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 is there something wrong with me??
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I'm tired of wearing contact lenses and eye glasses, any suggestion?
My eyes are 325/350. Thanks!
Additional Details
Honestly, the word surgery freaks me out. They say that the grade of my eyes is too low for a laser surgery, is that true? I mean do I really have to wait until my eyes become 1000/1000 maybe until I can have the operation?

your sight can be adjusted by intention
I simply refused to wear my glasses and did eye excersizes

You can permanently correct eyesight with surgery, but it involves certain complications and is age limited. Here are a few helpful links


Lasik surgery

mummy to twin girls
you could have laser eye treatment if you can aford it

Why not try laser surgery???

visit lasik vision institute

laser surgery,is pretty much your only option,and a fairly safe procedure

www.eyelovelasik.com be sure to know the doctor that you are trusting your eyes to. lasik sx is pricey but in the long run well worth it.whatever you do do not go to an assembly line practice in which you don't meet your surgeon until the day of the proceedure and know what you are paying for.. for ex:a $99.00 per eye will only include your consult look for a larger price that is lifetime gauranteed and has all the bells and whistles included such as pre and post op care

Walk around not being able to see well!

Lasik eye surgery. It takes all but 1 minute and you're done. it was very pricey though but well worth it. I love it. Make sure you go to a good surgeon that has references and not someone with "specials" these are your eyes were talking about. Thats what i did anyways.

laser surgery...

Ricki M
Lazer eye surgery, or whatever they call that. I hear its awesome!


deal with it or get surgery

If you don't want the operation, just wear glasses. Contacts are a pain in the but_! With your eyes, you may end up needing an operation and glasses anyway. Check with the doctors though. I had a real eye operation last year (non laser) and I healed just fine. There is a small scar if you look about 3 inches away from a mirror, but you really have to look for it. I had mine done through UC Davis. I would do it again to get the wonderful results that I am seeing now!

laser eye surgery is the other option. It is painless and it does work. No more eye glasses or contacts. Go seek out a optical eye doctor. ...good luck

If you arnt into the laser surgery there is a procedure theyve done for yrs, called ortho-kay. It is reshaping of the cornea. Youll get the same results as laser surgery and not have to go thru with surgery. Youll wear a sort of contact lenses at night.... and during the day, youll be able to go without your glasses. Some ppl go right back to 20/20 vision. Ask your eye doc about it, or look it up online. My son is doing it, and he loves it.

I am here!
Well i know how it feels i have glasses and contacts and i am sick of both of them! You have to wear them to see but you could go around blind if you wanted!

maybe surgery, and if that bothers, you, talk to your doctor..... he/she is qualified to answer your questions....

lasik/laser eye surgery...
pricey, but ultimately worth it

Please wear comfortable glasses if you dont want to go for surgery.

Shea Butta
Laser Eye Surgery.

It is like 99 dollars per eye i think.

you can either continue wearing them, or start bumping into everything!

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