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angel 36
I'm going t quit smoking will you al support me ? no ignorant or smart answers please?
please ive tried and failed so mant times but would like to thank jadea for answering someone elses question she told us about easyway alan carr im going to try it i will need a lot of support im a very heavy smoker that wants to quit

OK how can I help?

of course i am all for people who are willing to give up this disgusting, cancer causing habit. good luck

Woohoo! Someone listened to me :oP

Honestly Easyway is such a good way to go, even if you are one of the few the book doesn't help there are the clinics and simply it does a lot to help towards a more realistic view of the problem. It's sad more people don't know about it or aren't as willing to accept the idea to give it a try.

I wish you a hell of a lot of luck, smoking is one hell of a nasty thing, and if you've been smoking for a while it can be really hard to take that step to quitting smoking, so you're brave if nothing else :o)

(((good luck hugs)))

Edit: Funny, you say you were going to use Easyway and then all these people come along and tell you it's hard to quit and you should do X, Y, and Z - a few months you'll be laughing at them for that - not in a melicious way, but for thinking quitting smoking needed to be something hard to do.

Hans B
I believe in you. It doesn't matter if you've previously failed, put it behind you, the average person trying to quit tries many many times. If you can make it a day, you can make it a week and if you can make it a week you can make it a month and from there it gets way easyer. The hardest part is at the beginning, but don't fool yourself, you'll get urges for a long time. Stay strong. What works for me is working out. I love to run now and I know that if I go back to smoking that will be over. Good luck

I quit (11 months ago) I wasn't a very heavy smoker but I did it for many years. Finally when I moved to this country from South america, I found out cigarettes were so expensive! And I didn't buy any cigarrete else since when. I don't consider myself cured; I think that is the key of my success, I think that I have right to smoke but VERY RARELY... I have smoked two cigarettes since 09/05. I'm doing well. You can do it too.

Go for it angel, take it one day at a time and feel good about yourself for doing it. Never, ever have a few puffs or joints - its a jungle out there. Good luck to you

I'll support you!!!!! Go for it!

Post another "question" soon to let us know how you are getting on. Good luck! =)

Angel, you need to say that you can do it, regardless of the support of others. It was only when i took on responsibility and stopped acting like a smoking victim that i was able to quit. It is a horrible drug, the withdrawl, depending on which method you use, can be bad. Then again, you are more likely to fail if have bad expectations. Alan Carr has helped many people stop, again it is positive thinking. I tried Hypnotheraphy after my 8th quit attempt and it worked so much so that i never had any withdrawl and even the idea of it makes me feel sick. This is just my experience, but i know you can do it, more so you need to believe that yourself....Good Luck!

Tim D
I am back on the pack again.

the hardest part is becoming a non- smoker vs. a quitter.

Do you really think that ANSWERS will help you quit?

Bernie c
Good for you and yes would be nice if you let us know how your doing if you ever need support post another and am sure you will have lots to encourage you good luck

janine e
Well done!! Thats the first hurdel to get over! Knowing that you want to quit. With all our support we will help you get through the hard and bad times!! xxxxxx

used to live in Wales
yes, good luck
I think you'll get lots of support from people on here, keep coming back for support when you need it

hope going is now a yes i am - hold tight and feel how good you feel inside when you can breathe

All the way..my mum died of a smoking related disease so go for it..you can do it..

The only person you should be depending on is yourself, good luck

nicole l
just like AA has sponsors I'm sure yahoo answers has people that will give you words of encouragement in your time of need every time you think of smoking ask for help .good luck and be strong you can do it...

Friendly Neighbor
okay... do it. do it.

Baby Diesel
I want to wish you all the best with stopping smoking! I stopped when i found out i was pregnant but then i had something to concentrate on so i didn't find it too hard, but when baby was six months old, I ended up starting again and it was the worse thing i ever done! But iv swore that the nxt time i try for a baby then il stop again (i no this isn't really relevant to helping you but i just want you to no that it can be done) it sure as hell wont be easy but it'l be worth it. Try this for an incintive - Each day, put the price of a pk of smokes into a sealed jar (doesnt matter how much you smoke) then at the end of the month, use the money to but yourself something as a 'well done' (My smoke money bought me a pram!)

I absolutely 100% hope you do it - you can and you must. I have recently lost a family member because he was a heavy smoker and believe me you don't want to go through what he did - or put your family through hell.
Just do it and be strong

yeah i am too, picked my date for thee 10th of this month, gives me time to get patches and everything. I am not telling family n friends though this time cos they all seem to watch me like a hawk and it feels as though they wait for me to mess up so ive gone on click to quit website and got a plan done and i want to meet people on the net who have done it or who are doing it, so i know it can be done. i want to quit and stay off them!!!!
I hope you do well and i'll be on here nearly every night so you can talk to me and help each other out.

Great choice! I'll support you all the way. If there's anything I can do, let me know. :-)

full support from an exs smoker....5 months now!!! itl change your life for the better and i apologise but you will start to grudge people who smoke cos it really stinks!!!! good luck and well done for taking the first steps!!!

Yes I will support you all the way. I managed to give up smoking from 40 a day when I got divorced and had 3 teenagers to support. I went cold turkey with my family's support and although it was hard, I have not smoked since 23 February 1986.
Be strong and stick to your resolve. It is worth it, just think of all the goodies you will be able to buy or the fabulous holiday you could have, or the deposit on a car or house etc. with all the money you will save.

If once you have started if you feel like lighting up, send us a question on how we can help you and we will answer straight away with our support.

You can do it! I quit too. I was sad to see that habit go... I thought that it was fun, but -- I traded smoking for exercise. I can't believe how great I feel. If you start exercising you'll feel the difference in your lungs, stamina and over-all muscles as you smoke less and exercise more. I don't know anything about the Alan Carr program but whatever works, do it. (As for me, my doctor said that my blood pressure was getting high and that I could be proactive about it or live a life taking medications -- I got moving and tossed the butts!)

With the money you save (and you will save money) treat yourself to a meal of whatever you crave to eat the most or any sort of "treat" that makes you happy -- its a great way to see the money saved make you feel great in another way (other than cigarettes). Best of luck to you!!!

You have my full support. Good luck (you're gonna need it), don't give in, fight the good fight! You're going to love yourself for quiting.

You have my full support.
I smoked (heavy) for 50 years. I tried to quit many times for other people.Then, one day, I decided to quit for myself. That was over five years ago. I am so happy to have made that decision. I have never felt better and my lungs look and feel great.
Good luck and god bless.

Go Angel! Go Angel! Go Angel! Go Angel! Go Angel! Go Angel!

You go girlfriend!!! You can do it. I know you can!!!

1 drink a lot of water , more than 1.5 L / D
2 don't drink coffee or tea or anything you usually drink while you smoke
3 cut it all at once , don't start redusing
4 don't count the days , leave it as you never smoked before
5 start some sport you like , swimming is the best
6 I did that and worked out

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