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I am not able to sleep--what should I do?
Insomnia again.

sleeping pills! greatest thing ever

some warm milk and a book, that should send you off nicely.


Meg -think about it - who are you asking? Us insomniacs!! If we had the answer would we be here??!!

I AM working tomorrow too.

Better go.


Dr Frank
Wow this is one to be careful of! Sleeping pills are a real disaster and that includes things like the over the counter antihistamines sold to help sleep. Most doctors seem unaware that if you take a sleeping pill for 3 consecutive days on day 4 withdrawal can be detected and the sleep pattern actually gets worse. Patients on long term sleeping pills have been shown to sleep only about 30 minutes longer than they did when they started the pills and they soon struggle to sleep at all without them. Homoeopathic sleeping pills are safe, but don't work for everyone.

It is important to check if any life events are having any effect, good or bad. Also insomnia can be a symptom of anxiety or depression. See your GP. IF he is any good he will take a full history, and may then give you some good advice. IF however, and the risk is high, you are in the surgery for 3 minutes and come out with a sleeping pill prescription I advise you try another GP.

put a rose quartz near yor bed

Ms`z Diamond
you should get something to eat, than take a nice shower and get under the covers and turn your tv on. trust me it works!

You could always try hypnosis. Or I suggest smoking a fat blunt, it would make you feel relaxed.

robert m
A pint of RUM at bed time and pleasant dreams.

I am sure that I can help your problem. Details would take too much space in this forum. Contact me via this "temporary" email address if you cannot sleep because your mind will not "shut down" even though you are physically tired. I suffered like this for over 20 years before I stumbled on a method of inducing sleep...I now fall asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow. I offer this free advice to anyone who suffers this same problem & may be reading your question.....Charlie.... [email protected]

just relax ad think about the most exotic thing you ever done

I think you should do the same as me and. log into yahoo answers. Some of the answers should knock you out.

K. Marx iii
don't sleep then. If you really want to sleep the measures are drastic. Viz, turn off all electronic junk around you so that even the little red lights are gone and music too. then lie down and think of anything you like with eyes shut.

I suffer from insomnia often...Invest in some "Melatonin" next time you go to the store...Melatonin is what the body naturally produces to send you brain messages that you should sleep. Start out on one melatonin pill and about 15-20 minutes later you will feel sleepy...

Also, I have learned that for at least 30 minutes before I am needing to be in bed- NOT to do anything stimulating to the brain to get your mind working, such as working, computer stuff, etc...unless it is an activity your body can become accustomed to, to prepare it for sleep- mine is reading...

I always make sure that I am in bed AT LEAST 30 minutes before I am actually needing to fall asleep...reading helps my mind relax and takes my mind off of things of today and of tomorrow!

Hope that helps!

same as me and answer these questions

Listen to 5 live or some phone in radio station on the radio in bed & you will go to sleep within 5 minutes. Make sure that it is turned down low so it is hard to hear.
That is what I do & it always works. My radio turns off after 15 minutes.

I always put the radio on it knocks me to sleep.The down side is it wakes me around 4-30.

read a book.

This is so unfair. I am 63 years old and have a hard time staying awake most of the time. But to answer your question - I pick out an old Godzilla movie from the sixties and - well last night I was watching The Hound of the Baskervilles with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce from 1939 in black and white (ZZZZZZZ) and well, you begin (ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz) to get the idea, and if you find any movie like that which is interesting but boring as dishwater, you won't be able to last seven minutes into (ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz) it.

Im an insomniac, and sometimes this works for me. When you go to bed, starting with your toes, concentrate on completely relaxing each muscle in your body one at a time. Work your way upwards, finishing with your mouth, eyes and brow, and by then you should be chilled enough to sleep. Oh and think nice thoughts

young ugs
Honestly, you should just flick the bean for awhile. Seriously.

worry if you are going to work in the morning!!

get more points! Yay!

Joanne W
Massage, lavender oil on your pillow & Boots & Avon both sell sleep spray, it knocks my boyfriend out, he's an insomniac, try it!!! xxx

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