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Nicola L
I've given up smoking for 13 days - but now having a bad evening a really want to smoke.?
Just about keeping my resolve up - but wondering if anyone can give me some encouragement?

Don't smoke Get the patch

Try finding another outlet for your stress. What about sit ups and push ups as punishment every time you want a smoke? That will keep you from thinking about it ;)

u r in the worst of it try making a list of all the benifits of not smoking eg the more money u will have to spend on what u want your health ect then make a list of all the bad things about smoking eg it makes u ssmell bad its unatractive place them were u will read them and read them every time u feel like a smoke. hope it helps u can do it the worst part will be over soon u will have to let u know how u go;)

Jane E
Stay strong...the craving will pass...you will only regret it if you do...Good luck

Please, don't do it. Try some nicotine gum. It helps seriously to overcome crisis. Do not allow cig'ts control you. Stay healthy. Pray, sing, walk, ....don't smoke anymore. After another 10-15 days your body will be cleaned enough, to start finally a new life. Life without cigarettes. Just don't smoke now, please.

I quit 18 months ago keep going. You are doing so well now!!!!

I promise you each week will improve. If you give in you might as well not of spent 13 days suffering. Why do it all again if you really want to break away from the slavery of tobacco.
I know where you are feeling right now and how I was also in the same way. I just kept going somehow refusing to quit, I had gone so far and I PROMISE you if you get through the first month you really start to gain ground fast. Join a Yahoo Quit Smoking Group. You are going to crave because you are breaking free of the slavery of addiction. It has to hurt at first but it will ease off more and more the first 2-3 weeks are the fundimental weeks because your body is going through a lot of changes. I was not even thinking about cigarettes (I mean craving them) after 3 months I mean not craving at all, I woke up and didn't feel the bad need to light up. You can do it, if it was too hard too long nobody would be able to quit but thousands and do and millions have. You can be one of those people that made it.
You are in your early days I stop counting days after about 6 weeks and counted weeks that is when you know you are improving. Now I count months only.
You will be suprised looking back how quicky your quit days build up and when you get your first month that is a fantastic feeling of achievement. If you smoke you will be reseting the 13 quit days you earned back to 0. Do you want all that resolve and effort to be tossed away for a stupid cigarette and only feel bad and a loser for after? Regret will hurt more than the want of cigarette.

get some chewing gum any type doesn't have to be the nicorette just ordinary , really helps . gave up 3 years ago and i found it works, life is short but shorter if you get cancer have had friends who have died ot lung cancer and it ain't pretty .also a bonus is that you smell nice and your breath is fresher as well, dont give in the first few weeks is the hardest good luck

Dont do it. Try going and eating a snack and watching a movie. but smoking is addicting, and if u start up again, ull never get back on track . good luck!

one day at a time . go clean your teeth , have a glas of water go to bed... u` ll feel soo good in the morning if you dont give in .. having a smoke will only take a few mins and you` ll be really cross with yoursrlf afterwards and you` ll stink :) i` m now off them 9 years almost and yea its really hard but your doing sooo well, keep it up .... all the best you can do it x

Dont do it! You'll regret it! Just find something to do. Anything. Something you've been putting off for ages maybe.

Well done by the way! Have a great Christmas xx

Pat R
Hi Nicola,I gave up 6 weeks today,try and keep it up hun ,it does get easier and easier.

I gave up by reading "the easy way to stop smoking" by Allen Carr,its absolutely brilliant,he has got a 53% success rate,and recommends you dont use nicotine replacement.

You could still read the book even though you havent smoked for 2 weeks,it really helps you.

For now though ,just remember the craving only lasts for a few seconds,just get up and do something till its gone,thats what I do,or sip water thats another good thing to do.

Good luck hun,your already a non-smoker.

hang on in there girl i wish i had the will power good luck

Look at the jokes & riddles to make you laugh & keep your mind off it as you are on the site at the mo.

it really is hard to quit at first...but you surely can do it if you want to...

Dont do it!!! Get up off your *** and away from the computer. Get yourself a glass of water and then go for a quick walk around your house/garden/ block/ cell. It will pass and remember..........you dont want to have to go through all the horror you went through for the past 13 days again do you?? Now GO!!!!!!

Lost and found
Well done for stopping and congratulations on almost hitting the 2 week mark! You can do it - you've done so well so far. I gave up nearly 9 years ago (it'll be 9 years in January) and all you can do is take it a day at a time. Go run yourself a bath, or put on your favourite dvd........ or just have an early night with a good book and a hot chocolate. Don't sit and dwell on it - the cravings pass before you know it. Hang in there xx

Get up away from your computer.
Now go do 10 - 15 mins of exercise
there now the craving is all gone, and if not go find something else to do for a little bit .
You can do this - you know you can

F. Perdurabo
You can do it

Find something to do

Go for a walk, run, etc. Play the guitar, sing, watch tv - just keep your mind off the cigs.

2 months for me. You can do it!


don't give in. you wouldn't let another person control you like that, don't let cigarettes control you.

Cheer Up! You done so wll up to now and I am sure that you will carry on without smoking. Smoking will not bring any relief. But if you still keep up without it you will be proud of yourself at least on that one

Well done for giving up
dont give in now - you've done it for 13 days- you can do it for aother 13 days.....

dont do it, the craven only lasts a couple of minutes think of your health

Remember "you control the nicotine, it doesn't control you". I used this practically as my mantra wen I was giving up.
Use the nicotine gum too. It works a treat.

of course we can!!! if anyone posts anything stupid just try to remember that they don't care and are being dumb.

after 13 days you should be rounding second base. don't quit now. you have made it through the worst part i am sure.

i am quitting on Christmas and am willing to support you fully because i know that i will need support. try eating a candy cane and see if that helps.

if you need more encouragement. please email.

Don't do it! You're improving your health and saving some money. Keep busy and it'll help keep your mind off it. Good Luck. Good Luck. Good Luck... Thirteen is LUCKY for some!

xXx Orange Breezer xXx
You have come this far..........

Go do something get your credit card out and shop loads take some night nurse and go to bed do anything but give in

eat everything in your fridge order a pizza........

Go online chatting to someone that keeps you busy download a game on the net

Good luck honey stick with it

its mind over matter think positive and all thoughts of smoking will go away its been three years for me

I quit recently too. You are going to have times like you are having now, but they get further and further apart. Be proud of your 13 days...too proud to throw them away. At 13 days you already have most of the nicotine out of your system, and remember, it takes 3 weeks to either form or break a habit, so you are almost there...hang in!

dont do it, what would be the point, we al lhave lows even thos of us who dont smoke and we have to distract ourselves in other ways, even a drop of the old baileys lol. Your doing so so well dont give up now, just think how great you will feel in another week when thats another week under your belt xxx well done xxx

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