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Ryan G
I've never smoked..but want to?
Well, I want to try it, I'm taught "don't knock things until you try them." I've never tried a cigarette and I'm 16.
I'll probably not like it anyway, but I want to try it.
What do you think, bad idea?
Additional Details
Curiosity is just getting the better of me, is all.
To the point where I feel I'll try it and not like it and be better for the experience.

Not a bad idea man....... Just try one and watch urself DONT make it a habit use self control. Also i tried my friends ritalin and now im hooked i buy it and take a crap load everyday before school so i can get through the day

Well if you do like it and carry on having a few cigarettes you will soon become an addict.
Im not sure how much a pack of cigarettes cost nowadays, but presume it is £5 a pack of 20.
That will be £35 per week if you smoke a pack a day
£140 per month
£l680 per year
In ten years you will have set fire to £16,800
Your lungs will be turning black, you will have a smokers cough and you will regret you ever had that first cigarette.
I wouldnt bother if I was you.

the person who "taught "you don't knock things till you try them needs a dope slap of Olympic size.

your idea is foolish and certainly bad. what do you hope to gain? the wonderful taste or the cool appearance? ask 3-4 pack per day smokers how they view this wee experiment of yours, and whether they are glad they didn't knock it till they tried it. I know how much joy I had as a kid watching mom smoke at a rate of 3-4 packs per day (used her lighter twice per day, morning-then light off the butt/chain smoke till dinner, light up after dinner till bedtime.Seeing her with her little green oxygen tank a few weeks before she died just made me so happy for the wonder full taste her smokes gave her when she could still breathe.

You know it's a bad idea. Who teaches you 'don't know things until you try them?' They don't sound too intelligent to me.

Please dont start smoking.My mom just quit smoking and she has smoked 4 8y,and my grandma died from smoking!But y do u want 2 smoke?Ur only 16,it will mess up your life if u think about it.I was 12 when I frist had a cig,I hated it.Then I started smoken when I was 13,just because alot of my friends were doing it,and 2 look cool.But I did stop be4 I turnd 14.I just realy did not what 2 do it anymore.2 much money,when I could spend it on things I need.Think b4u somke!Cool pepole dont smoke.

Dont be dfaft m8, they WILL KILL YOU evenually. You will hear older people of all ages say that they have smoked for many years and they are ok, but its not untill they are told they have lung cancer that u see them wish they never started.
Say no more.

cough cough cough phlegm phlegm spit don't do it dude.

I'm amazed that with the amount of publicity available on the health hazards of smoking, as well as all the anti-social aspects that you would ever even consider it, I haven't tried hanging myself either but I don't think I'll try it.

I gave up smoking when James Callaghan, then the Chancellor of the exchequer in Harold Wilson's government, put up the cost of 20 cigarettes on budget day up to five shillings (25p), I never bought another packet.

More people die of smoking related diseases than all the other drugs from pot, alcohol to heroin put together.

I think that should answer your question.

very very bad idea

Qazy Wabit
dont be a silly boy

Katie H
Bad idea. They're highly addictive. Even if you find them nasty, because they are nasty you'll still want them. I found myself relapsing several months ago, and had to force myself to stop again...just so my husband wouldn't leave me. He would if he found out.

Scott M
duh, and that comes from a smoker. now don't get me wrong, i'm not about to quit, but why pick up a bad habit just because you haven't tried it. does it sound more stupid when i say it? i mean, have you ever tried walking across hot coals or broken glass bare footed?

Smoking will never taste good on your first, second, third or forth try. It's funny cause people keep smoking until they start getting addicted to it, no matter how horrible it tastes. I guess part of the reason most people started smoking is just to look cool or try to fit in. Especially teenagers. I don't see anything wrong w/ trying it once or twice just to satisfy your curiosity. Just don't make it a habit. Smoking really age you fast, because it dehydrates your skin. Not to mention the risk of lung cancer, as I'm sure you're well aware of.

Jacq s
If you are looking for excitement then look to abseil for charity not smoking.

Bad idea. I started smoking when I was 14 and am now 23. Its very addicting. I wish I could quit

I like your willingness to try things first but there are some things that, trust me, aren't worth trying.

I started smoking when I was your age. I was never a heavy smoker but I wish I never started. And yes smoking isn't all bad but the costs far out weigh the benefits. Besides these days smoking is so uncool and seen as a habit for losers.

Think it over, it's really better if you don't smoke.

It is an extremely bad idea.
Smoking is extremely addictive and once you start it is hard to stop.
The advice you have been given about not knocking things until you've tried them is also poor general advice. It may be true of food or many other things but not in relation to things like smoking or taking drugs which are both likely to adversely affect your health or mess up your entire life.

If you really want to inhale cigarette smoke and smell terrible, stand outside a building huddling in the rain, snow or hail with the smokers on their break. Hopefully, that will be enough to put you off.

If not, look up some research on the effects of smoking - lung cancer etc. Here's a website to start you off.

Alicia O
DONT DO IT! Why the heck would you? Whats the point?

Yes, bad idea, ...try kissing somebody who smokes !!! ewoooll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For many years I have had a PUB, now, the non smoking
is SUPERB !! trust me, ......do not clug your lungs up...
breathe free !!!

Jim C
listen son I'm 53 and I've smoked through all my adult life and all of my teens and still smoke a lot now and I wish I had never started I'd be much better of money wise and instead of thinking can I walk up that hill I'd be able to do it please don't start

mossy w
Dont knock it till you try it maybe, but in the case of cigarettes I dont think you need to try it to knock it what with the huge amount of online documentation.

I dont think its a good idea, but if you want to then do. I had a puff once, didnt like it and wont do it again - in fact i think it was a positive experience in a way becuase now I wont be haunted by curiosity.

Dont do it because you feel pressured by your peer group though, that will lead no where good.

Dr Frank
I searched for the most accurate way to describe medically the suggestion you have made. After consulting the literature and drawing on my 30+ years of experience, I could only come up with one comment. TWONK!

Of all the ideas you may have had in your life, Ryan, that is not one of your best. Take it from me, I have been smoking for almost 20 years, if I thought for one minute how much I had spent on the things in that time.....
Smoking is like a midget with learning difficulties....its not big and its not clever.

Jewel of Medina
bad, bad, BAD idea.

There will always be an England
DO NOT start smoking, i gave up 3 years ago and i still crave, thats how hard it is to quit once you start

very bad idea---not good for you at all-nor to the people by you (2nd hand smoke) nicotine is very addictive -so once you were to start-the longer you go the harder it is to quit!! Please don't start! plus at your ageyou are risking getting whoever gave them to you in trouble since you are under age!

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