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what's up
I SLEEP upto 11 hours sometimes and i'm 16. Is this too much?

Do you sleep because you are depressed or bored? You could try excercising more and eating healthier. I think that 11 hours is excessive, but if it isnt regular (and due to previous over-exertion) Im sure its fine

way to much do you get to do anything else?

NO. At 16 you should be averaging 23 hours of sleep each day. Any less can result in the underdevelopment of your libido and your brain.

The average sleep is 8 hours. You're still young so you can extend maybe, for another hour. But 11 hours, for me is too much. You have better things to do than sleep. Try joining some activities. :)

yes you are normal my kids can sleep longer than that.

you need some exercising
join a club

yes it is .go out and get some exercise this will make you feel more awake. when you sleep like that you get use to it and then its hard to change.come on do it tommorow,

I used to sleep loads when I was in my teens as well. If you sleep too little, you will obviously be tired and have poor concentration, but if you sleep too much you won't feel great either. Its difficult at 16 of you are out partying etc, but try to go to bed and get up around the same time most nights, and aim for 7 - 10 hours. Everybody is different in how much sleep they need, but at 16, you are going through big changes in your body, so more rather then less sleep is good - along with plenty of excercise and a healthy diet. Good luck.

no all teenagers sleep lots.
i did when i was that age too
u r growing lots even when u sleep

I sleep for 3 hours, I'm 15. is this too little?

its perfectly normal -your bodies growing all the time and it just needs to rest - alot :)

that's too much sleep !

jean c
We all need so many hours sleep per night,we are all different ,i must have 8 hrs,i can't do with any less,you would not sleep so long if your body didn't need it so don't worry about it.

This definately too much, when do you find time to socialize, work, etc....

Do you spend it all sleeping?

There are other things you should be doing in bed at 16.

im the same....i sleep 12 13 hours and yet i still feel tired....i dont know it could be your blood sugar level or what time you go to bed at...

darn,thats a long time,I can't sleep as long as that....sigh.........

Give yourself a shake Lazy Boy! You are missing life!

you must need it otherwise you wouldn't sleep that long, my eldest son used to sleep about14 hours when he was 16, and he can still sleep that long now he's 23

I dont think so when it is just sometimes......

yes i would say so the average person needs between 7-9 hours per night, unless you are really active during the hours when you are awake. You need to get out more might help...

While teens do require more sleep, I think anything over 9 is excessive. The longer you sleep, the less energy you have when you wake up. Cut out eating before bed, no caffeine or sugar 4 hours before bed, maybe longer. Exercise daily, even if it's walking a dog or playing 1 on 1 in the driveway.

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