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 Why do I stay asleep for so long ?
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I'm soooo tired, what is the best way to keep me awake?

If you are watching TV when this tiredness occurs it is probably the programmes that are lulling you to this state. I find that Holbey City and the Bill have this effect. When it happens to me I switch off and tinker around on my PC. Answers seems to wake me up.

Donna L
Listen to any kind of music you hate loud. Or go to bed.....

brown eyes
it sounds like you are deprived... you should try and go to sleep, you will find that when you are properly restedyou will feel better both physically and mentally.

Howe L
1) sometimes a few good quality SLEEP is all you need;
2) otherwise you can try some TONIC (multivitamins) drink;
3) do you go to the loo very often now? it may suggest high blood GLUCOSE level
4) how was your period? have you got heavy bleeding lately? feeling dizzy? you may be depleted of IRON, need to see your GP for a blood test
5) do you EAT properly? have a balanced diet
6) good ventilation, have some exercise, keep yourself busy, take a shower to refresh yourself, go outside

take care

Eat an apple and take a luke warm shower. An apple in some studies has been proven more effective at keeping you awake than coffee or other stimuli. (For the record coffee makes me sleepy)

I have to pull all-nighters a lot for school and Ive found that coffee with real sugar, energy drinks, and exercise (like walk around a bit or do a few jumping jacks to get the blood flowing) help a lot. Also taking breaks to rest your mind for a few minutes every once in a while helps, too.

Caffeine (from drinks like Mountain Dew, coffee or black teas), stay moving (a few jumping jacks whenever you start to doze might help), if you're working on an assignment read it out loud and talk to yourself! Try not to look at the clock, just get done what you need to get done and focus! Best of luck! I'm going to get some sleep now, myself :)

I'll come back and have the perfect answer in a minute.

Please wait . . .


Jovi Freak
the best way would be for you to get some sleep then when you wake up you wont have to worry about staying awake will you.

little miss sunshine
or log into msn or something like that cos there is always somebody on msn
or if u have ur own web site go look on there but basically just do things that will keep ur brain active

Scotslass zoe
REDBULL and a couple of pro plus, or maybe try to get to bed a bit earlier, if you are suffering from tiredness constantly go to your doctors, their ma be a reason why you feeling like this good luck xxxx

It Co$t To Be Around The Bo$$
e mail me

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Cold shower. :-)

If you're so tired while doing something. Don't force your body to its limits. You need to rest. A 15-minute nap will help freshen up your body.

hey friend you can just go thru this
-take a lemon and extract the juice available in it and add some water with a pinch of salt in it.
-wash u r face with this liquid and dont remove it after putting it let that be felling off
-remember it will not do any harm to u r skin .

Bill Y
I should get a check up for diabetes from your doctor - tiredness is one of the classic symptoms.

amphetamine sulphate

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