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fhghf :)
I am really tired..but can't sleep?
I WANT to go to sleep..but i can't fall asleep.
i have a hyperactivity.
I am REALLYY REALLY tired too!
don't say "count sheep, count from 100..imagine your on a beach relaxing!"!!!
and do i have a disorder?
i also have a short attention span..

if its jet lag just wait for a while then try again. also try going to bed in your guest room or something if you have one. idk why this works but the same thing happened to me last night and i went to sleep in my guest room in like 2 minutes

you may have Insomnia, look it up.

Someone asks this question every night on yahoo answers. I'm sure the answer to you problem has already been posted.

Yes, you have a sleeping disorder called insomnia. It is common, but people who have it, cant sleep at all. It is like they just dont fall asleep. If you do eventually fall asleep after a couple hours, that is somewhat normal, it happens to me

cant decide on a name
have you tried laying in a bed?


Zoe F
Sounds like insomnia...

mmm. try snorting a Tylenol PM and if that does not work try to listen to classical music while setting the mood for a certain someone. Then lie on your back and slowly say ' gooey drops of gooey poo' and raise your arms alternatively.

have you considered drinking some booze? I find a glass of ice, jack and coke while watching a classic like casablanca does the trick quite well.

Colin Chamberlain
Seek medical help.

Your Future Self
I eat whale meat.

Random Questions
lol ask your doctor

the more you feel tired, the more you can't sleep...

Paul Beard The Pirate
Try setting your alarm clock to an early time.

For example if you normally wake up at 10am try setting your alarm clock for 8am. Hopefully you should be falling asleep 2 hours sooner then previously.

This helps me get back into my sleeping schedule before classes start up again after a break.

Drink like half a bottle of nyquil or if you have a bottle of promethazine .

Adopted by Madonna
Get aerobic-type exercise on a daily basis, eat high protein and low carb diet, stay away from using drugs including alcohol, and see a doctor to make sure you are healthy.

The hard part is to STOP THINKING!! What i try to do is just breath normally and i just focus on my breathing, i count my breathing and whenever I get another thought, i cut the thought. I come back to concentrating on my breathing. (This is a kind of meditation, but since you are not sitting up straight, you will slowly drift to sleep) try it. if it doesn't help and you are thinking about seeking professional help, make an appointment with your family physician and they will more than likely prescribe a sleeping pill for you. But I honestly believe in spiritual healing. Just meditating an hour a day will rid you of all your illnesses from the inside out. Don't knock it, until you've tried it. Good luck, and I wish you all the best!

I think you are thinking too much or concerning about some problems. Take a glass of warm milk mixed with honey, drink it before you go to bed. I do hope you can sleep then. I did try and it works

[email protected]
Try seeing your doctor. You might have insomnia.

Do you exercise and do physical activity during the day? If not, you should. It helps.
1. Run treadmill for like an hour so you get worn out.
2. Take a shower to clean up and relax yourself
3. Eat dinner
4. Go to bed while listening to soft peace full music.

I guarantee you'll be very tired after it. You'll fall asleep pretty easily.

Jason Clay
Did you eat? if you eat at late hours you body is busy digesting so it gunna keep you up. if you have one put a heat pad on ur back it helps sometimes :D also you should have put ur age so im not sure what to say

The Local Retard
It's hard for me to concentrate on sleep also. You could have insomnia, go to a doctor and they will probably prescribe you a drug of some sort (get xanax) It could also be your bed, or the tempurature in your house. When I try to sleep I am very OCD, I like to have a blanket on me at all times but its hot as hell where I live so it brings up a few issues.

Hope I helped.

Get off the computer, Put your pillow in fridge. Make your bed, turn off all TV and radio. Take shower, dry off, then sit peacefully in your living room with low lighting. Breathe deeply. Sip Water, then take pillow out of fridge and get into bed.

same thing here.

The best thing to do is turn off the computer and tv an hour before you plan on going to sleep. Also, try to go to bed at the same time everyday, and wake up around the same time as well. And don't try to think of too many things. Usualy a busy mind keeps me awake a LONG tie.

I doubt you have a disorder..Happens to me ALL the time, and I'm sure I don't have one >.< .

Good luck!

betty boop
well, to me it's sounds like you are depressed. i've been there, done that. you must be worried and to a point, where this and other things are on your mind. your brain is not at rest. since you are hyper there our meds for all these things you listed above . look up sertonin, this is an enzyme in the brain that has to be regulated and that is what the meds do.also. mine started when i was 24. now i am 62. the only time i had all the symptoms return is when i went cold turkey aand stopped my meds. then i'd get back the same way until i started my meds again. now i'm fine as long as i keep taking meds.get a dr.soon you don't want to feel like this the rest of the summer. he can also give you a something to sleep. and remember it takes time to start the healing process. 2 wks. for me. if you don't feel better tell the dr. you need something else, until all meds are working together for you.good luck! i know it's horrible for you. betty

I don't think you have a disorder. Although you didn't provide much information. Does this happen every night, or just every once in a while? Well all I can tell you is this trick I read about once. Imagine that you're sinking into your mattress. It forces you to relax your muscles. It doesn't always help, but I think it's cool :)

Try this:

Get comfortable and lay in bed. Turn off any distractions. Clear your mind and think of nothing (almost like meditation or something). Try to mentally slow you heartbeat calmly and imagine that you being drained of energy.

It usually works for me, and i think i'm ADD and partially OCD...

and don't make yourself think you have insomnia, you'll just drive yourself crazy.

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