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 Why is my eye twitching? ?
My eye is twitching for no reason.
It's not even my eye. Its right under my eye.
It just keeps twitching.
I cant stop it.
It goes for a minute thens it stops. Then it ...

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He has a doctors appointment tomorrow, but Im looking for opinions of what you think could be wrong with him
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It stinks and I need to get rid of the smell FAST!!!
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Soz, I ment - How do you get the smell of cigarette smoke out 'of' your car COMPLETELY?...

 Does anyone know if headaches are caused by tumors?
I get headaches frequently and last I went to the doctors which was about 7-8 years ago, I was told I get heat headaches and that was the end of it. Now I'm getting the headaches a little more ...

 ive had a constant headache for 6 days now paracetamol doesnt work and its the same when i wake up any advice?
Im generaly healthy and eat well lots of fruit and water sometimes its that bad i feel really light headed, ive missed lectures and had to leave work early cause of the pain. I get interuped sleep ...

 i may be pregnant and have a head cold what can i take? i have a cough sneezing and a bad headache? thanks !!?

 My Dad quit smoking!!!?
In a couple weeks my Dad will not have smoked a cigarette in one year!! This is a big accomplishment for him because he smoked for 30+ years. I want to get him a gift that says I'm proud of him. ...

 Why is it that I can't sleep on my day off from work? And yet I can't get out of bed when I'm working??

 Does anyone have good ideas to help quit smoking?
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 What itch on your body, do you find the most satisfying to scratch?
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 I'm Sleeping in to Long...?
well im not gunna lie, i get to bed late almost every night, and sometimes so do my friends, but they dont have a problem getting up in the morning, i sleep in till like 1:00 pm every day and i dont ...

 omg, is this nasty.........?
Okay, so this guy I like asked for a pic. And I was like "i feel icky right now. Tomorrow?"
and he said "take a shower then" and i said "i take my showers in the morning&...

 is it even possible...?
i was just watching something on TV and there was this chick with finger nails 3 ft long!!! is that even possible? or did makeup people glue stuff on her fingers?...

 I SLEEP upto 11 hours sometimes and i'm 16. Is this too much?

 why do you we yawn?

 I'm building a bomb shelter in my house, what medicine should i have and how much can i expect to spend?
How much would it cost to but enough medicine for ten people, a wide gammit of medicine, about a clinic's worth of medicine for 10 people. I would imagine that the medicine would have to be ...

 help me...i'm worried?
i'm pretty young and recently my poop has been coming out with blood...i'm really worried and think something is wrong...does anyone knows what it could be?

 i sleep too much ?
I sleep too much, and when i sleep i can't feel a thing, i wake up and i have 90-100 missed calls ! is this normal ? how can i change that ?...

 Should I go to the doctors?
I have an ear infection and cannot hear a word my wife is saying. Should I go to the doctors?

Let the people decide.
Additional Details
As she watched me post this question, I...

 Do you sleep well? What is good for sleeping well?

Simon H
I accidentally swallowed a 50p ?
If I've accidentally swallowed 50p, what should I do? It doesn't hurt at all in my throat, though it was fairly slow moving down. Plus I don't feel any other side effects so far. I'm guessing it will just pass but seek advice if any symptoms or problems arrise.
Additional Details
I've unintentionally swallowed 50p. It doesn't hurt in my throat, though was slow moving down. No other symptoms as yet. Should I worry? or seek help if any problem occurs?

you don't just accidentally swallow 50 pills. stop seeking attention.

Dr Asmed
Go to A+E

hahahahaha lol **** it out

Give it a few days see if there's any change.

noah's yahoo
Don't worry i did that 3 months ago , maybe you will get lucky and 50 dollars when it comes out

you could swallow a bank book, that should give you a decent return on your investment. dont go near giant magnets

Gemma E
well why was it near your mouth anyway?

You not dead, so it will be fine. Keep an eye on the toilet.

why dont you accidentely swallow a 20p a10p a5p and a pound coin the change will do you good

David S
Hahahahahaha Epic Fail. Dont forget to check your poo to make sure it passes all the way through!

your poo will be worth something :)

look for it in your ***t!

dont worry about it, it will pass through maybe be a bitsore, lol, sorry

trevor s
was it your dinner money ?

Luan S
You are gonna have to **** it out. Eat a lot of food.

50p's are big and an awkward shape. If you feel ill or have any severe pains, go to A&E, but if all goes well, it should come out the other end in a day or two. You will have the unpleasant job of having to keep watch to make sure it does exit your body.

I dread to think what you were doing with it in your mouth in the first place. You do realise it's covered in harmful bacteria? YUK!


Were you drunk when you swallowed it or something?
That must have been real hard though even if you didn't feel any pain
or discomfort.


Then you've put on half a pound.....

Pull your arm down, roll your eyes and hope you hit the jackpot symbols

Most people accidently swallow pound coins, so 50p make a bit of a change! Or are you coining me?

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