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I can't sleep at night? Should i get sleeping tablets?
Hello, i cant sleep at night, i cant get to sleep untill like 4-5am, EVERYNIGHT
is there any sleeping tablets wich Under 18s can have?
and are not addictive?
and if you have sleeping talbets can you wake up?
or do you know any other ways to get asleep?
10points for best Answer :)
Additional Details
i have tried loads of things
i do loads of exercise, drink milk before bed, take a bath, none of it seems to work for me :S

Why can`t you sleep? You are young and should be sleeping very well?
Are you worried or anxious about something? Try and find the reason why you can`t sleep and deal with the cause rather than masking the problems with sleeping tablets.
I doubt very much that a Doctor would prescribe them at your age.

Good luck!

Transformers fan
Firstly i wouldn't buy sleeping tablets. No point. Since you said you can't get to bed till 4-5am i think its not coz you can't sleep.
Don't worry it would all make sense if i explain this right.
The main question i have to ask you is what time do you actually go to sleep everyday? Going to bed really late would get you used to the sleeping times which can cause this problem, it can also be if you are on something that is really fun and addicting, it may just pass your sleeping time.
If you do not go to bed really late then i would just suggest you to make yourself a drink. I reccomend Horlicks. Its good to drink this before you go to sleep as you can have a easier/better sleep. You would feel relaxed.
Also before you go to sleep, have a warm shower then change into your nighties. This way you can go to bed better as your body is nice and comfortable and its cooling down and you would feel it which would make you relaxed.

yea..u should. but its normal for people to have insomnia.

Stephen T
You can try taking Melatonin. You need to maintain the same routine every day. You should go see a sleep doctor and they can help you out. I take Trazodone at night for sleep and sleep like a log for 5-6 hours.

Luis C
Wake up earlier, about 8h00 am, and help ur parents at home, do something other than siting in front of ur computer/tv all day. U´ll sleep like a baby i assure u!

Breezy ツ
Sleeping tables for people under 18 usually aren't a good idea, try some nighttime cold medicine, it'll knock you out, and with sleeping tablets you can have all these side effects, i tried to take them once and i ended up sleepwalking O_O
so i wouldn't recomend them, hope i helped

Apples to Apples
Do not drink any caffeine after 2pm daily.
Try taking 50mg of Diphenhydramine (The active ingredient in Benadryl).
It is widely used in nonprescription sleep aids with a maximum recommended dose of 50 mg. In fact, it is included in Tylenol PM and several other sleep aides. However; if you don't need the pain medicine, just take the diphenhydramine. My sister-in-law's physician recommended that she take this after a time period when she had become dependent on sleep aids. It worked well and didn't have any adverse affects.
You can also try a cup of sleepytime tea before going to bed. It is supposed to relax you so you can sleep.

ok. i would go 2 the doctor, and get some help. Do you eat alot before you go to sleep? Alot of stress. I would take some little sleep pills, you would be better asking the people at cvs( or where you go) . So the little sleeping pills while put you into a natural sleep . So you will wake up like you normally do, until you get to the doctor. If not just try closing you eyes and forgeting bout everything and maybe you'll fall into sleep. hope this helps.

get a constant sleep routine, stop drinking caffeine a few hours before you go to sleep and make your room as dark as possible

Susan Yarrawonga
Perhaps you can find some useful information in a web search for insomnia + "natural remedies".

Julian Alahmed
no do not get sleeping tablets find a different way i know this isnt helpful but dont buy sleeping tablets

None Of these they`ll mess u up a drop of brandy will help

ya you should, i use them some times
they work like a charm =]
and you go to sleep like half hourafter you talk them
and its easy to wake up when you need to and when you wake up you dont feel tired , it helps you get a deeper sleep =]

Try taking more exercise during the day, cut sugars a few hours before bedtime, and just get up earlier - then you will be tired sooner.
You could also try looking up some relaxation tecniques and try those.
Or you can count sheep!

i would avoid any sleepin pills yet, have u tried over the counter stuff first?
have a hot bath, tidy room, ventilation and a milky drink....also try meditation, imagine yourself in a place you would like to be on your own and imagine driftin off...also concentrate on ur breathing.
u could also try led on your back and go through every muscle in ur body, tighten it up for 10 seconds and relax, this usually works for me.

Here are some good tips that will help you get back your zees : (1) No food or snacks for at least 3 hours before going to bed (2) No caffein , like coffe , hot tea , cocoa , candy bars , and no Cola (3) limit drinking lots of fluids prior to bedtime ( 4 ) have a warm bath before going to bed ( 5 ) wear comfortable PJ's , not too tight (6 ) avoid watching action or horror movies before bedtime ....And finally ... a really good advice is NO SLEEPING PILLS . good night ...

I have the same problem, I take sleeping tablets. Just ask your doctor, however I don't really reccomend them, just take them when you really need to get to sleep. Once you take them you feel like **** the next day when you wake up, I don't know what it is about them...

I avoid taking them by getting into a routine, try getting up early everyday, then doing like, psychical activity and going to bed at a decent time, at about 11pm, to get into a routine. Once you get into a routine you should be sleeping fine, it pretty much worked for me but if it doesn't, go to your doctor and ask about the tablets.I got mine easily

Yeah, I've been having the same problems.

A few tricks I've been doing are:
1. Going through the Alphabet naming a city for each letter (ex. Atlanta, Bermuda, Ciro). This will focus and tire your mind. Eventually you'll fall asleep. If you get stuck on a letter, don't skip it! It's usually the letter that I can't think of one that I fall asleep on.
2. Go through your day in you mind backwards.
3. And the best one for me is to count backwards from 100. I think of the number as I breathe in, and think out as I exhale. Try to breathe as slowly and deeply as possible

If all those don't help, you can try melatonin which is available over the counter. Melatonin is produced in your pineal gland which is inside your brain, and it seems to regulate the sleep cycle. I'd take it as soon as it's dark outside, because that's when you start naturally producing it. Valarian root extract is also something to try.

You could also try diphenhydramine, which is also available otc. Benadryl will probably be cheaper than the sleep medications that have it. It's the same stuff. The reason why I don't like this one is that it's also an anticholinergic, which means it depletes your brain's neurotransmitter acytolcholine, which is what lets your muscles know they need to move. You'll feel heavy when you wake up, which is due to the long half life of the drug. Tolerance also builds really fast for this too, and if you take too much you might start hearing voices, which is definately a scary thing.

If all else fails, talk to your doctor, or try to find a psychiatrist. Ambien, Lunesta, Clonodine, and Trazodone, among others, have all been approved if your under 18, but you should only take them under the supervision of a doctor. These medications are powerful, and weird things will happen if you use them improperly.

Seriously, starting a sleep medication is a big deal and it's really hard to stop using them. Rebound insomnia is more painful than normal insomnia. I know insomnia hurts, but natural sleep is the best sleep.

Tablets are always the last option.

Do you drink tea coffee late at night?

Do you eat late at night?

Do you sleep during the day?

I would approach all these items first.

After that, you could get good nytol or something but it is best to consult a doctor.

Becky :)
yes try "kalms" they are really good, i use them. They don't knock you out, but help you just drift off.
And they arn't addictive. And yeah they don't keep me asleep. I wake up at 9 ish as usual. You wake up automatically.


first and foremost, ask your doctor. Melatonin is also a natural sleep aid.

Vix T
Try some herbal ones like Kalms or Nytol.

OMFG Brat!
Try eliminating caffene and tea a few hours before you go to bed. Don't do extreme physical activity before bed. Try drinking hot milk. It'll put you to sleep. Eat healthier foods and try to eliminate all sources of stress and nervousness in your life.

Happy to Help
Had the same problem.
Go to bed really early at night even if you cant sleep then lay there, clear your mind and try not to think of anything or play soft music. I even herd it u count 1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2 in your head etc, then this can help you sleep. but it is important to keep going to bed early each night say between 9-11 and get up early the next day say 6-8 if you get in a regular routine then this should help and fit more stuff into your day to tirer you out like exercising.

Might just be that you have alot of stuff going on in your life right now and you may want to talk to someone. this will help you sleep better.

Sleeping pills should be the last resort.

try to read books or just be feel comfortable,drink a hot glass of water.but if you want to get your sleep try to read books

Cassidy C
if i can't sleep i do this relaxation thing, concentrating on my breathing. try excersising way before you sleep to burn evergy, but not right before you sleep that will only make it worse. you could also try yoga, its very relaxing. if you do something every night before you sleep, like read or listen to music or write in a journel it lets your body know you're getting ready to sleep and it starts shutting down.

Try changing your diet, avoid stimulants like tea, coffee and cola which have a lot of caffeine. Reduce the amount of sugar you have, and try to eat unprocessed, non-packaged natural foods. All of this is healthier anyway.

You could also try herbal sleeping tablets, these are mild and non-addictive, they don't knock you out, but they can help to make you feel more calm and restful. Also try some caffeine-free herbal tea, like chamomile before you go to bed:)

I would strongly advise you try these things first, strong sleeping pills are addictive, you can become dependant on them to sleep and find that you need progressively stronger pills to make you sleep, and although they can make you sleep they tend to leave you still feeling tired because they do not give you a good quality of sleep.

You might also try learning some relaxation or meditation techniques, or maybe listen to a talking book at night:)

I would recomment taking Melatonin. It is very inexpensive and gives you a more natural sleep, so you don't wake up feeling drugged in the morning.

Nae Nae
You can take sleeping tablets and they really aren't addictive. some nights i would have trouble sleeping so my mom would give me a pill and it worked well but i don't rely on them to sleep everynight. i haven't taken one in months. Yes you can most certainly wake up but they usually work for 8 hours so you're not supposed to drive or anything like that. But if this has been happening for a while, I would definitely talk to your doctor about it because you could have a sleep disorder. good luck! :]

Lauren לור'ן
I am 19 yrs old and I have been taking this stuff since I was like 11 [NOT every night haha] just whenever I'm finding it difficult to fall asleep
It's called Melatonin and it's a natural supplement. You stick a tablet under your tongue when you're getting ready to go to bed, and let it dissolve. Works wonders. Let me know if I helped at all, okay?
Good Luck! ^ _ ^

This is the link to the Melatonin that I use. It really saves me sometimes
[get the peppermint though. the orange tastes gnarsty]

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