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I Quit Smoking ! anyone wan to help me with the cravings?
i am doing really good , i have none and havnt asked anyone for any! I'm going cold turkey , or so i am gonna try so i want to know who has suggestions ? All i can think about it a cig! but i keep tellin myself no no no i want to stop its so bad!

Tracy L
yeahh chew that gumm stuff

Bob Hofmans
There not much to do about the cravings. It's simply withdrawal from which you suffer when you stop any kind of drugs, even coffee!
Smoking has probably the longest-lasting withdrawal: at least three years.
I admire you for going cold turkey: I know how difficult that is. I myself used patches. Try it, it helps a lot, and after a while you slowly stop using them.
But the mental craving will be around in your life for a long time to come Just accept it and think of all the benefits:
the money saved, your health is better and you don't have to clean all those stupid ashtrays you kept around the house!

Here's something (just my story): I know someone that had a heart attack due to smoking. When they went to the hospital, the doctor put a patch on this person to wean them off the habit and said,"You've smoked your last cigarette. If you do smoke again, you'll either be coming back to see me because of another heart attack, or, you won't make it back, because it'll kill you." This person hasn't smoked since. I don't know what else the doctor said, but whatever they said, it worked!!!! Since then, this person's health has improved greatly as well as mine, since there is no secondhand smoke around. I can't tell you how grateful I feel about all this.

There are so many reasons against and no reasons for it.
There are so many reasons against it that I think that everyday, you could think of a different reason.

Here are a few reasons and slogans to quit and a few ways to stay away from it to start your new year off right:
01) Extra money to spend on more important things.
02) Extra money to spend on yourself anyway you want.
03) You can breath again.
04) No stains on your teeth.
05) No smell on your clothes.
06) Improved health for you.
07) Improved health for those around you. I know that since the smoker in my life quit, my level of health has gone through the roof!!! Thanks for not smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08) Did I say more money for you?
09) Repeat "Thanks for not smoking" along with every reason.
10) Smoke free is great in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11) It only takes a month for a new habit to become permanent.
12) Just for today, I shall not smoke (say this everyday).
13) meditation, take a nap, rest, read, do a puzzle, etc...., it'll take your mind off it.
14) Find others who have quit or do not smoke (these are your new friends)
15) Start a healthy hobby (see links below)
16) Spend some time on Y! answers. (I recently stopped a couple of different bad habits by using Yahoo! Answers, as you can see, I am already on level 4!!!!!!! I think I can probably stop here and start living my life.)

So there are a few reasons and ways and suggestions to help you!!! Hope they help! A different way to think about for every month of the year. See if you can find others and make the list longer. Try different things since different things work for different people. Only you know what works for you.

thankyou so much for not smoking, i think i love you because you love yourself (there's another reason), and good luck to you in the year ahead.

Sorry if this is too much. I was just so amazed at how my health improved when the second hand smoke disappeared, I guess I just wanted to share.

well, those are all my suggestions, hope they help.

smiley miley lover
chew gum

ewww... cigarettes. nasty.

You can do this. think positive. You are in control of your of your mind and body! do not let smoking take control of you.
drink lots of water
buy yourself something for every week that you've quit.
treat yourself for a job well done.
surround yourself with non-smoking friends. and find activities to keep your mind off the smoking!
and most important...don't give up. no matter how many times you have to try...just keep trying.
I wish you all the best honey!
good luck!

miss Kapitan
thats good.


You don't have to do it cold turkey. Go to you Dr. & get Wellbutrin. That's what I did & I quit1-1/2 years ago. It works!

Good luck! You can do it!

I quit seven weeks ago, when you want to smoke you need to do something that keeps you mind off of it. try sit ups, chewing gum, sunflower seeds, etc. It helped me..

try chewing gum or pick a healthy food you like to eat and when you get the craving to smoke go get that food and try eating it if that doesent work try talking to your doctor

Congrats on deciding to quit thats probably (in my opinion) the hardest part. My boyfriend and I quit together and he wanted me to more than I did and it didn't work I continued to smoke. You have to really want to and be extremely determined to quit.

I quit cold turkey and it wasn't easy at all! Whenever I was around people who smoked or even just went out for drinks I would get these intense craving and I would totally wig out but you definitely gotta keep reminding yourself you're doing this for yourself and to keep yourself healthy and your health come FIRST! Stay focused, keeo your goal in mind and have positive people around you and people who are going to support you in this. Its easy to get weak and go back and smoke when you're stressed out or having a really bad day but again you gotta keep your goal and health in mind!

Good Luck on quitting...I"m still trying to be clean!

sure it's very bad so go on ,you gone srart to taste better ask you boy friend or girl no say , write back tell about it chow ray

congradulations!!! my sister just recently quit herself, and the cravings are the hardest part. my sugestion to you is to try chewing gum. any kind is ok. good luck to you!!

Missing U
nicorette gum

Different methods work for different people, however, I couldn't go cold turkey. When I did quit, I used a nicotine patch and for someone who still enjoyed smoking and didn't really want to quit, it wasn't terribly hard. The patches take care of the nicotine cravings so that you can deal with the smoking habit, which IMO was far more difficult. Smoking was a way of dealing with inactivity for me. Unfortunately I turned to food more often than not and had a little weight to lose afterwords. Keep busy! If you miss the motions, carry a short cinnamon stick with you to 'smoke'. Good luck!

Congrats on deciding to quit, the first few days are the hardest. Someone told me that the craving will pass within 10 minutes wheather you smoke or not. I would tell myself that I don't have any cigarettes and I'm not going to buy any, the craving will pass. Best of luck to you. If you really want to quit you can.

evanescence fan for life
read a book, play video games, work out

I've known a few people that use gum (regular gum) or sunflower/pumpkin seeds to help with the oral fixations of smoking.

Life is Good
Congrats! Try chewing gum each time you have a craving. Or drinking a glass of water. I would suggest candy...but thats how people gain weight when they stop smoking. You need to keep your hands busy too...maybe scrapbooking or sewing...

good job, I am happy for you,

just visiting
excelent! Keep it up, Just hold out for another month and you will be ok. Cold turkey IS the best way, no matter what anyone says. It really is, you dont want to add more nicotine, when you need to cleanse of it. Try some sunflower seeds, they helped me get through the first month. I have quit for 3 years now, and never even had another puff. It is ssooo much better not to smoke. It just gets easier after you get the last of the nicotine out of your system, It just takes awhile. Just dont give in! Keep it up!. Good going!

Jayce's mommy
I had to quit when I was pregnant and i just had to keep myself busy busy busy. Don't even think about the cravings. Good luck

Stay occupied. Talking about it probably will just keep pushing it in your face. Play cards, workout, have a healthy snack. Quitting cold turkey is the way to go. The medication and patches seem to just cost a lot of $$ and do a whole lot of nothing unless you convince yourself it'll work. Parents tried it. One said, "Ok lets try". It worked. The other said "It's not going to work" and well.. it never worked. So I see those things as sugar pills. If you want to quit, then quit. If you want to crave it then crave it. If you don't, then don't. When it comes to mind think of something else. Focus on it.

Sudoku is a great game to keep you focused for a few hours (several games of course).

Apples - I found apples helped in place of a cigarette they have a great flavour and the sweetness took the craving away.

try to keep urself busy...it was really hard for me to quit, but if i stayed away from situations that i used to smoke in, it helped alot.
try not to drink or do stuff that makes u crave, and pick up a new hobby- knit or play video games or something...

:D peace

I quit smoking last year Dec 19, 2006. I wen't cold turkey and what gave me the strengh to stop was my determination. I have a 10 year old and want to see my grandchildren so that was my motivation and haven't touched one since last year and proud of it.
You will stop smoking when your determined to stop!!

Hey, good luck with that!!! I've quit for a while a few times... always end up smoking again. : ( I think it's impossible when you don't really want to, but when you get it in your head your gonna quit and really want it, It's not that bad.... just resist the urges and they will pass. I think you've inspired me to quit again.... maybe it will last this time.

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