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 Cant Fall Asleep!!!!! Please help.?
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 need help getting to sleep!? and how many hours should i get?
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she doesn't bite her nails.
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 I can't sleep. Anyone got any good natural methods to get to sleep?

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 I Can't sleep!!!!!!!!!!! Please help!
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 My eyes have been twitching for over a month! What do I do?
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 Why am i feeling so sensitive lately?
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 hey everybody my fiance just had a baby boy "jamie" 6lb 11oz over the moon.yeeehaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!?

I'm very tired.What can i DO? :)?

sleep. smoke some trees.

Bob B
sleep take a day of everything and recoop

♥queen b♥
take a nap take vitamins take a walk exercise drink water drink green tea..have something healthy to eat a healthy snack a healthy supper take iron supplements....

Take a B12 Vitamin

Go on a 24 mile run stupid!


Einstein was a LIBERAL.
Dump water on yourself.

Take a nap?

go to bed
drink redbull
redbull mixed with coke
redbull mixed with pepsi
redbull mixed with coffee
if you can drink it, you can mix it with redbull!



el coruco
you just might have mono....

Right now, coffee or a power nap. Even try laying down if you have a chance, you might not fall asleep but your brain will rest. Try to get to bed early tonight or do something relaxing before bed. I like to read

Take a nap.

Take multivitamin tablets and lots of vitamin B Complex. You can't overdose on B complex ,so don't worry. But don't go over the top nevertheless

Halee Lynn
R u sleeping well at night. Go to bed early. And maybe try taking a sleeping pill. HOpe that helps! GOOD NIGHT

Nothing : just rest.

take a cat nap cup of coffee then go at it again

Bubble-bath, glass of wine (sangria works great) in your hand and your favorite magazine. Put on some candles and relax. It works for me.

â™ Gothamâ™ 
♦ Yoga
♦ Take a Nap
♦ Fix yourself some delivery pizza
♦ Bathe
♦ Read
♦ Watch old films on tv

I would personally go for all of them. It's what I'm doing today!!!


Christopher B
If you want to stay away, drink COFFEE, if not go to sleep!!

Go to sleep early duhh

turn off yr pc.. and take warm bath.. thn a Nap.. with slow songs in the background...

Perhaps a short nap may be beneficial

...depends on what you really want to do.....

if you want to stay awake:
drink coffee
drink a redbull

if you want to sleep:
take a nap
go to sleep
take a sleeping pill

exercise..it'll wake you up.

Drink a cup of coffee.

you maybe be anemic..
check out this website..it has a test on there to see if you are or not..
usually if you start taking iron pills it will help.... good luck


Go to bed or try more zinc in your diet.

Eva D
sleep. exercise. eat better.

if that doesn't work. then there's always caffeine, coke, & adderall.

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