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Additional Details
Ive tried eating loadsa fruit (bananas, strawberries and cherries) and muesli and yoghurt and a whole tin of prunes and stilll nothing!My skin breaking out now and I...

I Know People Don't Like To Talk About This But>>>>>?
I'm really constipated to the point where it hurts!! haven't been for over a week!! Took 4 Laxative's lastnight but they haven't shifted anything............ Any Tips?? Please
Additional Details
Thankyou ever so much everyone for all your advice...... This is such a horrible feeling... It's actually making me feel sick.

I can't answer that question...i'd make an appointment to see a doc about it...

Definately see a doctor...without wanting to scare you, it could be a bowel obstruction of some sort.

Go to the Accident and Emergency Department of your nearest hospital or your doctor (I think I'd advise the A&E myself and you'll possibly end up there). You could have an obstruction, get it looked at NOW as those toxins will be playing havoc with your body!

Go to one of those Healt Shops and get yourself PRUNE Juice. I gave ti to my son and it works wonders!!!
You can drink a tb spon of Olive oil as well ... and GET READY!!!

Try eating liquorice or lots of diabetic chocolate

Time to see a doctor..you could have a bowel obstruction.

If you are a mathematician you could always work it out with your pencil.

SEE YOUR DOCTOR don't be embarrassed about it it happens to all of us sometime.

Go to your local paramacy or Wal-Mart and purchase Magnesium Citrate Oral Solution 10 oz. bottle drink the whole bottle w/1-2 glasses of water and you will go in just 30 min. to several hrs. it works wonders I get constipated often and that is what my local emergency room had me drink when I went in there one time. Hell I was contstipated and didn't even now it. Just make sure you are close to a toilet for the next couple days.

Glass of hot water in the morning before anything else. Glycerine suppositories are gentler than an enema. Have you tried 2 spoons of "Andrews" liver salts. That should all help.
Make sure you have plenty of loo roll in...........

Go drink hot spoilt milk. Ok, i jest...but somehow, it just might work.

The Wanderer
ye i think you need to see a doctor

Prunes apparently.....................

Or a great one is slighty gone off English Ale,(end of barrell)
Your bum will be dripping tho! lol!

Psyllium Husk is good to help clean you out. Lots of fiber rich foods help you go.

constipation is a very serious problem,, it's very unhealthy to ur body & can cause really bad things on the long run.. all i can say to u is that u must go to a specialist right away to see what's causing it.. as for the food.. u should drink alot of water & eat alot of vegetables & things that contain fibers to make things move on.. & Good Luck !

eat alot of fiber it will help. for example cereal like whole wheat, or even fiber pills, you know it can also help you lose weight!

WATER....Drinks lots and lots of water!

I would not wait much longer, your bowels may be blocked. You better see a doctor.

Why are you this constipated? You should drink your 8 glasses of water daily and eat fruit. Try prunes and mangos. You could drink the laxative Citrasin, but only once to get rid of all the crap you have accumulated. This is used when doctors are going to do a study and they need you to have your colon empty. Don't take laxatives regularly that will mess up your bowels and then you will always be constipated. Work on your diet.

I don't like to talk about this either but after a week, I think it's time for a doctor.

try about 1/3 cup regular kitchen cooking oil, just down it real quick, my husband had a friend who had the same problem and my husband gave him oil and he was running to the bathroom very quickly.

If that doesn't work you'll probably have to go to the doctor for an enema.....

......I have had this problem most of my life UNTIL I finally read up on herbs and went to health food stores..what you need immediately is finely ground psyllium husk ( NOT SEED ) / mix it with juice ( I usually use orange juice) in a shaker with lid/ drink immediately ...I would use 4-6 teaspoons at lease in a ahaker...at LEAST twice a day!!! Also highly recommended is acidolphilus which replenishes the good bacteria in the intestines...this DOES work....it WILL work...because I suffered all my life with this--all doctors did was give me silly laxatives that will never help or work...the main problem was the digestion and intestinal traffic was not right...e-mail me if you wish...GOD BLESS !!!

you need some suppositories, laxative suppositories.

Are you drinking plenty of fluids? Water is best but (and I'm not joking now...) a couple of pints of Magners does it for me everytime.

You could also try getting a stomach massage specifically for the purpose of moving any matter in the bowel along, can be a little painful if you are very bloated but does help too.


See your GP. Different laxatives work in different ways. Some sugary ones draw fluid into your bowels to hydrate the stool. Some others rely on fibre to put pressure on the stool. Others, like ones containing bisacodyl work by dissolving the stool. Speak to your GP to see which he/she would prescribe to you for your needs.

Make sure you drink plenty of water (slightly warm is best) and see your doctor.

Make like a mathematician and work it out with a pencil... SORRY

take more fruits and veggies food with firbe? helps bowel movements or something like that learnt that during sec 2 lol

I think you need a more balanced diet with more vegetables, fruit and definately fiber. They sell fiber pills and those will help a lot. Also give the laxatives some more time to work.

Michelle G
loads and loads of water, a good hot curry, failin that the docs

Hello Kitty
If your bowels open only after 5-7 days, you need to change your diet:
- Drink plenty
- Eat fiber - lots of fruit and veg
- Avoid fat.
If it usually doesn't take that long, you should see your doctor.

theoneandonlytao has no right to say you shouldn't see a doctor.

I'm not a doctor but I can help from experience. If you haven't opened your bowels for several days there will be a 'plug' of material in your colon. Taking laxatives won't shift this. All that may happen is you might get a trickle of diahorrea past the plug.
I suggest you go to your pharmacy and get glycerine suppositories and insert a couple. These are completely harmless and will just lubricate your rectum, hopefully allowing you to get things moving. If this doesn't work, you will need to contact your doctor who will prescribe an enema. This is also harmless but should really be performed by a qualified person.

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