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I'm going to stop smoking tomorrow evening, have you any advice on giving up?
i have tried before and can go a week or two without any problem, i reallly want to quit this time, i've bought patches and i think i'm ready

Yes you are. Throw away your ashtrays. lighters. emergency ciggies. Then put the money you would have smoked towards a special treat.


burning brightly
I gave up smoking when I was 23 I smoked up to 70 per day you have to make a competition between you and yourself I kept a packet of tobacca and papers in my pockets for weeks I ate pepermints I went for walks at the times I most felt like smoking. If you beat yourselve dont even put a smoke in your mouth in joking it took me 16 years to never have a desire occaisonaly. I have saved at todays prices more than enough money to own a second house. good luck .You can win against that other person he is as weak as piss.

. : [ s a k u r a ] : .
good luck!

The Bricklayer
forget that you ever smoked,think of it as something that you once did in the past-but don't do anymore,
a bit like wetting the bed when you were a baby.

get rid of everything to do with the ciggys

Up your Maslow
Tomorrow evening?
Sounds like procrastination to me.
You're doomed.

Mr. Peachy®
If you write your goals down and sign them, like any formal agreement, you will increase your chances of success.

Also, it helps to think about all the things you can spend your new income on. I was throwing away nearly $150.00 a month on cigarettes. Now I have DSL, Satellite, Netflix, new TV and other stuff. I'm much happier without the smokes. Cough less, too.

Beautiful -
Its best to avoid anyone who smokes and anything that reminds you of smoking. If you manage to restrain from smoking with in three days then it would be very easy to get through the rest of the following months with ease with out smoking.

Try and take up an activity to distract yourself from wanting to smoke as well. It could be anything; collecting things, an instrument, crafts or even taking up a new course.

Good luck.x

Greta I
Take each day at a time and every morning when you first wake up Promise yourself that you are not going to smoke today. Breaking a promise isnt on especially to your self. You are worth alot more than a rolled up piece of paper filled with a vegetable

I quit cold turkey 2.5 years ago and the thing that helped me the most was keeping VERY busy so i didn't have time to think about cigarettes. Good luck!!

Cold turkey one day at a time. Just focus on the here and now.

Celebrate goals once you get there, e.g., 1 week, 2 week, 20 days etc, but don't look forward to the goals. There is nothing worse than thinking the next goal is only 3 days away, and getting anxious about reaching it. I've just reached 110 days and didn't realise I had reached 100 days until yesterday.

Cold Turkey is the only way, as the nicotine is out your system after a few days. All you are fighting from then on in is the habit. If you use patches, or gum, then you keep the nicotine in your system, and you are going to have to come down one day.

Find some event or occasion that will occupy you for a few days, to get yourself of the nicotine. I went on holiday, and never took any with me. The barrier of going into a foreign shop to buy cigarette brands I never knew was scary enough to keep me off. And I've never looked back since.

It's really hard. I always smoke up until bedtime and then not smoke the next day that I plan to stop smoking.

Strage as it may sound, I kept a few packs available in the house and just dealt with it through will power. If I had not have had any tabs in the house, it would have been a nightmare. Just knowing I could have one if I had to, helped me. I know this will be harder but it also helped me with going to the pub etc better!!

take it one day at a time. When my friend was pregnant, she kept telling herself, i'll have one tomorrrow if i still feel this crap, then the next day she would do the same.

Quitting Tobacco Use

Strategies and Skills for Quitting

When you plan your strategy for quitting tobacco, use the U.S. Surgeon General's five keys to quitting: get ready, get support, learn new skills and behaviors, get and use medication, and be prepared for relapse.

1. Get ready
Contact your local health department for information about the kinds of help available in your area for people who want to quit smoking. Telephone help lines operated by your state can also help you find information and support for quitting tobacco use.

Check with your insurance provider to find out if medications or counseling are covered under your plan.

Prepare your body and mind for the stress that comes with quitting.

Set a quit date and stick to it. This is an important step toward becoming tobacco-free. People who did not smoke at all on their quit dates were 10 times more likely to not be smoking 6 months later.2Choosing a good time to quit can greatly improve your chances of success. For example, avoid setting your quit date on high-stress days, such as holidays.
Make some changes. Get rid of all ashtrays and lighters after your last cigarette. Throw away pipes or cans of snuff. Also, get rid of the smell of smoke and other reminders of smoking by cleaning your clothes and your house, including draperies, upholstery, and walls. Don't let people smoke in your home. Take the lighter out of your car.
If you have tried to quit in the past, review those past attempts. Think of the things that helped in those attempts, and plan to use those strategies again this time. Think of things that hindered your success, and plan ways to deal with or avoid them.
Once you quit, don't even take a puff. You may want to try some methods to reduce smoking before your official quit date. You can use a smoking journal to record what triggers your urge to use tobacco. This gives you important information on when it's toughest for you to resist. After your quit date, don't smoke at all—not even a puff.

Laurence B
Firstly, well done! It takes a lot of dedicaton go give up smoking. The best thing you can do to help you give up is to chew nicotine gum and nicotine patches.
Good luck.

tomorrow evening? wow thats a very good time!
seriously, i gave up a year ago now and i did it for my other half, i decided enough was enough, i just chucked the cigarettes away and that was that, i smoked for 13 years! i had an incentive, smoking or my boyfriend, i chose the best one. dont bother with patches, they dont work and actually make you crave more, they make you very grumpy too. its all about willpower, nothing else. good luck.

Here's some advice: STOP SMOKING! Get rid of the cigarettes, smokes, pipes whatever. Think about this: Now that you have smoked, you have made your lungs black, which can cause cancer. You are metally suffacting yourself. Good Luck!

Bruza 17/uk
Ive been smoking 5 years and I'm 17, i need to quit while I'm young! because i don't want to die young.

Willpower and lots of it.

If you can't move to Scotland, stay out of the pub.

shirley m
Hi it took me around three times to stop,with the patches,once you start carry on,
Get rid of everything out of the house,ashtrays
the lot,best of luck.

Good luck...get rid of all cigarettes around the home...if you start to weaken have a bath/ go for a walk anything to put your mind off it...I`m told ( don't know how true it is) that cravings only last 2 minutes...in really tempting situations tell yourself if you feel the same in one hours time you will have a smoke...but then when the times up congratulate yourself and do the same again...it gets easier I stopped 4 years ago and virtually never think of cigs now...

Good Luck. I've set my quit day for Monday and have got in a supply of patches as well. Sick fed up feeling all choked up in my sinuses and wheezy. Been smoking roll ups for ten years and really want to quit.

It is a well known fact that it takes 2 weeks to either make or break any habit. So your first 2 weeks are going to be the worst. Also it is a known fact that cigarette smoking is related to heroin addiction in that it is that hard to kick the habit. Cold Turkey is by far the best way to quit, but if you feel that you need to have the nicotine, a good nicotine patch will help.Some of the new ones on the market they have a step down program, Where each day your now patch will have less and less nicotine each day. Also before you start, write a list of all of the reasons that you want or need to quit. And every time that you feel like you just cant handle not having a cigg at that moment, re-read your reasons for quitting, pick out one reason that makes you feel like it is a little more bearable to go without. And after 2 weeks you will have kicked the habit. Good Luck, I say this cause I am a smoker too, i know what to do.. but I am weak. And this I admit!! Good Luck and happy non-smoking!!


take one day at a time, and find something that will keep your mind and hands busy,

good luck you can do it. i think its a fab idea to stop.....

Joey boy
This is my advice to you if you follow step by step of quiting smoking there are so many things to follows;

1st step: You must have self decipline of straight word saying "Im going to stop smoking"and the magic word "NO" if somebody tease you and give you cigarrette...

2nd step: Always think that smoking has to many side effects harmful to the body or to someone smell it and specially to your budget.

3rd step:If you're alone and you feel smoking take a chewing gum or candy or fancy cigar like ballpen...

4th step: Keep away from smoking areas.

5th step:Take everyday exercise and drink plenty of water.

6th step:Avoid drinking liquior or black coffee for the meantime.

7th step:Mingle to the non - smoker people.

Last step: Pray to God to help you quit in smoking..

Just Q
I have tried twice before and got 46 days the first time and 30 days the second time and used the nicotine gum to do it BUT the most important thing I did and forgot to keep doing therefore I started up again and that was to change people,places and things.
In the beginning I stayed away from people who smoked and stayed away from places where I was use to smoking ie my favorite eating place.Drank water with my meals as I use to drink coffee with my meals and would smoke while drinking coffee before my meal came and after I had finished my meal.
I avoided my usual smoking break time outside with other employees.
I tend to be a realy high wired person so as I started out with my efforts to quit smoking I made up my mind to run in low gear and to quit putting pressure on myself and to quit letting others laziness and imperfections bother me and to take it all in stride.
The only thing I can figure I did wrong was I got too comfortable with my efforts of not smoking and in doing so I forgot to keep up the work of avoiding familar people,places and things that encouraged my desire to smoke.
I didn't want to gain the weight that most people say you will do when you quit smoking since we tend to exchange one habit for another so I made sure that I had plenty of fresh fruits and veggies on hand.
I also made sure that I had plenty of my favorite gum on hand to help me get through those tough moments when the nicotine gum did not seem appealing or when it was too soon to have another piece.
My family,friends,employer and fellow employees were very supportive in my efforts.
My clothes,my house ,my car started to smell so much and my mouth was losing that bottom of the ashtray taste during my efforts to quit and I intend to quit again. . . and this time FOREVER!
People will certainly climb your backside for smoking and will rag on you forever but when you quit smoking they rarely give you as much credit or praise. . most of them do not really realize just how hard it is to give up smoking. . they say it is as hard as getting off of heroine so be sure to not let this discourage you.
One of the most important things to remember is that you want to quit smoking more than you want to smoke.

They say that the first 72hours of not smoking is when the nicotine leaves your body so the next time I quit smoking it is going to be cold turkey as I can't afford the gum or the patches for months on end and thusly dragging out the quitting smoking process and I will reminding myself that I want to quit smoking more than I want to smoke.
I also want to set a good example for my grandchildren who are under the age of 4.(It is extremely hard to explain to my grandchildren why their Grammie smokes.)

Good Luck

P.S. IF you want some extra support,you can email me.

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