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I'm really depressed. What should I do?
I've never been this depressed in my whole life. I have no energy and find it hard to get up in the morning. What should I do?

Get a piece of paper and write down all the good things that are going on. You are probably stressed. The easiest answer to stress is LAUGHING...hang out with friends over the weekend and just laugh...it makes you feel energized and not pessimistic

Call a friend and have them go with you to a doctor. There may be something the doc can do for you or recommend you to try. Big hugs and good luck!

Go buy an energy drink as it helps me a lot. It might just be you need to do thing's that you use to enjoy that you are not doing now. I'd say it would be much better than getting a ton of pills don't you?

Exercise is good. And talking to people who have been depressed is good too. What keeps you in bed when you wake up? Have you been having problems recently?

Try natural things first, e.g. go to movies/internet chat/phone with friends, a walk on a sunny day, do stuff you like, don't go with anti-depressants and figure out a solution by yourself. Only when you run out of natural solutions go to a doctor, as the others have correctly suggested

English Knight
Book an appointment with your doctor first, thats the most important as they can determine if the problem is mental (may need meds) or physical (blood tests if your lacking something). Good luck :)

Improved nutrition and exercise help; and believing that you do have the potential to make yourself feel better through sheer will and positive mindset.
For one example, if a runner's body is physically tired like during a marathon or otherwise, the runner must find strength to go on in the mind, knowing that his or her legs are only tired or painful, yet they still perfectly capable-they are not broken. The runner must use mindset to differentiate falsely perceived barriers from actual ones. Inspiration helps. You might enjoy reading about a guy who shatters perceived barriers. He climbed everest- blind.

You should talk to someone and think about the good things you have. It makes you feel better. There is someone that look more depressed than you may be it's me! Everybody have problems but it depends on you that you think in positive or negative. You should take the time to think about it. In one day there is someway to solve it. But first you should find someone that you confided, he/she will help you. And I hope you'll get better soon!

try talking to a friend..talking about what's goin on in your mind can really lessen the depression...if it will help, talk to a priest.
When a person is depressed, he or she tends to be lonesome most of the time and can think of soing silly or even stupid things so i really recommend talking about it with someone.
Goodluck dear!

Me too once I figured out that I was depressed I went to the doctor I had to because I have kids it turns out I have post natal depression. the doctors a good at suggesting alternatives other than anti depressants like psycologists or councilors
Also taking a short walk can help to clear your head and to get you out of the house just look after yourself thats the main thing -good luck
PS I did end up needing anti depressants because sometimes it can just be a chemical imbalanc ein your brain that needs treatment for a short time ( and you cant get addicted as some people beleive)


Be careful if you go to the doctor. I have had the same problem and 8 years ago the doctor prescribed something like prozac and I have been unable to get off it. In spite of what they say, these medications are addictive.

I am trying to get of the drug again by exercising heavily in an attempt to release endorphins to make me feel better. You could try this, it's difficult to start but you feel better once you do.

First of all don't claim it. That is the first thing we do wrong. Just tell yourself you are going to have a better day than yesterday. If I feel depressed then I ask the Lord for His guidance. After that you should change your daily routine. Get up, go out, and do a little shopping. If you have a significant other then cook dinner and let him know how you are feeling. There is nothing better than someone being there to help you in your time of need. Good luck and best wishes. Be blessed my sister!!!

Some things to get you back in shape...

1. the bible
2. Astronamy books
3. Paintball
4. Airsoft
5. Take daily runs
6. Eat ramen (It sounds wierd but it acttully cheers me up. Email me at [email protected] for some great recipeas.

talk to a friend... or have some chocolate

Ohh... yes, others were right sweetie, maybe u need to see a doctor. Have a check-up. If not, well, sometimes being inactive makes us depressed. Try to think of something that will interest you. Go out, have fun, there's a lot of things you can do to boost up your energy.

As someone who's felt the whole spectrum of depression

If it's really bothering you need to see the doctor and ask about medication or counseling, especially if your having thoughts of suicide(always keep in mind that this is the most selfish thing you can do theres always someone out there who cares/will care for you or relies/will rely on you)

beware though because medication only sidesteps the real cause for your depression, and the times I've tried medication it did not make me happy it made me emotionless, it can be useful in getting out of the now so that you can have some hindsight on what caused your depression

talking or writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you come to terms with what is making you depressed, watch out for feelings of hate,fear or confusion often times these can manifest into depression without you even realizing your having these feelings

(Edit:be wary of some of these answers they are a bit simplistic and some of these people don't seem to understand what true severe depression is)

If you think you are depressed...Agree take mom or friend to family doctor. Take the meds if they give you them and go to counseling to learn about managing the depression. If you have trouble sleeping from the meds then back to the doctor, good sleep is important to recovery. YOU WILL recover. The longer you delay in treatment the longer to recover. Be open with the closest people to you, it will make treatment recovery easier. You will needs lots of hugs and reassurance and that is what friends and family are for. Remember, if someone has not gone through it even though they want to they will not totally understand. So..if they say stupid stuff don't take it personal..they don't know what the proper things to say are. Some people will have to make temporary changes while recovering. Lighten responsibility. Maybe a short time off work or school. So that you can concentrate on the basics of recovery, which are exercise, light, healthy nutrition, rest, medication and perhaps counseling.

Get to the doctor asap...and follow the regimen he gives you. Depression is temporary with treatment.

Your body is trying to fix itself after the car wreck it requires more down time. Give your body some help fixing it's self by taking it easy, eating healthy and some extra sleep. When I get tired I also get depressed and easily irritated.
Learn from what you have gone through in the last week.
You know, Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. And smile it could have been much worse, consider your self lucky.
You know count your blessings not your trials.

Wocka wocka
I get depressed once and a while. Usually for a few hours at a time. Yesterday was the worst I ever had. I just sit it through and hope it goes away.

See your regular doctor. I deal with that myself and there are some really great, effective medications for it. Get you life back. Don't wait.

Definitely see a doctor. You may be given an anti-depressant. You may also be referred to a psychologist.

Our brains get "under the weather" like any of our organs( like kidneys, urinary tracts, etc.) and when they do,the brain will stop producing certain chemicals that sometimes need a jump start. A doc. is your best bet....and you won't be on them forever! But you've done the first thing that needs to be done.....you identified that something's DIFFERENT....now your up against the HARDEST thing you have to do. Look up the doc., and make the appt.--Once you have the appt. it's easy to keep..just make it for late afternoon:) If that's too much for you..(and I've been here!) have a friend look up the # and make it for you.............................."LIFE is 15% stuff that happens to us----85% how we REACT to it"

AND remember that YOU have to your own BEST friend in life....NO ONE ELSE will treat you the way YOU DESERVE to be treated.

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