to turn it off may work for you

[email protected]
there is this new invention where this alarm clock is very loud and it rolls off of your counter and rolls on the floor until you shut it off. or just have someone wake you up.

Here's a few suggestions that I use, since it is very hard for me to stay awake when I first get up:
1. use multiple alarms- i use my cell phone as well as an alarm clock
2. Put your alarm(s) across the room, this will make you get out of bed. Try to keep yourself from going back to your bed once you are across the room
3. The best alarm clock I every had was the size of a classroom wall clock and it had the bells on top like the old fashioned alarm clocks. When you get one that big, it is extremely loud and annoying and makes you get up.

Also, you may want to get 3-4 different clocks, use one at a time until you start ignoring it. As soon as you get use to it, switch the clock.

The UK Goddess *Accalia*
I just have iPod speakers, and set my iPod to alarm clock mode. Then I have the loudest, screechiest song play in the morning and it wakes me right up. You could try Bob the builder, my parents used that on me when I was 5.

Perhaps your brain is conditioned to "tune out" your alarm clock. Once you become accustomed to one, you can sleep right through it.

Or, maybe you're in a REM cycle when it goes off. In that case, try going to bed earlier or later to offset the cycle (in theory).

Please do not take this as a nag. It is far from it.

One thing that would be helpful to you is to go to bed earlier. Psychologists have found that ther are 4 stages of sleep that the body/mind go through. Stage 1 is the lightest, Stage 4 the deepest, and REM sleep occurs around Stage 2. You steadily go through peakes and valleys in your sleep stage throughout the night (if you look at it on a graph chart, with peak being Stage 1, valley Stage 4). However, you are down in stage 4 within the last hour or so of your natural sleep cycle, and tend to rise a bit more sharply out of it.

Based upon the time you go to bed, verses the time you wake up, you are probably down in Stage 4 sleep. If you go to bed earlier, you will be closer to Stage 1, which should be light enough to be woken by outside stimuli, such as your alarm clock, and at les volume.

So, long advice short: Go to bed earlier.

High Voltage
If you really can't wake up, and nothing is working, give your parents a squirt gun, and tell them to use it every morning.

WHAT WORKED FOR ME..... Set your alarm clock like an hour before your supposed to wake up, and by the time your actually supposed to be up, the noise will have done it's job. You may have to set it earlier depending on you. HOWEVER, you may want to simply try putting it closer to your head, maybe on a nightstand or something first.

I have the same exact problem! My mom bought me this Timex extra loud alarm clock from like Wal Mart. My mom said that when it went off in the morning, she could hear it downstairs! It woke me up at first, but than I got used to the noise and didnt hear it anymore. I think it is a good clock, so you may want to try it.

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